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A New Beginning

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drama drama drama, smh....rated for language

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Hello there! I know, it's been a while, but I've been rather busy. Thanks to those who have been patient! Lot's of love.

Quick reminder, I wrote this story a while ago when I didn't know much about writing, so some chapters may not go with the theme...including this one. But the ending brings it'll know what I mean by that later on.

Well, I'll stop talking so you could get to the reading! Enjoy :)


OH! QUICK DISCLAIMER! What's written here is based on the true events but it is not exact. I just wrote things that would make this more interesting...

5 months later...Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is finished and out and so far has sold over 11,000 copies

Gerard's drinking has gotten out of hand. Not only the drinking, but he's been popping a fuckload of pills too...behind everyone's back.
I only know 'cause I've seen him sneak them.

1 week later

I was having one of those nights, a sleepless night. Although I had my eyes closed, I was wide awake so when I heard the bus door open, I immediately sat up.
I saw Gerard heading out the front door but before I could call his name, he was gone.
I wonder what happened?
I then received a call from Brian...hopefully he could explain what happened.
- "Checkers, do you know what happened? Why did Gerard just storm out of the bus?"
- "So I take it I didn't wake you?"
- "No. Why did Gerard leave?"
- "He went to go find Jerry." (author's note: MCR's tour manager at the time)
- "Why?"
- "He's called me about 3 times in this past week. The first, he admitted he had a problem. The second, he denied his problem. And the third...right now...he wanted to kill himself."
- "WHAT!?"
- "He also admitted to me that he did more than the booze and the pills."
- "Do I even want to know?"
Brian sighed
- "Cocain."
- "Fucken nose candy, are you serious? You have got to be fucken kidding me!! How'd he get it??"
- "I don't know and I don't want to know. I just talked to him for about 2 hours till some of the drugs worn off. I told him to go find Jerry so they could go for a walk and talk some more. Do me a favor?"
- "Yea, anything."
- "Make sure he gets back to the bus safely. And don't tell any of the guys, I'm gonna have him do it."
- "Okay."

After we hung out, I couldn't help but feel really bad for not noticing how big of a problem he had. I knew it was bad, but not his bad.
Shit. Why Gerard? This is below rock bottom.

14 days later

Today, August 11, 2004, Gerard is completely clean, sober now.

When he told everyone what had happened 14 days ago, they were in shock. Mikey took it really hard. He almost lost his big brother.
After Gerard told him, Mikey headed over to his bunk (since we're on a bus now) and I followed him.
I head him sniff and assumed he was crying so I went in to comfort him...I had to. He's my little Mikey.


It's the following day. And today is a day that would change MCR, probably forever. Matt is gone. (a/n: this is mostly likely not the real date). This is how it went down:

From what I remember, me and Mikey were sitting next to each other on the couch and Matt and Frank were sitting next to each other across from us.
Mikey scooted closer to me and whispered "thanks for being there for me last night" and kissed my cheek.
I saw Frank, and he looked kinda hurt by that...but it's Frank, he makes no sense.
Then Matt started with his crap. "Look Frank, you're whore of a fuck buddy is cheating on you." I looked at Frank, and he had that look.
"Okay, first of all, we have neeeever fucked. Second..." He didn't even finish his sentence. The next thing we knew, Frank had Matt on the floor and was beating the shit out of him. Matt did the same as well.
Mikey and I tried to pry the two away from each other, but we were both too weak to accomplish it, so we just stared yelling at them.
Brian came rushing in, only to shortly stop and roll his eyes.
"Shit, you know what, Matt come here."
I got Frank and held him while Matt walked over to Bee.

"What should we do? There's some serious tension here. Gee, Toro, get in here!" They walked in, the expression of confusion plastered on their face.
"What do we do with Matt? He seems to be the one causing all this fucken trouble by opening his damn mouth. What do we do?"
Gerard made a suggestion, "maybe he could take a break?" But Frank wasn't satisfied, "bullshit, kick him out! Obviously he wants to leave and get away from here. Go away."
Before Matt could do anything, Brian stopped him. "No wait. I need to talk to everyone on this bus so they can tell me what they think should happen. Frank, I already know what you're gonna say. Gerard, I'll start with you."

After everyone had their say, it was my turn.
Brian took me into a room and asked me what I wanted. "I want him out."
"Okay, why?"
"Well, all the stuff he says seems to be directed toward me. Brian, it really hurts, but I can't show how I feel 'cause then Frank will lose it more than he already does.
He just looked at me and nodded, "okay, I've made my decision."
After we walked back out to the front, he called Matt to the back. 5 minutes later, he came storming out with his things and headed to the door. But before he left, he turned to me and gave me the finger while saying "fuck you Natalie. I blame you for this, this is all your fault. Have a great fucken life you assholes."

He left and I was in shock. I went over to Frank and buried my face in his chest and just let it all out...he was finally gone.
But I covered my relief with an excuse, "Frank you know how close you came to getting kicked out...or knocked out?"
He just held me.

After a while of silence, it was brought up that we needed a drummer. "Well, what about Bob?" I asked.
"Bob?" "Yea, Bob Bryar. When I was talking to him, he told me he could play the drums. I heard that he's really good too."
"He's probably on tour with The Used." "Call him." "Fine."

So we got Bob and he's coming over to where we are...I don't even know where we are. But the band have to practice tonight.

That Night
Brian came to me and told me that the guys said they weren't ready, so good-bye going on tour.
Now they have to wait to the Face To Face tour...but tomorrow they're doing a video shoot for "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"...

I hope you liked it!!

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OH! And a very Merry Christmas to you all....and to all a good night x)
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