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One Week

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The move-in is complete. Duo discovers Heero has a strange taste in mementos.

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Gundam Wing Drabble Series
By ishkhanuhi

[Pairing]: Whole thing will be 1x2x1

[Rating]: G for this one

[Warnings]: post-EW, a little fluff I guess

[Disclaimer]: Don't own the boys, just the prose

[Author's Note]: A series of 500-word-or-less drabbles describing the various ways Heero and Duo adjust to living their new lives together. The title of each drabble will reflect how long they'd been living with each other in that piece, and the series will proceed with increasing time. I can't guarantee I will post these regularly, though. Hope you enjoy!

The quote on the bumper sticker doesn't belong to me - I found it online somewhere a long time ago and thought it was very Duo-ish so I kept it. I don't know who wrote it, but whoever they are, they're hilarious.


One Week

"You can set that down on the desk," Heero said, watching as Duo carried the last of his boxed belongings into their bedroom. Theirs. Formerly Duo's meager bachelor pad, now his home too, since that remarkable evening a week earlier.

Duo grinned with accomplishment, setting the box onto his office desk. His office, of course, being the corner of his living room next to the television. "All done?"

"Yeah." Heero peeled his sweat-soaked t-shirt over his head, and used it to wipe his face. Not like he had many belongings to start with, so his transition from Relena's security dormitories was rather easy.

He turned to face their bedroom door and pushed it open. Duo's current interior decor left much to be desired. His fingers brushed over a faded bumper sticker on the solid, oak door, black that had once been shiny, with comical block print in white that said, "It's a good day to die. Would anyone like to make an appointment?"

Heero shook his head as he felt Duo's hands slip around the waistband of his jeans, holding him from behind. "I thought the God of Death was retired," Heero said, quirking his lips in amusement. "Should I start worrying now?"

Duo's chest reverberated with laughter behind him. "Oh, that. Heh, it was just a silly, little souvenir from childhood…"

"Hmm." Heero pulled free to start hanging up his small collection of clothing. "Interesting."

Duo followed him in, leaning against the closet door. He'd made ample room in the walk-in closet prior to Heero moving in the last of his things. All week long they'd discussed at work how exciting the weekend would be when they made the final transition, and Duo did count down the days.

He tilted his head to the side watching Heero's naked torso hanging clothes. The view was definitely better now, that was for sure. Something caught his eye, and then it was Duo's turn to be amused with his partner. "Looks like you've kept a little souvenir yourself."

Heero looked over at him with a confused expression. Duo gestured to a tiny, white mark on Heero's arm, shiny and slightly raised from scar tissue. Heero knew what he meant immediately, and smiled shyly. "That's where you shot me."

"I know. Sorry about that," Duo said around nervous laughter, moving closer to inspect the scar. "I didn't think it would scar… You know, it doesn't look that bad. You probably could have gotten rid of it with a little care."

"I know." Heero turned away from the closet, regarding Duo for a moment. "Maybe… I wanted something to remember you by." He smirked and brushed past the other Preventer.

"A gunshot wound?" Duo questioned, laughing aloud. "How romantic."

Heero came around him again with the last of his clothes, hanging them up in what Duo thought was excruciatingly neat order. "I never claimed to be normal."

Duo smiled, hooking a finger into one of Heero's belt loops, yanking him closer so he could give the other a brief kiss. "See, that's the thing, Heero. Having memories is what makes us normal."

Heero thought that over for a moment, then nodded in agreement. "I'm taking a shower." He started off to the bathroom where Duo had admired him sleepily a week before, then turned around and as an afterthought, "I'll leave the door unlocked."

Watching Heero disappear into the bathroom with a big, ridiculous grin, Duo decided he would have to give Heero something else to remember him by.


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