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Kingdum Fluffs

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While on break from doing Hairy Plunger V. Here's a new parody series. And this one will actually have chapters.'s still crap, just in a different story.

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I've been dreaming lately...of world domination.
Typical dream: See friend reaching out hand, run to them, sink underwater, and end up in a place of darkness. If it wasn't a dream, I would try to become leader of the place.
So get this, in this place, I had to choose between three weapons. I won't say what the other two were, but I picked sword, because I'm the ultimate evil.
Blobbing up the stairs (Yep, there's stairs), I see a light. Then I walk in. Then I see my dark half turn all giant. Then I kill it. Then it falls on me. Then I wake up.
"Fluff, you lazy fluff ball, get up already!" Announces the voice that wakes me up. It is Diary, my supposed love interest in this story, but truth be told, has an afro.
So yeah, name's Fluff. I'm an alien species from Fluff World. My species are known as zoo fluffs. I'm basically a pink cotton ball with an eye in the middle. And I have zapping powers.
"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! IT'S FLUFF!!!! FLUFF'S AWAKE!!!!" Screams Miku, my rival/"friend" (Not Really). His real name is Barria, but doesn't want anyone to know that.
"Hey Barria, wanna race?" I ask?
"AAAAHHH!!! Okay!"
We race and so the story technically begins.

One day we all sit around and talk.
"Let's travel to other worlds!" Suggests Diary.
"Do you think that there's other worlds out there?" I ask.
With that, Diary suggests making a raft to go to other worlds on. That's right, we live on an island. Diary thinks it would be cool to get supplies for the raft. So I do what I can: Turn the townsfolk into supplies with my zapping powers. Oh yeah, I can do that.
I like to go inside caves. One day I find a new one. This one has a door in it. I look at the door and this cloak guy appears. It talks mysteriously.
"This world's server has been disconnected".
"What?" I reply.
"Tied to a shoelace. Soon to board a ship.".
"Still not following".
If you want to know things, you can't".
"Bummer. Well, anyways, I wanna open this door, so..."
And the cloak guy disappears.

That following night, a meteor shower appears. Wanting to harness its energy, I go outside. Then... They appeared. They are these smooth, shadowy creatures. My zapping powers don't work on them, so I just go in a shed to hide.
Turns out Barria is hiding too. Typical.
"Say, where's Diary?" I ask.
"She's Coming too, don't worry!"
"Coming where? And why didn't you scream that time?"
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I'M BEING SUCKED INTO THE GROUND BY DARKNESS!!!!!!!!" I do too, but unlike Barria, the ground poops me back out.
So now that that ordeal is over with, I go back into the cave, seeing as I can't hurt these shadowy things.
In the cave, Diary is there.
"Fluff..." She whispers, monotonously.
Just then, the door opens and Diary becomes see through. A gust of wind shoots through the door.
"Ha! Told you I'd get that door to open!" I cheer. But then I get gusted and fall asleep.
When I wake up, the island's in the sky and nearly destroyed. I feel disappointed because I wanted to nearly destroy the island myself. But look, my dark half is here!
Just then, I get a weapon. Text appears and says "Peeblade". I use the Peeblade to kill my dark half and those shadow stuff. But I suppose doing so destroys the island more. And with that, I get sucked up into another world.
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