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Sorry for not updating in a while, ive been a tad busy.


Maybe it wasn't a smart idea telling mom and dad about Frank,
beacuse now they want him to come to dinner tonight.
Just what I need. My family scaring him away.
But I guess he will have to meet them sometime.

But anyway, Im on my way to school with Mikey.
"When he meets mom, he will run far far away" He says.
"Thanks very much for that" I say, hitting his arm.

"Im only saying the truth. Just like how you look like crap today"
He wasn't lying. I didn't sleep to well last night.
And I had to rush this morning.

Im dressed in ripped, baggy grey jeans and a plain black t-shirt.
No eyeliner.
And my hair is an untameible mess!!

"Frank is one lucky guy" Mikey laughed.
"Shut up!!!" I lungged at him, but missed and fell into a rather large mud puddle.
Just great!

"Wow. Gee, you are dirty!!" Mikey laughed, having to stop walking and lean against a tree.
"That was SO lame" I yelled. Pratically swimming in the mud.
At least nothing worse could happen.

"Uh. Gerard?"
I spoke too soon.

"Oh hi Frank" I said, quickly jumping out of the mud.
"Um... Whats up?" He asked. Taking in the mud that now coated my clothes.
"Just, you know, having a mud fight with Mikey" I said, balling up some mud and throwing it at Mikey. Thankfully he wasn't looking and it hit him directly in the side of his head.

"Gerard!!" Mikey whimmpered. Coming to stand next to Frank "Why did you do that?"
"See it as my revenge" I told him "Oh man, what am I going to do about my clothes?"
"Come with me" Frank says, taking my hand and pulling me in another direction.

"See you later Mikey" I yelled over my shoulder.


A Few Minutes Later

"So where are we going?" I ask Frank.
"My place. Too clean you up" He answered. Not looking at me.

I mentally jumped about with joy.
He was taking me to his place!
Sure it was to clean up, but oh well... Maybe he will help hehe.

"Are you thinking weather I will help you get cleaned up?" He asked, smirking.
"How did you know?" I asked, startled.
"You were grinning and spacing out" He laughed.
"Think your soo cool" I replied.

When we got to his place, he lead me up to the bathroom.
"Off with your clothes" He says. Hands on hips.
"I'll wash and dry your clothes. But to do that you need to take them off"

Well I didn't need to be told twice.
I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed in to my feet.
I was about to undo my belt, when I became extremely shy.

"Uh...." I mummbled. Heat rising in my face.
"Let me help you with that" Frank said. Stepping right up to me.
He kept his eyes on mine as he unbuckled my belt.
When he was done, he yanked down the jeans with a strong tug.

He then left me standing there in nothing but my boxers.

When he came back in he grinned.
"Not everyday I get to walk into my bathroom and see a rather dashing half naked guy"
"Oh Im more then dashing" I laughed, forgetting that I was half naked.

"That you are" He smirked and came suddenly came up to me and kissed he breifly.
I stood there, frozen.
That was unexpected.
So unexpected that it caused a problem.

"Um. As much as I enjoyed that, and wish you would do it again right now. I think I may need a towl or a blanket" I said awkwardly.

Frank looked puzzled, then looked down.
"Hahahaha. Nice" He laughed. Passing me a towl that I quickly wrapped around my waist.
"You think this is funny?" I asked with a slight grin.
"Sure do. Boner boy"

Okey ive had a lot of names given to me, but that was new.
"Well at least I dont get boners in the changing rooms" I challanged.
A school rumor is that Frank got a boner in the guys changing room about a year ago, and everyone has held it to him.

"That was mean!" He yelped and jumped at me.
"Ah! Attack of the flying monkey!!" I screamed.

We were tackling each other and shoving each other to the floor.
Just like me and Mikey do sometimes.
Though with Frank it felt different.
Expecally when he sat on my chest, with his crotch in my face.

"Hahaha I win, lover boy" He laughed.
His cute laughter came to a sudden stop.
A feaked out expression covered his face.

Before I could ask what was wrong he spoke
"Dad! What are you doing home??"

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