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Tavern Town

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Category: Kingdom Hearts - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover,Humor,Parody - Characters: Donald Duck,Goofy,Leon,Sora,Yuffie - Warnings: [!!!] [V] [?] - Published: 2010-12-26 - Updated: 2010-12-26 - 598 words

So I wake up to this dog licking me. I would say it only licks my face, but my whole body is my face. I push it away, then it runs off. As soon as it does, I realize I'm in a town.'s another world. At least, it must be, because the islands never had a town.
I need to walk around because if I ever hope to be ruler of this town/world, I need to know the lay of the land. So in case you didn't know, I'm walking around right now.
Then I go in a shop and steal from some guy named kid. He's the shop owner. After stealing, I leave to explore more of the town. I go into the fashion district and witness a horrible sight.
One of the shadow creatures from the island, only it was actually one that didn't show up on the island appeared. This guy with bad hair runs toward the creature in fear.
Then the horrid beast rips through the guy's chest and thrusts its claws to grab a bloodied heart, it then eats the heart and chews gratefully. Okay, so that doesn't happen. Basically what really happens is this guy gets scared and his soul glows as the creature takes it. Then the guy randomly disappears. Personally, I like my first description better.
Anyways, I kill the creature with my Peeblade. More appear and I kill those too. I find attacking things so fun that I break a few windows.
I get bored, so I go back to the first part of town. Expecting nothing, instead this guy with a mullet and a flamethrowing, overcompensating, steel sword walks by.
"They will continue to follow as long as you have to Peeblade!" Says he.
"You're jealous, aren't you?"
He then comes at me with his long object. I easily avoid it, but somehow he knocks me unconscious. Don't ask.
When I wake up, I imagine Diary's next to me in bed. Actually it's the great ninja Naruto (Actually, her name is Snoopy). Oh, and the one mullet guy is Squash.
"Those things are called Fluffless. They steal the fluffs of people. Only you can wield the Peeblade and kill the fluffless", explains Squash.
"Why did the Peeblade choose me?" I ask.
"Because you're PURE EVIL, that's why".
Finally, someone recognizes my talents.
"By the way, heard of anyone by the name of Pencil Guru?" Asks Snoopy.
I nod myself no.
"Pencil Guru was a wise scientist and our leader. He disappeared when the fluffless appeared".
I get bored of standing around, so I go outside to kill some fluffless. I make it all the way to district nine (the last district in the whole town), when all of a sudden, I feel a fall.
Two random people fall on me: One a baseball, and another a gray piece of Play-Doh. We temporarily join forces because a giant armored (limbless) fluffless appears.
We each take turns bashing it. Eventually it dies. Or so we thought...
Anyways, the two introduce themselves as Balleo and Play-Doh. They ask if I'd like to go with them on their ship.
"Go with them, Fluff. They're hugely annoying and so are you", says Squash kindly.
"Yeah, but watch it buster! There's one rule for anyone new to the ship!" Says Balleo.
Not a problem. I smile as wide as I can.
"Actually, the rule is, you've gotta cook sushi for us!" Corrects Balleo.
Bummer. But whatever. Sushi shouldn't be that hard to cook.

And so our adventures began as a trio.
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