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Christmas with Kazuya

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Sequal to Christmas Cooking with Scorpion. A reaction to Kazuya's idea of christmas shopping.

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AN: Hi! While I was reading over my story 'Christmas cooking with Scorpion', I thought of this. Just a small drabble of how everyone would react to Kazuya's idea of Christmas shopping. I do not own Tekken, Dragon ball Z, Mortal Kombat, or any characters related to it.


Kazuya slumped into his apartment complex, his groceries in his hand. He soon made for the kitchen, where Jun was.

'I'm back,' Kazuya announced.

'What took so long?' Jun asked.

'Oh, I just had to help Scorpion fight some demon to save his cooking show.'

'What?' Jun asked.

'It's a long story; don't ask,' Kazuya sighed, 'anyway, I finished all the shopping. Here.'

Kazuya put the bags on the desk.

'I'm going to bed,' Kazuya stated.

Once he was gone, Jun moved over towards the bag. Suddenly, her face was contorted with shock.



'Eww' Law said as he unwrapped the pungent smelling fish.

'Yay!' Goku cried happily as he unwrapped his rice.

'Uh...thanks,' Jay said as she and Jin unwrapped the dippers.

Goten and Asuka were both speechless as they unwrapped the bondage kit, and not in the good way. Chi-Chi fainted.

'Oh no! I am hideous! I cracked the mirror!' Johnny Cage cried as he looked at the cracked mirror. Everyone laughed at this.

'A boxing glove. Uhh....thanks,' said Bruce as he held the boxing glove up.

'Yeah, wine!' Paul announced as he held up the bottle.


'Well, that went well,' Kazuya said as he stood on Law's porch.

'Really?' Jin asked as he joined him.

'I suppose,' Kazuya replied.

'You suppose? Chi-Chi's still unconscious,' Jin stated.


'Most parents don't appreciate it when their child gets their hands on bondage kits.'

'Yet they don't seem to mind a paedophile in red sneaking into their children's room.'

'You know that he isn't real in a physical context, right?' Jin asked.

'Oh, that makes more sense then,' Kazuya stated.

'You have really never celebrated this holiday before, have you?'

'Can you honestly imagine Heihachi wearing a red paedophile hat with a white pom-pom decorating a tree, or singing carols?'

'Unfortunately, now I can,' Jin said as the two of them both shuddered, 'Anyway, Law said the desert is ready.'

'So, the paedophile isn't real?' Kazuya asked once more.

'No, he is not real.'

'But what if that is just what he wants us to think.'


'Ho, ho, ho. It looks like that son of a bitch is on to me. It looks like I will have to be more cautious next year.'


A/N: It was rather short, but it was not intended to be very long. Well, happy holidays everyone.
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