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Exotic Creatures

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Shuichi wants a pet. Eiri would rather jump off a bridge, but has the mind to at least offer an alternative suggestion. Dialogue fic, though not a sequel to "Tipping The Scales" or "Bod".

Category: Gravitation - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Shuichi,Yuki - Published: 2010-12-26 - Updated: 2010-12-26 - 573 words - Complete

[Pairing]: Eiri x Shuichi
[Rated]: PG-13
[Disclaimer]: The characters in this piece belong to Maki Murakami and co., but most certainly not me.
[Warnings]: Language and suggestiveness, takes place after the manga and anime
[Author's Notes]: A dialogue fic that was sitting on my hard drive 80% completed for a couple years that I finally got around to finishing! Hope you enjoy.


Exotic Creatures

"Hey, Yuki? You awake?"


"I want a pet."

"Mmph… What?"

"A pet, Yuki."

"It's too early for this, brat…"

"I want a pet, Yuki!"

"Yeah. I gathered that."

"…Well? Can we get one?"

"Why on Earth would you want a pet? Can you even take care of yourself properly?"

"They're adorable, and great for stress relief. But hey, I can too! What are you talking about?"

"Nothing. Nevermind."

"You brought it up, Yuki. What do you mean I can't take care of myself? Tell me!"

"Remember when – "

"Oh, it's one of those. Okay, nevermind."


"You're going to tell me how I screwed something up some time ago and then twist it enough so it seems like I wouldn't be able to take care of a pet."


"That's not fair! I can do it. I would take really good care of it. I would feed it and play with it! It would be the happiest pet ever."

"What kind would you get?"

"Oh…! I don't… know. What kind of pet would you like, Yuki?"

"I wouldn't like one. I already have one."

"You do? What are you… Wait. Are you talking about me?"

"Took you long enough. You should have seen that one coming, to be honest."

"Yuki…! Don't be mean!"

"You wanted my opinion, didn't you?"

"Yeah, but – "

"Well, I gave it to you. Don't cry over it now, because I gave you exactly what you asked for."


"Don't pout at me."

"I'd get a puppy. We could run around the park together and play fetch. I always wanted a puppy."


"Cats are nice, too. As long as they don't scratch me. But I think I'd like a dog better. Do you like goldfish, Yuki?"


"Oh, right. Forget you, then. Hiro told me once that he always wanted a lizard. Those might… scare me. But it would be cool to have, like, an iguana, you know? I heard it's hard work, though. But it would still be so cool."

"…An iguana?"

"Yeah! Exotic creatures are very cool."

"The only exotic creatures I'm allowing in my apartment are Amazons."

"…Are you talking about a girl? Those scary girls that live in the jungles?"


"Yuki, people cannot be pets!"

"Says who?"


"What was that?"

"Y-Yuki… Mmmm…"

"That's what I thought."

"…T-that was l-low…"


"Aaah… Yuki… Nnnngh… F-feels good…"



"We don't need a pet. We've got something better."

"…Mmm… L-like what…? Aaah…!"

"Take a guess."

"Um… Mmm… Each other?"

"Bittersweet, but no."



"Undying devotion?"

"God, what is with you?"

"Mmm… Yuki, that feels good…"

"I know it does. Now tell me what we have."

"Can't… think…"

"I suppose that can be a problem. So I'll tell you. I have a leash, and you still have a dog costume. I think I can find a more efficient way to burn off that stress you were talking about."

"Mmmngh, where… where did you get a leash, Yuki?"

"You don't need to know that right now. Shhh."

"Sounds good to me~"


Ish :)
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