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Bittersweet Goodbyes

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Samantha Hart loves Kid Blink. Kid Blink loves Samantha Hart. They both know it, but do nothing about it. One day Blink receives a letter from his father asking Blink to move back in with him. Shou...

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Bittersweet Goodbyes
Okay so the first few chapters will have no plot development whatsoever. But stay with me, it will get better. I promise. Sound groovy? Awesome.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Newsies or anything associated with it. All the characters you recognize are owned by Disney, but the main character is mine and three other characters own themselves.
On with the story!

"Come on, Sam. Sam...Samantha Marie Hart, get your butt out of that bed this instant before I smack you senseless." Someone groaned and the squeaking of bedsprings were heard as that someone rolled onto their back. A pair of footsteps briskly walked away, but not before opening the blinds, letting sunlight stream through the windowpane.
"Ahh! Noooo! I'm melting, melting!"
"Oh, Sam, stop complaining. It's only a bit of sunlight!" a woman shouted from the hallway.
"Vampires hate sunlight."
"Who says you're a vampire?"
"Mr. McCoy."
"Oh, yes, your drama teacher. How is that going by the way?"
"It's wonderful, Mother!" Samantha gushed. "I'm learning all sorts of new things." She forgot about the sunlight dilemma and struck up a conversation about her theatre class. The exuberant sixteen-year-old left her bedroom and went to help her mother in the kitchen. Her long white blond hair flowed freely down her back and her green eyes sparkled with excitement while talking about the upcoming school play she was to perform in.
Samantha wasn't wealthy but she wasn't poor either. She was more middle class. She lived with her mother and father in a small apartment in the heart of 1900s Manhattan. Samantha was about 5'8" with light pink lips and a slight mist of freckles displayed themselves across her cheeks and shoulders.
"Sam, if you don't hurry you'll be late for school." Mrs. Hart warned.
"I know, you don't have to nag," Samantha said, packing away the last item of her lunch in her lunch pail. She scurried back to her bedroom where she pulled off her white nightgown and slipped on a violet, ankle length skirt and a crisp white lace up blouse. Donning her black boots, she began to rapidly twist her hair into a single braid. She added a violet ribbon to the end of the braid that matched her skirt and, checking her reflection one last time in her speckled and chipped mirror, headed back to the kitchen.
Mrs. Hart sighed, "A braid again? Sam, when is that hairstyle of yours going to change? Why don't you leave it down for once, it's so beautiful." Samantha shrugged.
"When I get tired of it. Goodbye, Mother." Mrs. Hart handed her daughter four schoolbooks and the iron pail and kissed her cheek.
"Have a good day, sweetheart. I'll see you after work."
Samantha winced. "Oh yes, I have that today don't I?"
Mrs. Hart laughed. "Trying to weasel your way out of it, huh?"
"No, I just promised to go swimming with Lucky and the newsboys. They're going to be so mad at me." Mrs. Hart frowned.
"Are you sure you should know," she hesitated.
Samantha raised an eyebrow. "Stripping down to my under things in front of the newsboys and proceeding to jump into the East River with them?"
"What?" It was a perfectly normal thing. Every summer Samantha spent her time with her newsie friends. They practically lived at the docks, except when the boys weren't selling of course. She was aware of the stares her and her friend Kathleen received; she wasn't oblivious to them. But once everyone was in the water and having fun, the boys forgot all about them and were treated as equals. "Like I said, Lucky would have been there so it wouldn't have been just me."
"Oh, great. Two hormonal teenage girls surrounded by half naked and also hormonal teenage boys. Now I feel much better." Mrs. Hart replied dryly.
Samantha rolled her eyes. "Mo-ther, please. They aren't like that. Besides you've met all of them and they're harmless." She stuck a piece of toast in her mouth on her way to the door.
"That doesn't mean I don't worry!"
The young girl smiled after she finished off the toast. "I'll see you this evening. Love you." Mrs. Hart returned the sentiment and shook her head, no doubt wondering why on earth her daughter kept such odd company. Samantha stepped into the fresh April morning. She clutched her books tighter and held them close to her chest while holding on to the lunch pail like a lifesaver.
As the sun rose to start a new day, vendors, wagons and shops were beginning to open, expecting another profitable business day. Samantha also happened to notice several newsies already walking toward the distribution center. She glanced at the clock tower that loomed over the city: seven thirty. School started promptly at eight. Good, I still have enough time, she thought.
"Hey, Skittery, Mush, Racetrack wait up!" Samantha called. Three of her friends stopped to turn and smiled when they saw Samantha running over to them.
"Siren! Ain't you supposed ta be on your way ta school?" Skittery asked suspiciously.
"Yes, but I have thirty minutes until the bell. How are you this morning?" she asked the boys kindly, smiling at them all. They chorused back at her a typical, early morning response. Short, sweet and to the point. "Have you seen Lucky yet?"
"Nah, but she should be comin' along." Racetrack said.
"Well she might already be at tha centah. She was yestaday at least." Mush said.
"Great, let's head over there. I need to talk to her." Samantha suggested. The four of them started to walk to the distribution center again, talking cheerfully amongst themselves.
"Hope we gets a good headline today. Yestaday's was a bust." Skittery complained.
"Nothing exciting ever happens in this city." Samantha agreed.
"Nothin' excitin'?" Racetrack repeated incredulously. "What about tha strike last summah?"
"My point exactly, Race. That was last summer," Samantha pointed out. "Something or someone needs to give this city pizzazz, a fresh new look. Preferably a someone and preferably me." Racetrack snorted.
"What makes you think you can bring some action to the city?"
"Why performing on stage, of course! My name will be on everyone's lips; my face will be on posters that will be plastered on every available wall space. I'll be the biggest thing since Medda." Samantha said confidently. Racetrack, Mush, and Skittery gasped as one. Bigger than Medda?
"Are you rambling on about fame and fortune again, Siren?" a voice teased from behind Samantha. She turned sharply to see wavy red hair and blue gray eyes that glimmered with laughter.
"Lucky! You're here!"
Lucky smiled. "Why wouldn't I be?" Samantha grinned but it instantly disappeared. She looked down and saw that Lucky was dressed in an ankle length, dark green skirt and a black button up blouse. Black leather shoes were on her feet and her hair was down and wavier than usual.
"Wow, Lucky, what's wit tha getup?" Mush asked, motioning at her outfit.
"None of your business, Mush. If you say anythin' else I'll soak ya," Lucky threatened. The three boys walked away through the gates, shoving fists in their mouths to keep from laughing. Lucky rolled her eyes and muttered, "Boys." Samantha's grin reappeared.
"So, what is with the getup?"
"Nothin'. Can't I just look nice for the day?" Lucky asked innocently. But there was something in that tone that made Samantha suspicious. Lucky had her hat in her hands and was twisting it and constantly looking over her shoulder. Samantha frowned and hitched the handle of the bucket to her wrist so she could put her hand on her hip.
"Lucky, what's going on?" she asked seriously. She thought for a moment what could have possessed the fiery Irish girl to dress in a skirt, but then her eyes suddenly widened. "Is this about Jack?"
"Shhh! Don't say his name too loud!"
"Oh my God, it is! I knew it, I knew it!" Samantha punched the air triumphantly.
"What about Jack?" a new voice asked curiously. Lucky and Samantha looked beside them and saw another boy standing there.
"Hi, Blink!" Samantha greeted, hugging him tightly and Blink laughed. She turned back to Lucky. "Aside from this new side of you," Lucky frowned. "I just came to tell you that I can't swim with you all today. I have to work."
"Siren, you promised!" Lucky whined.
"I know, but I forgot! We can definitely do it tomorrow though," Samantha squinted in the distance at the clock tower and gasped: Seven-fifty. "I need to go. Lucky, give me your hat." Lucky's eyes widened.
"What? Not a chance, this is me lucky hat! I ain't just gonna give it to ya!" she shrieked.
"Give me. The damn. Hat," Samantha growled. She had very good reasons to take Lucky's hat. One, if she was ever going to give Jack an impression then he needed to see her as a girl. Not one of his buddies. Two, Samantha was going to be late and she really did not want to argue. Lucky sighed in defeat and reluctantly handed Samantha the charcoal gray cabby hat. Samantha snatched it from her grasp and shoved it onto her own head. Lucky sniffed. "Thank you. Blink, tell the rest of the boys that the plan for tonight is off." Blink nodded. "See you!" Samantha turned and sprinted down the street, leaving a slightly hurt Blink and a sad Lucky in her wake.

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