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Will You Be My Comic Book Hero...?

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Winona's life is screwed, She needs a saviour, a knight in shinging armour...A Hero. But can he live up to her needs?

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Okay, so here goes nothing with my second story :D Am quite excited to be honest :P Anyone who auditioned will be introduced soon, this is just the first meet and greets. Quite a long chapter for you, so i hope you like, and if you like nough to want more please review it :D It makes me all happy and writery and shizz, anyways, enjoy, Much love, S xo

Chapter 1

I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck as he pressed me up against the wall of my hallway, I was completely terrified, despite the fact I had been expecting this for weeks. I heard a terrifyingly, shrill scream come from next door, and I heard the bones crack.
“Bring her in here!” I heard one guy shout. The second guy grabbed a handful of my hair and jerked me inside my mothers room, where she lay, bleeding heavily, on her bed. I heard the quiet sobs escape her lips as she begged for mercy.
“Do you know your Mom’s a stripper? A whore?” The first guy laughed, flicking his wrist as a command to the second to throw me on to the floor.
“Well she was a bad little whore.” He said patronizingly, shoving his face into hers. She turned her head away from him, to face me, and I watched the tears fall down her cheeks as she silently apologized to me.
“So now, im going to show her and you what I do to bad whores.” He backed away from her and his hands went to his pants. He slowly unbuttoned them, then pulled them down his legs. I watched in horror as he approached my mother once more, pulling his pants down as he climbed on top of her. I watched him shove himself into her, and I felt my insides rip apart as she screamed a blood curdling scream. I closed my eyes and turned my face away, but I couldn’t stop the screaming, the pleading for mercy, and the groans of the man as he violated my mother. Finally she stopped screaming, and I opened my eyes. Immediately I knew I shouldn’t have, and I quickly closed them again, but I wasn’t fast enough, and I saw him deliver the final blow to her temple to kill her. I opened my eyes for the first time and stared at her limp body. Covered in her own blood and this horrific mans juices. I thought it was over, that they would leave after killing her, but no, they weren’t done. I watched the first man shoo the second, then approach me, not pulling his trousers up.
“Well, seeing as im ready for it.”
“NO!!” I scream out as he yanks my shirt off. I feel him rip the rest of my clothes from my body, then stand back to admire my shape.
“Such a perfect little girl.” He pondered, pulling back towards me.
“Your sick…” I whispered defiantly.
“What was that?!” He asked, lifting my chin so I was forced to look him in the eye. Instead of re-alliterating, I gathered all the saliva that was in my mouth and spat it at him with force.
“Oh, that was the wrong thing to do little girl.” I felt him force my legs apart and push inside me, causing me to scream out in pain much like my mother had minutes ago. I cried and cried as he continued to rape me until he was satisfied. When he was, he pulled out of me and shoved me on to the floor.
“Your worth nothing! No one will ever love you now.” I felt him kick my stomach as hard as he could as a parting gift, then call to the other one to leave, much like an owner would a lap dog. He took one last look at me and left. Once I heard the door slam, I curled into a ball and cried for hours, only when I had stopped did I realize that my mothers dead body was still here, in front of me. Slowly I uncurled myself and walked cautiously over to her. My eyes immediately went to her face, which was now dripping with her own blood. Her eyes closed in defeat and her lips curled into a disgusted grimace. I couldn’t stop staring. Eventually I pulled the cover over her and backed away walking over to where my clothes lay. I picked up my bra and pulled it back around me, then pulled up what was left of my shirt. I realised it wasn’t worth it and walked over to my mothers closet, where I pulled out a jumper and pulled it over my body. Sobbing silently to myself I walked back over to where my jeans lay, and pulled them back on, seeing as they were still in good enough shape to wear. I knew this was going to happen, I knew those men would come and I knew what they would do, I just didn’t know when. My mother was a stripper come con artist and she thought she would get away with what she did, she was only trying to provide for our family. She had told me what she did the night she did it, she explained everything. She got a call for a job for some bachelor party, she went and she did what she had to, and then, she made the idiot decision to rob them blind, to steal everything she could get her hands on. Their wallets, their phones, their jewellery, and once she had all that she ran, forgetting that they had her number, not realizing they would use it to track her down, never imagining they would do this to her. The one thing I didn’t understand, is what stopped them from killing me. I walked slowly from my mom’s room and into my own, where I opened my closet door to find my both my younger brothers, Dane and Jamie, both with horrified expressions on their faces. I plucked my youngest brother, Jamie, from the floor and hugged him to me, letting him cry into moms sweater.
“Dane, come on, we need to get out of here before someone finds us.” I told him, holding my hand out for him to pull himself up.
“Did they do it?”
“Yes. You knew they would.”
“What did they do to you?” he asked, looking at me in concern. He was only a few of years younger than me, but Dane didn’t need this, he was 14, in the middle of exams, and his mother had just been murdered, while he was in the next room, listening.
“Just a couple of hits to the face and a kick to the stomach, nothing too damaging.” I tried to make it sound like nothing, make it seem like I didn’t care, when really; every part of my body ached, every cell was reacting to the way he touched me, the way he broke me, and every muscle screamed when I moved it. Dane pulled himself up out of the wardrobe, and pulled one of the massive suit cases I had packed earlier that day along with him. I reached in behind him and pulled another of three for him to drag, and the final one for me to take. I ushered Dane and Jamie downstairs, then pulled the boots I’d left in there out and on to my feet. I turned to face my room, saying one last goodbye to the place that had been my sanctuary for the last 17 years of my life. I looked at each bare wall that used to be covered in posters, the things that made this place mine; I looked at the dresser that used to be covered in products and old pieces of paper I couldn’t be bothered to throw away. I sighed once and walked out of the room, dragging the suitcase behind me. I grabbed my keys on my way down the stairs, the rest of my important stuff being in one of the bags, I locked the door on my way out and pulled the suitcase down the drive and into the trunk of the car that my mother would evidently be no longer using. I walked to the back seat door and checked on Jamie, who was now just staring silently. I leaned down and kissed his head then turned to walk to the driver’s seat. I climbed in and shoved the keys into the ignition.
“Where to now?” Dane asked, fear dripping from his voice.
“We’ll stay in a Hotel for tonight, I’ve got all the money in the front of one of the bags, and then we’ll figure the rest out in the morning.” I pulled out of the driveway, and said one last silent goodbye to my mother, before driving away from the place I would forever want to forget, but knew that would forever haunt my dreams and memories.

We drove for a solid hour and 45 minutes before finding a hotel with vacancies. I got out of the car, and shook Jamie awake, before dragging both of them into the hotel with just one of bags which had all our money in it
“Hello, welcome to the Maison Hotel, how may I be of assistance to you ma’am?” A perky receptionist with a fake smile said as we entered the lobby.
“Umm, do you have any rooms available?” I asked nervously, hoping she wouldn’t ask about the bruises on my face.
“Of course, a room for three?”
“Yeah.” I added a duh in my mind. I hated people, especially stupid people.
“Okay, we have a room with a double bed and a single bed in the same room with a kitchen and a bathroom, or we have a room that’s two separate bedrooms with the same features.”
“The one that’s only got one bedroom please.” I ask, knowing it will be cheaper, and it meant I could keep an eye on the boys. She typed some stuff into the computer and told us to wait a sec while she got our room keys. I turned to the boys and picked Jamie up again.
“Winny, where’s mommy?” he asked, looking up at me with huge questioning brown eyes.
“She’s at home JimJam, she’s…she’s sleeping.” Of course I knew this wouldn’t satisfy him, he knew what was going on, he knew I was lying to him but for now he accepted the answer buried his head into the crook of my neck. The woman came back with our rooms keys and slipped them into a small envelope.
“How long will you be staying then?” She asked, once again tapping some details into her computer.
“Umm, Two nights.” I said as I mentally calculated the amount that would come to.
“And your name?”
“Winona Stark.”
“Okay, right, would you like to pay now or when you leave?” She asked, still tapping away on the keyboard.
“When we leave, thanks.” I took the room keys and followed her directions to the lift that would take us to our floor. It took around 15 minutes for us to reach our room, when we did, all I could think about was how I was going to inform the police about mom…I laid Jamie down on the single bed and told Dane to get changed into his PJ’s while I went and got the other two bags. When I returned to the room, Dane had settled himself into whatever film was on the TV and Jamie is now asleep, seeing this, I decided now was the perfect time for that phone call. I pulled the phone from the holder and walked into the bathroom, where I perched myself on the side of the bath. I punched in 999 and listened as the dial tone rung out. I asked for police and finally got put through.
“Hello, how can I help you?”
“I just walked past a house on Foroway Avenue, and I heard some screams, I think something bad is happening.”
“Of course and your name?”
“Um, is it okay if I remain anonymous?” I asked, trying to stop my hands from shaking.
“Of course, thank you, we’ll be sending a couple of officers ‘round there immediately,” I heard her tap some stuff on to the computer, “Is that all?”
“Yes, thank you.” I hung up the phone but didn’t move from where I was sitting, I held the phone to my chest as I thought about how my mothers body would be removed and I would be getting another call on my mobile telling me how sorry they were. The funny thing was that; that would be the end of it. There would be no contacting of relatives, because we had none. No funeral, because we couldn’t afford one. The phone dropped from my hands as I slid from the edge of the bath on to the floor. I curled my arms around my knee’s and cried. I cried for my mom, for Jamie and Dane, for my virginity, but most of all I cried for one of the most idiotic things that popped into my head, I cried because what he said was true. No one would love me now, I was damaged goods. When I finished crying, I stood up and looked at my self in the mirror. I looked like shit, my face was caked with old make-up, stained with dried tears, covered with bruises and still dripping with blood. I pulled my clothes off and inspected myself. My torso was badly bruised, but I could tell no ribs were broken, my legs were black, and there was dried blood leading to my private areas. I turned the shower on and scrubbed away the blood and tears, the night and day I had just had. Once I was done in the shower, I rubbed myself down and wrapped my self in a towel. I walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, where I opened a suitcase and fished around until I found a pair of skinny jeans with rips in them and a misfits hoody, I climbed into bed beside Dane and checked the clock on the other side of him. 5AM. I had managed to cry the night away. I sighed and buried myself below the covers, knowing to not even try and get to sleep, as it wouldn’t happen. I sat there and stared at the same spot for 3 hours, just thinking about all the things that needed thinking about. By 8’o’clock, I had decided to call room service, because of the amount my stomach was rumbling. I grabbed the hotel phone and ordered a large black coffee, sugar on the side, and a vegetarian burger for me to pig out on. I waited a half hour before I heard a knock on the door. I glanced at the boys and they were still snoring, so I continued on my journey to the door, opening it slowly and as quietly as I could.
“Hey.” I was shocked. The guy standing on the other side of the door was fall over your feet gorgeous. His hazel eyes twinkled with a mischief I didn’t understand, his lips curled into a sexy grin and his black hair flopping over his face.
“…Your food…Hello…?” He waved a hand in front of me.
“Shit, sorry, I…uh…lost concentration, umm, thanks.”
“…Hey, don’t I know you?”
“Nice try but I know the line.”
“No, I actually do, you’re a friend of Gerard’s…Gerard Way…?” I looked up at him again and saw he was telling the truth, I did recognize him.
“Yeah…You must be…Umm…Awww jeez…Frank!!” I remembered suddenly.
“Yeah, and your Winny.” I nodded and smiled.
“Hey…What happened to your cheek?” He said, narrowing his eyes at the bruise that was no doubt already forming. My hand immediately went to my cheek and I blushed.
“Oh…nothing, I walked into a door…”
“Yeah right.” He looked at me in a way that told me he knew I was lying, but he didn’t push it. He passed the trolley full of food to me, but lingered after I had taken it.
“Can I have your number?” He asked confidently. I was taken aback, he wanted my number.
“Umm…Wait here.” I rushed back into my room and wrote a note with my name and number on it, then ran back to the door and handed it to him.
“So…I’ll call you, or text you. See ya.” He winked at me and walked away. I quickly turned back into the room and closed the door, then cursed myself for doing something like that after what had happened to me. Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to realise I didn’t care. I took my food over to the kitchen and pulled myself on to the work surface, where I pigged out. As I ate I thought about Gerard. I hadn’t seen him in years. Not since my Dad had left us and things started to go down hill. I thought about his angelic face, and the way he was as protective as a brother to me before we stopped talking. Once I’d finished, I picked up my cell and flicked through my contact list, relieved to see Gerard’s name still there. I bit my lip and considered the pro’s and con’s, then thought; “Fuck the pro’s and con’s, I miss him.” And I hit call button.

Gerard’s POV.

I heard my phone vibrate next to my head and I quickly grabbed it and answered. I pressed it to my ear and lay back down in bed.
“Um…Hey, any chance you remember me?” I heard a familiar voice question. I quickly checked caller ID and my mouth dropped.
“Woah…Major flashbacks!! Winny!! My god, its so good to hear from you!! Its been…well…years!! How come your calling?”
“Well, I just ran into your friend, Frank? He works at the Maison?”
“Oh yeah, aha, doesn’t he look cute in his little uniform.” I laughed, still amazed to hear from her. I hadn’t seen or heard of Winny in over three years. Back then she was like the sister I never had. “So hows your mom?” I asked. She immediately stopped laughing and I knew something was wrong.
“Well…” She hesitated.
“Winny. What happened? Are you okay? What about the boys?” I asked frantically, worried about my old friend. Again she didn’t answer, but I heard a faint sob down the phone.
“Listen Winny, I’m coming to the Maison, meet me in the bar in, like, a half hour, we’ll talk then.” I hung up the phone and quickly dressed myself. I wouldn’t have been so worried about a girl that had made no effort to contact me for three years, if there wasn’t something telling me it wasn’t her fault.
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