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Chapter Ten

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It was Monday and I am in currently in school,in lunch eating breakfeast with people staring.
I made a stupid face before turning to Diva Leader.
"What?",I asked.
"Have you noticed what people have been saying?",Diva Leader asked sitting beside me.
"No...What?",I asked.I know,I was stupid to even have a conversation with the girl.But I wanted to know what rumors were made now.
"People have been saying that you are way too lonely.I want to help with that.",she said sincerely.
My jaw dropped,my eyes narrowed,and I felt a huge question mark appear above my head.
"Huuhhh??",I let myself say.She cleared her throat and gave me a smile.
"I know I've been mean but I understand you mean no harm.I want to make peace and become friends.",Diva Leader said.
Say What??
Suddenly,somebody grabbe dme by the arm and pulled me off the seat and away from Diva Leader.
I looked to see Melinda.
"Sorry,Witch,but she's not interested.",Melinda yelled and started to drag me away.
"Melinda,what's wrong?",I asked.
"Nothing.Just hate the fact they're trying to trick you.",she muttered still dragging me.
"Tricking me?",I asked.
"Kat,you have a lot to learn about those kind of girls.",she said and we halted to a stop once we were at her locker.
I looked over to see Zero standing there looking down at cellphone.
My eyes widened and I quickly fixed my hair and smiled.
He looked up and he froze for the slightest second.
"Oh,hey.",he said.
"H-Hi.",I stuttered uncontrollably.
"Well,I'm off.",Melinda said and left running.I cursed in my head which I never do,and continued to smile.
"So,what is up?",I asked.
"Nothing really.You?",he asked.
"Just...chilling?",I more asked.I heard Victor say it some guy.
Zero started to laugh and I frowned.Was I really that much of a dork?
"Come on,let's skip this.",he said.
"Skip what?",I asked holding my things tighter.
"School.Let's go ahng at your house or something.",he said and grabbed my hand pulling me out.
"Wait,but what if we get caught!",I yelled.
"Come on!",he said and broke out in a run.I smiled and ran along side him holding onto his hand.
We ended up at my house where my dad was gone,and I dismissed all of the workers.
I had changed out of my uniform and into,of course,comfortable clothes and put my hair in a ponytail.
I came downstairs to see Zero playing with Hachi on the couch.
"Having fun?",I asked.
"Totally.",he said making me laugh.I sat beside him and Hachi started to jump onto me.
"So.I know you are allergic to seafood.I know you love animals.I know you love eating spicy food and you love rock music.",I said.
"Yes,yes,yes,and absolutely.",he said.I rolled my eyes and petted Hachi then placing him on the floor.
"What else should I know?",I asked looking to him.
"I'm sure you know I can shoot a gun.",he said.I looked away and nodded.
Found it out when we were in the forest.
"Where'd you get it?",I asked.
"Long time ago.My dad used it to protect us since we lived in a pretty messed up place.He's used it only two times.",he said.
"On who?",I asked curiously.
"A robber...and me.",he said.
My eyes widened and I looked at him in horror.But before I could ask,he grabbed my face and pulled me towards him.
My face and his had almost no space between them.
"What?",I whispered.
I saw his eyes lower to my lips and I couldn't help but bite my lower lip.
"Can I kiss you again?",he murmured.
I stayed silent but gave him a slight nod.
He smirked and connected his lips to mine.God,how I really liked him.
Thing is,this was my second kiss with him.But he gave me my first kiss ever.
And he was making my second kiss ever into a real kiss.
A man,a french kiss!That's what it was.
And it felt so goooood...
Then I felt his hands on my waist and he was pushing me back.
Now I was laying on my back and he was on top of me.I wrapped my arms around his neck and I felt his arms tighten around me and hold my closer.
"Maybe we should stop.",I said in between the kissing.He continued to kiss me and I felt butterflies in my stomach.
"Whoa.Boy/Slave action."
My eyes widened and I pulled away to see Melinda standing there and smirking.
"Oh,great!What do you want?!",Zero yelled.I noticed we stayed in our positions making me blush.
I slid away from him and heard him groan making me blush even more.
"Alright,what movie we watching?",Melinda asked.
"Huh?",Zero and I questioned in unison.
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