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Party time

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"I love you Frankie" I whispered into his neck as I burried my head into it. 
"Love you to Em-Lem" He said and pullede even closer. 
"Frank, I really do love you. I don't say it much, and I don't have any tattoo's of your name or anything like that, and I really should do something to show you how much I love you, I just don't know how." I said and sighed
"Emma, what were you just doing?"l
"I told you about Chris..." I said, Not knowing where he was going with this
"No, you weren't just telling me about chris, you were trusting me. And that's enough. Just to know you trust me enough to tell me something like that, that means more than any amount of promises or tattoo's can" He said and I beamed at him. His cheeky smile softened and he slowly leaned in to kiss me gently.

I woke up the next morning and felt someone stroking my cheek gently. I opened my eyes and saw Frank lying next to me, his hazel eyes warm and comforting. I crawled closer towards him and sighed. I loved Saturdays.
"Morning" He said and I smiled up at him
"Hey, want some breakfast?" I said and he nodded excitedly. 
I went over to my wardrobe and dug through until I found a large-ish shirt that should fit frank.
"Why didn't you give me this last night?" He asked as he slipped it over my head.
"Well, they neighborours aren't aloud to see you topless, that privaledge is reserved just for me" I said and kissed him softly. He laughed at me as I pulled him downstairs. After we'd made breakfast. I drove Frank round to his house where he changed. He brought Ellie with him and we drove over to see Mikey and Gee.

When we got there they told us that their parents were out of town, so we could have a sleepover. Bob, Ray and Mily were coming to, so it should be fun.
We spent most of the day watching Tv, and when it got to mid afternoon, I went home to get my Pj's and stuff.
We got back to Gerard and Mikey's ad everyone had arrived.

We sat around for a couple of hours and then everyone started to get bored. 
"Thats it, I'm breaking out the booze" Mikey said and cam back minutes later with several bottle of alcohol. I saw Franks eyes light up and he smiled at me.

Frankie was so funny when he was drunk, and even though I wasn't drinking, I was still having loads of fun 
"I wanna play a game!" Frank skiers slightly and everyone cheered. Everyone sat in a circle and Frank gave everyone a shot glass. He sat a large bottle of tequilla In the centre (plus a bottle of Dr Pepper for me and Gerard who weren't drinking) and then flopped down next to me.
"Basically, it's call I've never. One person says 'i've never...' and if you HAVE you must drink. So if I said 'i've never stolen a show' then everyone who has stolen a shoe has to drink. Emmmmmmmma, you go first" He said and I giggled.
"Okay. I've never kissed a girl" I said, knowing it would started all the guys off drinking. Predicably All of the guys downed their shots. I was quite surprised when Mily lifted her glass to her lips.
"What? it was a party and I was drunk!" She said and everyone laughed. 
"My turn!!" Mikey said "I have never... Read a porn magazine" He said. I looked around and saw Frank and Gerard drink
"Dirty buggers!" I joked and Frank leaned towards me 
"I don't need to anymore though" he said and I rolled my eyes at him
"Right, I have never, bough something from a Sex shop" Gerard said. Even though he wasn't drunk, he was still joining in the fun. Only Bob took a drink, and looked quite embarassed after. 

We continued round the circle everyone getting more and more drunk with every question. As they drank more, the questions got more personal, an people got more honest.
"I have never been sucked off!" Frank shouted and Ellie went to drink 
"Ellie, is there something your not telling us?!" Gerard asked and she looked confused. Frank repeated what he said and ellie started laughing hysterically.
"I tough you say I've never been slagged off!" She said and we all started roaring. It wasn't hugely funny, but when as much alcohol in your blood as they all had I'm sure it was.

After a while, Frank picked me up and carried me upstairs. He was giggling and stightly tipsy, so I wriggled out of his arms and led him up the stairs. We got into one of the spare room and I pushed Frank away. He tried to wrap his arms around me and kiss me but I pushed him off.
"Frankie, your drunk..." Was all I said, and he sighed.
"Your too boring" He giggled and I rolled my eyes.
"Im sorry Frankie, you still love me dont you?" I said cheekily. and he grinned at me
"Course I do" He said and hugged me. I leaned into him as he stroked my hair. 
"Right, Bed time" I said and he nodded. 
He tried to un-do the buckle on his belt but he couldn't. I rolled my eyes and helped him, but while I was un-doing it he tried to slide his hands under my shirt. 
I pushed him off and he smirked at me.
"Come on baby, Frankie feels lucky" He said and I didn't laugh.
"Frankie. Too far" I said and he didn't take any notice
"Come on baby" He said. I know he was drunk and had no clue what he was saying but it was getting to me. He came up to me and started trying to take my shirt off. 
"FRANKIE STOP IT" I yelled and I heard footsteps up the stairs. It was Gerard. 
"Frank get off her" Gee said and pushed Frank off me. As soon as Frank hit the bed he fell straight asleep. 
"Emma, are you okay...?" Gerard asked and I had calmed down
"Yeah, I'm totally fine. He's drunk that's all" I said and Gerard nodded. 
"If your sure" He said looking kinda worried
"Im fine Gee, he'll sleep all the drink off, probably won't even remember it in the morning" 
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