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Mission 78

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Mission 78: Turbulence

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Mission 78: Turbulence

"Reno," Elena hissed quietly as she entered the pilot's cabin of Rufus' private jet. "Why are the motion sensor's in the cargo hall going off?"

Seconds passed and there was no reply.

"Reno!" Elena called again louder. She listened and realized that Reno was absentmindedly humming something. Annoyed, she pulled one side of the headphones he was wearing, the sound of music escaping, then she let it go.

"Ow!" Reno complained as the headphone recoiled and collided with his right ear. "What are you doing over here Elena? Change of plans?"

"Yes, but not in the flight schedule. Our plans for a peaceful trip have been canceled. We have an intruder in the cargo hall. He's probably out to kill the president. I told you to check the jet but you just had to go to that souvenir shop."

"Quit whining, why didn't you check the jet yourself?" Reno retorted.

"Because I was guarding the president!" Elena argued. Reno set the jet to auto pilot and exited the cabin followed by Elena. "Where are you going?"

"To get rid of the intruder you can't get rid of yourself," Reno replied smugly.

Elena pouted and glared, "I didn't say I couldn't take care of this myself. I just said that it's your fault it happened!"

"That still doesn't solve it," Reno pouted in returned and they began a staring contest.

The contest was broken by loud footsteps signaling that the intruder was entering the passenger area ready for a fight. Rufus woke up from his in flight nap and yawned loudly. "What's that noise?"

"Turbulence!" Reno and Elena replied at the same time, their rushed combined voices reaching a high volume.

Rufus frowned, "you don't have to yell and since when does turbulence make any sound?"

"It's special turbulence..." Elena smiled innocently while Reno bolted to the end of the hall.

"What's his problem?" Rufus looked to the end of the hall to see Reno leaning on the door connecting the upper area to the cargo hall below.

"Exercise," Elena guessed. She tried to find something to distract Rufus with, "um... sir, no offense but your hair is... well, kind of messy." It was not a lie; Rufus' hair had somehow been ruffled out of place while he slept. It was Reno's idea of a stupid joke.

"It is?" Without a second to waste, Rufus rushed to the bathroom and locked himself in. He examined his hair in the mirror and pulled out several brushes, combs and hair products from a few compartments.

While Rufus was oblivious, the intruder knocked down the cargo hall door, throwing Reno several feet forward. The redhead scrambled to his feet as the tall and muscular intruder approached. "I'm going to crash this plane with your leader on it," he laughed evilly and dashed like a hundred ton runaway train towards the pilot's cabin.

"Stop him!" Elena yelled. She and Reno each grabbed one of the big man's large arms, but were easily thrown away.

"You're not getting away with this!" Reno was the first to recover. He jumped on the man's back, hitting him on the head with his electro-rod repeatedly. The man couldn't get rid of Reno, but he wouldn't get knocked out and kept yelling threats at the 'secret agent' as he referred to Reno.

"Turn the volume down!" Called Rufus' voice from inside the bathroom.

The intruder threw Reno off him, but Reno kept jumping back and hitting him repeatedly. "Stubborn secret agent!" The intruder growled grabbing Reno by the neck.

BANG! The large intruder fell limp as blood flowed from the back of his head.

"Get him off, get him off, get him off!" Reno struggled to escape from the weight of the corpse that fell on him until he finally managed to crawl out.

"I... I did it, I stopped the crisis!" Elena cheered.

Reno curiously looked at the weapon she held. "Is that Tseng's gun? Why do you have it? I knew it you are sleeping together!"

Elena's face turned tomato red, "what?!" She tried to explain, "It's just that Tseng forgot it at my apartment, that's all. He was there for... work."

Reno didn't buy the excuses, "a man doesn't trust a woman with his weapon unless he trusts her with his weapon."

"That was redundant and made no sense," Elena observed.

"Never mind, let's clean up this mess," Reno concluded. The Turks quickly cleaned up the mess, hid the body and mopped the floor.

By the time Rufus was done with his hair, everything was back to normal. He sat in his comfy chair calmly. Reno had returned to the pilot's cabin and Elena hovered nearby as if waiting to see if he wanted something. In truth, she wanted to make sure Rufus didn't realize what was going on. "I would like a cocktail... and you should play that movie from before, it sounded good. What was it, some kind of spy movie?"

Elena smiled innocently, "yes, I'll tell Reno to play the movie and go make your cocktail right away." Thus the flight continued and there was no more turbulence.

End of Mission 78

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII. Mission 78 was inspired by the movie Knight and Day, which I also don't own.
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