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Caught In A Trap

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Another funny moment for me and my mates but I replaced us with MCR, enjoy :)

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"Shush!" I cried as Frank chatted away to himself. The guy was driving me insane, we were on our way to a water park - me and all the guys. Sadly, I had been shoved in the back with Frank - not that I had any problems with Frank. It was just whenever he was hyper, I seemed to be trapped in a confined space with him. Frank bounced up and down in his seat.
"Oh My God there it is !" He squealed, making himself have what appeared to be a fit of excitement. I sighed and tried at the door handle. Fuck you child lock. I sighed and put one of my earphones in. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes - mentally preparing myself for what was to come. Suddenly I heard a weird tapping noise, I turned to see Frank tapping his finger on the other earphone.
"What the fuck!?" I sighed. He looked up and grinned at me.
"Apparently, if you tap on one earphone - you can hear it in the other." He stated his theory.
"Wow - okay you prooved your theory correct. Now fuck off." I said as I turned onto my side.
"Ooooooh hormornal harry on board!" Frank shouted, which caused me to scowl further. Finally the car stopped and everyone cheered. I opened the door and got pushed into the very fucking prickly plants / bushes that were inbetween every five parking spaces. I lay completely still waiting for someone to help me. Instead Frankie used my butt as I boost and sprung off me, pushing me further into the bushes.
"Fuck, Someone help me!" I shrieked, keeping my mouth as still as possible so I didn't eat any dodgy plants. I felt a pair of hands hook under my arms and pull me up. I set my gaze on a nervous looking Mikey, he placed me on my feet and pulled out a thorn from my cheek.
"You look like a hedgehog Gee!" Frank shouted loudly. I glared at him.
"Come here you little short ass shit whilst I teach you a lesson." I shouted angrily. Frank giggled and ran off. I chased him into the changing rooms, we had our swimming gear on under our clothes so we just whipped our outfits off - shoved them in lockers and resumed the chase.
He ran up the stairs towards the huge slide. I chased him angrily.
He got to the start of the slide and jumped in. I wasted no time in jumping after him. I was about halfway down the slide when I noticed there was soomething blocking the slide. I crashed into it and realised it was a panicked Frankie.
I couldn't contain my laughter as Frank struggled.
"My fucking pants are caught and the water is blocked off so I cant slide down !" Frank cried, I carried on hysterically laughing when suddenly I felt something crash into my back. I smacked against Frank's back with an 'oorf'.
I turned to see a bewildered Mikey, just as I had gathered my bearings Ray came whizzing down. I smacked into Frank again, who was wriggling trying to free his pants.
"I'm coming down guys !" We heard Bob shout.
"No!" Mikey cried.
Bob crashed into Ray, which ended up Mikey smacking into me and me smacking into Frank.
So there we were, trapped in a fucking slide because Frank had got his pants caught.
"Whats happened !?" Bob asked, confused.
"Frank's fat arse got stuck." I giggled. Frank couldn't turn around but I could tell he would be scowling.
"You love my arse !" He shouted.
"Your right, I do." I replied sarcastically.
Suddenly the sound of a kid screaming as they slid down the slide filled out ears. Shhiiittt.
A little blonde six year old crashed into Bob.
"W-whats going on ?" She asked bewildered.
"Er... we're stuck in here ..." Ray mumbled. SA few seconds after the girl began to scream and kick.
"Ow ! Fuck ! GUYS SHES CLAWING MY BACK!" Bob shouted in pain. I had to bite my lip from laughing. Why did fucked up things always happen when I was with these four guys.
"I have an idea!" Mikey announced.
"Frank - just take your shorts off !" He said proudly. We turned and looked at him like he was insane.
"I am NOT stripping for you lot !" He cried.
"Just do it." Ray sighed.
"Fine." Frank hissed as he slid his bottoms down. We all wolf whistled and cheered as Frank suddenly vanished down the slide. I wushed down too and before I knew it I had been flung out the end of the slide and into the cold deep water. We all resurfaced and our eyes met a panick stricken Frank.
"I HAVE LOST MY FUCKING BOTTOMS!" He cried, trying to cover himself. I burst out into hysterics.
"I think I found them." Said Mikey as he handed Frank his bottoms from Ray's afro. Frank slid them on and swam to the pool side and climbed out.
"I'm going on the slide again!" He announced.

Okay, this is another encounter that happened to me that I found hilarious : Here are the characters :
Gerard : me
Frank : Gerard
Bob : Gabrianna
Mikey : Sam
Ray : Jamie

Thanks for reading :D xxxx Much love and thanks xxx Ellie Frank xxxxx
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