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Moments that mean the most. (FRIKEY)

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From the first moment I met you, I knew we had to be together. The way your glasses framed your sparkling hazel eyes, the way your straightened hair poked out from under that beanie, and the way that even though you were trying to avoid all attention, you commanded, no, demanded mine.

I'll wait for this moment
When our lips collide
And almost stop the earth
You're in my arms tonight

So I've come
To complicate the dead
Are you with me?
I've rewritten all my vows again
We're almost home
To see the silence break
On New Year’s Eve
We're only 17
If love exists
I'll fall

The first time we kissed, it was an accident- you didn't even know you were gay.

The pounding baseline of the music fills the air, drawing unsuspecting souls in for a night of sin, lust and power. What were New Year's party's if not to lose yourself in the alcoholic stupor, in trying to forget all the mistakes you made, all the people you hurt and all the shit of the past year? Nothing really.
I, of course, was completely inebriated- past the point of no return. Then, my slightly blurred vision fell upon your perfect form, in a cliché twist of fate; you were curled up in the corner of the room, your eyes seemingly red and puffy, your shoulders slumped, head bowed. My love-sick heart went out to you- for you.

I slowly made my way over to you, wanting to be let into your little world, to comfort you, to have you depend on me.
"Hey Mikey, what's up?" I slurred, we hadn't met that many times- we were more of acquaintances than actual friends.
You merely looked me in general alarm having being caught in a very private moment. "Wanna go someplace else?" I shouted over the music.
You nodded your head and let me take your hand, leading you into the garden.

The sky was coal black except for the twinkling stars and luminescent moon shining, brightening up the entire night. We sat down on the steps of the porch, knees bumping and brushing.
"What's goin' on then Mikey?" I tentatively ask, surprisingly sober.
You rub a hand over your face, still on the brink of tears, but reining it in. "It's and Gerard had a fight." You sigh. "I know it sounds stupid, but we haven't fought like that..I don't think ever."
I gently place an arm around your shoulders, pulling your limp body into my (albeit) small one.
"That's not stupid; I know you and Gerard are extremely close. It must hurt to angry with him."
You nod, and then start sobbing your heart out into my chest. I pull you closer to my chest, and hold you through it all, until you are ready to continue.
"It was about his drinking. I'm fine with the smoking, I really am, he's just drinking way too much! I can't do it! I can't watch him drown himself in stupidity, before he's had a shot at the world! I can't sit there, letting him rot away and not do something about it!" Your confession brings you another load of fresh tears, which I once again hold you through. It's funny, having a weight that big on such skinny shoulders.
"I know this is shitty advice and all," I began, leaning my head on yours. "But Gerard is a big boy. He will do whatever he wants, and won't let anyone tell him otherwise. Stubborn motherfucker."
We shared a half-hearted laugh.
"Just be ready to catch him if he falls, okay?" I looked down at you. You were so quiet and vulnerable sitting there. Our eyes locked. The noise from the party seemed a million miles away in that moment our lips touched. Fireworks, like the ones decorating the skies all across the world, exploded in that brief kiss.
"Happy New Year, Mikey." I whispered.
Then you bolted.
I don't think I've ever seen anyone run that fast.

I'll wait for this moment
When our lips collide
And almost stop the earth
You're in my arms tonight

Just one more kiss
To see the pain exists
In a world of lies
Misery take my shame alive
And everything
Fails a violent death
The smile you gave
Visit me in hell tonight
And say
"If love exists, I'll fall"

The first time we held hands, I did it for you.

We were in your living room, you standing in the centre, me leaning on the door frame, arms crossed. Your parents were sitting side-by-side on the battered sofa, looking confused and concerned to why their youngest son had called them in and told them sit down. I noticed their panicked expressions at the way you were pacing around and occasionally rubbing your sweaty palms on the front of your black skinny jeans.
"What is it son?" Donald tentatively asked.
Your hazel eyes widened, almost realising that you were actually going to have to tell them. Your chest started heaving- you were having a panic attack. I was going to have to intervene.
"Mikey," I walked forwards and took your soft hand in mine. "It's okay, I'm here. Just tell them."
I saw something set deep in your glittering eyes. That's one thing about you I love- your eyes are always bright and glimmering.
You turned away from me, seemingly calm, but I could feel some perspiration of off you in our tightly clasped hands. My chipped black nails intertwined with your bitten ones. Me and you; against the world.
"Mom, Dad," Mikey hesitated, looking between his parents. I squeezed his hand. "I-I'm gay."
Nothing exploded, no missiles were launched, no meteors, tidal waves or freak accidents happened. The birds still chirped and the Earth still turned.
"Oh Mikey, honey," Mrs Way through her arms around her son. "It doesn't matter. You will always be my baby boy, gay or not."
Mikey smiled and squeezed his mom tightly.
"Besides, I already knew. No straight boy would wear pants that tight!" Mrs Way giggled.
"Mom!" Mikey scolded. Then broke down in giggles. Mrs Way pulled away from her son and sat down next to her husband.
"Dad..?" He sounded so unsure in that one word, I just wanted to pull him into my arms and hold him forever. Mine; forever.
"Well son. This explains the obsession with Batman." Laughter erupted from deep within me before I could stop it. Mikey looked momentarily surprised- then tackled his dad into a bear hug.
All was right with the world.

After Mr and Mrs Way had left to go grocery shopping, Mikey and I were left alone. It was almost awkward.
Much to my surprise, you took my hand; I looked down at our clasped hands, then back up at you.
"Thanks Frankie." You said shyly, but with all the emotion behind it. You squeezed my hand once, and then left the room.
"Anytime." I whispered to the empty room, a bittersweet feeling in my stomach.

I'll wait for this moment
When our lips collide
And almost stop the earth
You're in my arms tonight

I'll wait for this moment
When our lips collide
And almost stop the earth
You're in my arms tonight

So I I laugh alone (I laugh alone) [x4]

I feel so alive
I feel so alive tonight
I feel so alive
I feel so alive, can't stop this feeling

The first time you told me you loved me, was the sweetest time of all.

We had been together for 6 months, the happiest time of my life. There had been others before you, a fair few might I add, but it was something else with you. I felt incomplete when we were apart, my heart fluttered every time I saw your face. You were the eggs to my bacon, the macaroni to my cheese. The Mikey to my Frank.
We were on the roof of my car, wrapped up together in some striped blankets, enjoying the drive in film (Notting Hill) and generally looking quite gay. All the other men there had fallen asleep or were trying to feel up their partners. Creeps.

"Frankie?" I heard a curious little voice whisper beside me. "Why do they keep fuckin' it up? All they have to do is be honest with each other and the press."
I laughed at your thoughtful expression, and ruffled your hair. "Because Mikey, they aren't nearly as clever as us. We fell for people we'd known for years."
"Mikey. You think too much." I cupped the side of your face and kissed you softly on your sweet lips.
The kiss went deeper, our tongues creeped in, exploring the others mouth and battling for dominance. The heat between us was rapidly rising, if we didn't stop soon, I would do things to you that would make a porn-star blush. You pulled away, breaking up our connection and resting your forehead against mine.
Your shimmering eyes locked onto mine, and I was sucked into their swirling vortex.
"Frankie? I...I Love You." My breath caught in my throat.
You were the Mikey to my Frankie.

You are the Mikey to my Frankie.

If love exists, I'll fall

I'll wait for this moment
When our lips collide
And almost stop the earth
You're in my arms tonight

I'll wait for this moment
When our lips collide
And almost stop the earth
You're in my arms tonight

I'll wait for this moment
When our lips collide
And almost stop the earth
You're in my arms tonight
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