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Still Getting It Together

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A totally one hundred percent brilliantly original story about... "Normal people falling in love and dealing with jobs and life. Maybe also car crashes."

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"Natalie, we're gonna have to let you go. We've found someone new."
"What?! Who?"
"His name is Don Lover. He's got a lot of experience, he's young, and he's already got a movie up his sleeve." 
"Glover? Like the actor? Is he his son or something?"
"No, it's LOVER not GLOVER!"
"I never told you guys this... But, I'm actually related to Joel McHale."
"No, you're not." 
"... I know."

Natalie McHale arrived at her humble apartment complex in West Hollywood, trudging her way past flyers to gay bars and clubs which were actually very graphic. She wore a cross between a frown and a sulk deeply on her swollen lips. Her shade of brown eyes brimmed with tears. The sun that hung too high beat down on her much too wavy mess of brown hair. As far as she was concerned, this was the worst day of her life. 
She turned to the right once she made it inside the air-conditioned but poorly decorated lobby, heading toward an apartment she shared with her best friend and her best friend's boyfriend. 
The number 12 stared at her as she rummaged through her bag, looking for her key that always seemed to slip her mind until it was too late. Too saddened and exasperated to knock, she took the pestering route and slid to the ground, leaning her upper body against the door.
"Carrrrooooooo," she whined quite loudly. With cartoon-like timing the door opened, while Natalie fell to the luckily carpeted flooring. 
Towering above her stood Christian Kamrada and Carolyn Martinez, the duo dressed in nothing but fluffy white robes. 
"What were you two up to?" She asked with a slight grimace, pulling herself off the ground. 
Caro's jet black hair was messy, and stuck to her slightly sweaty forehead. Her arms crossed in annoyance over her small body and her dark brown eyes wide, wondering why her friend was home so early from work.
"We were trying something new," Christian growled angrily. He couldn't hide his smirk that pulled across his pillow-like lips when the statement left his mouth. His pasty skin was slightly pink, especially his cheeks. His honey brown, long hair was disheveled to say at the very least, and his big, blue-green eyes bled irritation. 
The two naturally happened to be home almost all the time. Christian's career was music, and considering his band were not touring at the moment, he was home. Caro on the other hand was a freelance writer who occasionally took pictures for money, so as luck would have it, she too was home for the majority for the time.
"Oh," Natalie mumbled, embarrassed to have interrupted them. Though this hadn't been the first time this had happened. Walking past them, she made her way to the living room, plucking a movie from her stack of DVDs and VHS tapes that stood next to their television. She didn't care what she watched, as long as it would distract her from her current unemployment. In this case: Little Monsters. She hit play, and sank into their couch. Caro shot Chris a look, and walked over to friend. 
"Nat, what's wrong? What happened? It's only 4 o'clock," Caro asked with concern. Natalie frowned, turning her head away from a young Fred Savage to Caro.
"Well, I am jobless as of now." 
Caro processed this briefly. 
"We should go out tonight. I think Paige and Jason were going to a party. I'll text her," Caro said, her voice a love child between sympathy and excitement. 
Natalie thought about it, really only wanting to go because Paige's attractive older brother was going. It may also be a better distraction than movie night.
"Ok. Can we go after this, though? It's only 4, anyway," she asked. 
"Sure, but you might wanna pump up the volume, because your presence isn't going to be stopping Christian and I," Caro replied with a coy smirk. 
"Grosss," Natalie groaned. Caro laughed, waltzing back to Christian and her's bedroom, where he greeted her with a deep kiss. 
"Where were we?"

Across the hallway, Jason and Paige Schwartzman were spending a typical day in their residence. Paige strummed her guitar, occasionally stopping to go on the computer, while Jason sat watching television, waiting for a call from his agent. 
Paige was currently trying to make her way into the music business, while Jason was a struggling actor. 
Paige had her YouTube videos and Jason had his charisma. 
They both had their good looks; dark hair, wide brown eyes, olive-toned skin, and white smiles. 
Paige's cell phone burst into song signaling a new text message. She sprang at the sound quickly opening it. 
"Eat battery acid, s- HEY JASON IS IT COOL IF CARO AND CHRIS AND NATALIE GO WITH US TO THE PARTY," Paige's voice drowned out the television from where she was in another room. More specifically, one of Jason's favorite lines from the movie It. Jason's thoughts floated to his neighbors.
"YEAH THAT'S FINE, JUST BE SURE TO TELL THEM THERE'LL BE SOME FAMOUS PEOPLE THERE. REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED THE LAST TIME," he shouted an answer back just as loud as his sister instead of just picking up his legs to the other room. 
Paige smiled at the party incident her brother brought up. Paul Rudd had been at said party and Natalie had bombarded him the entire night. Eventually, they'd drunkenly made out consequently almost costing him his marriage. 
"SURE THING." She viciously pressed the keys on her phone, sending the message. 
Suddenly, knocks and kicks began being thrown at their front door. 
The literal drummer boy on the other side of the Schwartzmans' door was a bleach blonde boy otherwise known as Kyle Burns. Young Kyle happened to be Paige's boyfriend, who was also to be attending the party. 
"Hey babe," he grinned a blinding white smile, pulling his girlfriend into a soft kiss once the door had swung open. She grinned back, looking up at him from her short figure. Her naturally rosy cheeks colored a shade redder than usual. 
They had a good couple of hours until the party, so she guessed Kyle stopped by to sit around and make out until t was time to go. 

It was sure to be a fun night for everyone. Even the unemployed one.
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