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Show Time

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Time for the concert... :]

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Did I have enough time to grab something to eat? I checked my phone once more. Yeah, I did. I could bring it up to the room and see what the contents of the box were. Opening it in private was probably the best thing. I had no idea what it was, but I was tense about it. Simple thoughts were comforting in times like these. My stomach growled again. I stood up, grabbed the box and I was on my way. I made a beeline for the hotel restaurant. I wasn’t planning on staying so I grabbed something from the cooler, paid the cashier and made my quick departure for the room. In the elevator my heart was pounding. “Why?” I thought. Why am I so terrified? The elevator made me jump when it made the ding sound. I shook it off and realized it was my floor. I made another beeline, but for my room this time. My room; our room? Just shut up Chrissy. You need to get this over with. I made it to my room and set my dinner and the box on the table. I figured I’d eat first to help smooth my attitude. After I threw away the to go plate I took a deep breath and walked toward the box. It wasn’t taped heavily so it opened easily. I pulled a flap toward me and peered over and into the box. It was something wrapped. He said it was clothes. How he knew my size, I hadn’t the slightest clue. Can’t be that bad, I thought. I was trying to rationalize. I carefully took the bundle out of the box and set it on the table. It was in black tissue paper with a red ribbon tied around it. I slid the ribbon off and unfolded it from the paper. First was a black beret, which I set aside. Then, a black corset with red ribbon trim, it was absolutely beautiful. Under it was a black and white striped long sleeved shirt. It seemed like it would be real snug on the skin. Next came a black tutu with red bows all over, then a pair of fishnet stockings, and last platform Mary Jane’s. I was sensing a theme but I couldn’t figure it out. Stumped, I looked to the box again. There was something that I missed. Another small bundle. I took it out and unwrapped it. The packaging was cardboard but backwards. I flipped it over. White costume make up and black eyeliner? There was a note attached to the tissue paper.

“The best accessory is a pretty face. Now, get dressed and take your oath of silence.”

White and black make up? Oath of silence? I took all the clothes and laid them out as an outfit, beret and all. It took me a minute but at last it all came together. It was a mime costume. A mime at a circus?
This was all really taking me for a spin. Something told me to play along. I walked to my pile of luggage by the bed and emptied my purse of unnecessary items and filled it with the clothes I had just gotten.
I had to keep this a secret. Something told me to do so. My instinct never really failed me, so I just followed it. I looked to the bedside alarm clock. Time to get the guys. I grabbed my messenger bag and took my cell phone from my pocket. I sent Brian a text to let him know to get the van ready. Out the door I went. My cell phone buzzed. It was Brian. It read, “All the guys should be in room 204.” It was on the other hall. I walked trying to keep a clear head. Well here it is. Room 204. I knocked on the door. Frankie opened it.

“Hey. You’re not the hooker we ordered.”

“Well hello to you too Frank.”

“Come on in. You’re not the hooker but you’ll do.” He joked.

“Oh you’re SO kind.”

“I know. I know. I’m the best.”

I followed him into the room to find the rest of the guys, all but Gerard playing Mario Kart.

“Where’s Gerard?”

“He left an hour ago. Said he’d be back before show time.” Ray answered robotically.

“Well it’s show time now. Time to load up. It’s a thirty minute drive.” Suddenly, my phone vibrated. I took it from my pocket. It was a text message from Gerard.

“Don’t worry. I’m in the lobby.” It read. Wow. That was just freaky.

“Just got a text from him. He’s in the lobby. C’mon time to go.” Ray paused the game.

“You heard her. Let’s go guys.”

Mikey reluctantly shut off the TV and everyone grabbed what he or she needed and we headed out. We piled in and out of the elevator. Gerard was in the lobby as promised. I was still a little spooked. I let the guys walk ahead of me, sort of afraid of what Gerard would do. Surprisingly he just walked out to the tour bus and boarded. Like nothing was wrong. I knew there was. I didn’t know what, but I was most likely going to find out later tonight. The drive was normal. The band warmed up a little, played more video games, Ray working again. Before I knew it we were there and setting up the place. I started setting up the merch table and the meet and greet area. My mind was in a totally different place. It was all routine by now, I shouldn’t have been thrown off but still I was. I was desperately hoping it would distract me but it wasn’t doing so hot. Time was flying. It was time for the door to open. I chugged a bottle of water nervously and took to my post. The early birds who were smart enough to beat the mob immediately occupied the front of the pit and then they were all pouring in. I helped a small mob of teenagers, who happily forked out their parents money for t-shirts and some immediately put them on. Their attitudes helped me lighten up. After about my thirtieth teen, I was smiling. It was contagious, the pre show high.

Time lapse

The show was amazing and the meet and greet went completely smooth. I was gathering everything and putting it back into the van when Brian approached me.

“Here. Gerard said to give you this.”


“Yeah. No problem. See you in the hotel.”

I nodded as I realized that they would find it odd if I didn’t go back. I would have to lie to them later to get out. I looked to the piece of paper and unfolded it.

“Hello puppet,

I know you don’t want anyone suspicious later.
Tell them I forgot something at the venue, and you’re helping look.
Stick to the story and no one gets hurt.
Call this number when you are dressed and a cab will pick you up.
Tell him to go to the address I gave you earlier.

- Gerard”

Well, he just had everything figured out. I’m not afraid of him. I was lying to myself. I can do this. I got on the bus and acted naturally and followed suit nonchalantly to my room. When I got there I almost felt like I couldn’t breathe. I nearly catapulted my bag across the room by accident; I was so out of it. The letter from earlier said I had exactly one hour. I would have to tell them before I changed. I put my purse down on the bed and walked out into the hallway. I knocked on the guys’ room door.

“Hey. What’s going on?” Mikey answered the door.

“Hey. Great show. Listen I’m going back to the venue. Gerard just texted me saying he forgot something there. I have to go and help look. I wanted to tell you in case anyone was looking for me.”

“Oh. So that’s why he left then. No big deal. We’re all beat anyway. Drive safe.” He hugged me and shut the door.

That went better than I expected. I walked back to the room. Show time, I giggled nervously at the thought.
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