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“I… I did what?”

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Gerard had to struggle to open his eyes when he woke up. He could hear a beeping, and his throat was dry, and he began to struggle eve harder so he could get up to get some water. When he finally opened his eyes, he realized he was in a hospital. The beeping was from a heart monitor and as he lifted his hands to his face, he realized that his throat was dry because he had breathing tubes shoved down it. As he began to panic, the beeping of his heart monitor sped up. Mikey woke up and jumped out of the chair in the corner.
“Gerard’s awake!” He screamed before running out into the hallway. Gerard could hear a few people scrambling around and he tried to calm down before they came into the room. His mom and dad were the first people in, followed by Delilah, Frank, Ray, Mikey a nurse, and two doctors- one male, and one female. But the one person he was expecting- Bennie- was not there. He kept his eyes on the door as everyone started crying over him and the doctors carefully took the breathing tub out of Gerard’s mouth.
“Do you want some water, baby?” Donna asked. Gerard shook his head, staring in shock at the white bandages on his wrist as he reached out for the cup of water Donna had been drinking from.
“Are you okay, Gerard?” Don asked as he stared at his son.
“Where is Bennie?” Gerard managed to squeak out. Everyone in the room stared at each other for a moment.
“I don’t expect she’ll be coming.” Delilah replied. Gerard stared at her, confused. “Gerard… You guys have been divorced for three years now.”
“What?! No! No stop lying to me!” Gerard shouted, coughing immediately after. He took three quick swigs of water, and stared at the people standing around him.
“Gerard… You guys got divorced before your first anniversary.” Donna quietly said. Gerard looked around the room desperately.
“No, no, no. Stop it!” Gerard demanded.
“Delilah, please go call Bennie?” Mikey asked. Delilah nodded and slowly walked out of the room.
“What is going on?” Gerard demanded, tears streaming down his face. Donna and Don looked toward the doctors still standing in the room.
“Well… We are going to have to sun some tests, but it appears that your son is suffering from post traumatic-amnesia.” One doctor explained.
“Will he get his memory back?” Donna asked. The doctors shrugged.
“He may or he may not. It’s case-by-case.” The female doctor explained. Donna began to weep and Don lead her out of the room quickly.
“What’s the last thing you remember?” Frank asked Gerard.
“I went to sleep with Bennie and when I woke up I was here.”
“He doesn’t remember anything for three years.” Frank mused aloud.
“NO! No Bennie and I went to sleep last night after we set up the house for Samantha’s fifth birthday party.” Gerard explained.
“But… Gerard, you and Bennie have been divorced for three years now. Almost four. The last time you guys had a party for Samantha together was her first birthday.” Mikey explained. Gerard shook his head.
“No. I am telling you guys. Why is no one listening to me?” Gerard demanded as Delilah came back into the room.
“Bennie said she’ll be here in twenty minutes and she’s bringing Sam and Jared.” Delilah explained. Gerard shot a confused look at everyone.
“Who is Jared?” He asked. Everyone’s eyes widened in shock.
“He’s your son, Gerard.” Mikey quietly said after a moment.
“No! I only have one child. Just Freddie. I adopted Samantha. But who is Jared?”
“Gerard, he’s your son! He was born just before your divorce was finalized. Why don’t you remember any of this?”
“Why are you all lying to me?!” Gerard demanded.
“I think it’s best you all go back to the waiting room and let us speak with Mr. Way.” The male doctor explained. Everyone nodded and headed for the door.
“When Bennie gets here, I want to see her.” Gerard shouted. The doctor nodded.
“We’ll need to know her last name.”
“Way” Gerard said.
“Listing.” Mikey and Delilah corrected him.
“What?!” Gerard shouted.
“Her name is Bennie Listing.” Delilah explained to the doctors.
“Okay, we’ll have the nurses bring Miss-”
“Mrs.” Delilah corrected the doctor, who smiled back at her, irritated.
“Mrs. Listing to the room as soon as she arrives. But until then, we’re going to talk, Mr. Way.”
“Why am I here?” Gerard demanded as the door was shut behind his departing friends.
“Three weeks ago you swallowed half a bottle of aspirin with a bottle of vodka and slit your wrists. Your ex girlfriend found you and thought you were dead. You have been in a coma since.” The female doctor explained.
“I… I did what?” Gerard asked, grabbing his bandaged wrists. The male doctor gently grabbed one of Gerard’s wrists and unbandaged it.
“They’re mostly healed now. Almost ready for the stitches to come out. The procedure was scheduled for tomorrow, in fact.” He explained. Gerard stared at his wrist in horror, a new set of tears beginning to pour down his face.
“Did- Did I leave a note?” He asked frantically. The doctors nodded.
“You did. We don’t have it. You’ll have to speak with one of your family members. They will either have it or have read it.” The female doctor replied.
“Am I going to get my memory back?” Gerard asked, choking back a sob. The female doctor looked down and sighed sadly.
“I would love to promise you that you will, but as I explained to your mother, it’s case-by-case. I’d like to tell you about patients that recovered under similar circumstances, but… unfortunately it’s very rare that you would develop post-traumatic amnesia from a situation similar to yours. I personally have never seen it. Post-traumatic amnesia generally occurs in patients who suffer from head injuries. We are going to need to run tests before we can release you, but even those, I’m afraid can’t provide us with a definitive answer on whether or not your memory will return. I’m sorry sir.”
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