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running from hell, heaven can wait

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That evening me and Frank went back to my house. Gerard had gives me a hug before we left and whispered the good news to me. They weren't gonna tell anyone yet. 

Dad was out of town again, so we had the house to ourself. we sat on the sofa for a while.Frank rested one hand on my thigh and I grinned at him. He leaned in and kissed me softly, his lips soft against mine. I moved so my legs were straddling his hips as he Tongue danced with mine. I let one hand drift to the hem of his shirt and tugged it gently upwards. He moved his lips from mine as I pulled his shirt over his head. His lips moved to my neck and I moved my hands down to his belt buckle where I started to un-do it. He pulled his lips from mine and stopped my hands progress with his.
"Emma... are you sure you want to do this?" he asked, true care and concern in his eyes.
"Frankie, I love you, and I'm sure that I won't regret this. I am more than ready to make love to you..." I said and i saw him inwardly moan at the thought of that. I smirked at him and attached my lips to his again. I continued my attack on his belt as he started un-doing the buttons on my check shirt. After he'd slipped it off I attached my lips to his chest, kissing a trail right down to his jeans. I kissed across the tattoo of my name. Then I moved my lips to his collarbone and finished un-doing his jeans. I pulled them off and left him sitting on the sofa in his boxer which were developing quite a large bulge in them. I got to the door, turned around and smirked at him before going up the stairs. I knew he would be right behind me so I ran into my room and shut the door behind Me and locked it. 
"Emma?!!" he said sounding worried
"Dont worry Frank, I'm just... erm, setting the mood" I said and I heard him laugh. 
"Dont take too long baby, I'm not in the most... comfortable situation here" He said and I laughed. I moved all of the clothes off the floor under My bed. 

I had some candles stashed in the bathroom so I put them all over the room and lit them. I dimmed the lights and straightened the covers on my bed. Then I removed my jeans, leaving me just wearing my underwear. I unlocked the door and stepped back, waiting for Frank to walk in. 

"Holy shit" he said and gasped when he saw all of the candles and the dimmed lights.
"I just wanted it to be... you know, special" I said. He walked over to me and wrapped his arms tightly around my waist.
"It will always be special, because it's you, and it's me, and that's all that matters" He said. I kissed his lips roughly and gripped his hair. His hand moved down my sides as he moved from kissing my lips, right down my jaw and my neck until he attacked my collarbone. Then he roughly, but gently, picked me up and lay me on the bed. He looked at me for a couple of seconds before he moved over me and straddled my waist. He pressed himself against me so our bodys were close together. As his lips attached to mine again, I ran my hands down his back, slightly dragging my nails against his skin. I hooked my thumbs inside his boxers. I moved them out and rested them on the inside of his thighs. I moved them up slowly, but stopped just before they got to where he really wanted them. He growled into my ear before he began to suck and nibble at my neck. 
I hadn't lied before. I was totally ready, and I knew I wouldn't regret this.

I felt my eyes flicker open and I gazed around the room. The candles around the room had all one out, the lights were still dimmed, the curtains closed. I smiled to myself, and then realised why I was smiling. I turned to my side and saw Frank lying next to me. His hazel eyes were sparkling in the dim light, his hair was messy as it hung over his eyes. 
"Frankie..." I whispered as I pushed his hair out of his eyes "Last night was the best night of my life" I said and I saw a smile of... relief possible, spread onto his face
"Im so glad. I was worried it had all happened too soon, and that you would regret it..." he said, and he had tears in his eyes. 
"Hey, hey" I whispered comfortingly and moved closer to him. I placed my hand on the side if his face, and stroked his cheek with my thumb.
"Frankie, I will never regret doing anything with you. And anyway, last night was amazing. I didn't know you had that big a... erm... talent " I said and I saw him smirk. I giggled at him and kissed him softly. 

"You stay here, and I will be back in a few minutes" He said and kissed me quickly. He pulled away from my lips and sighed contently. Then he got out of the bed and walked through my room in all his naked glory. He pulled on a pair of boxers and then crawled back over the top of the bed sheets before pressing another kiss to my lips. 
"Mmmh, I just can't get enough of you" He mumbled before getting up and smiling at me as he left the room. 

Yeah, this may sound stupid seeing as we did what we did last night, but I still wasn't compleatly comfortable being naked. So after Frank had left, I got up and pulled on a pair of girl boxers and a vest top. Then I climbed back into bed and checked my phone. I texted Ellie and asked how she was feeling, before I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Tah dah!" Frank said as he walked into the bedroom carrying a tray. He sat next to me on the bed and out the tray down in my knee. On it was a plate piled with golden pancakes, and there was also 2 steaming cups on coffee on the tray. 
"You, are perfect" I said and kissed his cheek.
"And you, are dressed...?" he said almost offended 
"Well yeah, I'm not gonna sit around in the nude all day!" I said laughing
"You could, I wouldn't complain" He said with a develish grin. I rolled my eyes and shoved a pancake in his mouth to stop him talking.
He finished the pancake and then wrapped his arms around my waist
"So you really enjoyed last night?" He asked and I turned to face him
"Yes I enjoyed it. Frankie, get all insecure on me. You were amazing. it was intense and amazing and I don't you've ever look as good as you did last night" I said and he smiled back at me. 

After we'd finished eating, Frank went downstairs.

That evening we went to see a movie. We sat together at the back, lips locked in a passionate embrace for nearly the whole movie. 

After the movie we got out and i quickly went to the bathroom. I checked my hair and makeup before going out. I looked for Frank, and then my eyes caught him. I saw much boyfriend, pressed against a wall, kissing another girl. I stormed over to them, pulled for off and then let my Hand fly to Franks face. 
"I trusted you" I spat at him through my tears and then stormed out into the cold. I kept running until I was out of sight of the theatre, where Frank wouldn't find me. I got out my phone and called Gerard. He said he'd come and pick me up. We drove back to my house in silence, and then Gerard turned to me.
"Emma, are you sure Of what you saw" He said
"What do you mean?!!!! He was kissing Her" I litterally screamed
"Are you sure SHE wasn't kissing HIM...?" He said.
"Gerard. It's all the same. I trusted him and he lied" I said before getting out of the car and walking into my house. Dad was gone again, so I crawled into my bed and started crying. I got up and searched my room before finding all the things I needed. I changed into the pair of boxer and t-shirt Frank had left behind. I breathed in the deep scent of Frank and let it overwealm my body. More tears escaped my arms as I let the razor blade slice across my skin and watched as the blood started to pour out. I crawled into bed again, laying my head on the side of the bed Frank had slept on last night. I pulled out my iPod and forced the headphones into my ears. 'Scars' by Papa roach started playing and the lyrics started me tears flowing harder

/I tear my heart open,/ 
I sew myself shut.
my weakness is, that I care too much
/Our scars remind us, that the past is real,/ 
I tear my heart open, just to feel
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