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Loves A Waiting Room (Freard,,oneshot)

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Franks badly hurt and will gerard be able to save him?....

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This is my first fan fic,,sorry if its short please R&R (:

gerards phone starts to ring
"Ahh who the fuck is ringing me at three in the morning,,hello"
"H-hello"a little whimpered voice whispers down the phone.
"Frank?"Shit what's happened now?
"G-gerard help"
Frank fucking Iero wanted my help,,yes this is my only time to find out how he feels about me,,of course he's probably one of them homophobia guys.but I can never resist his hazel eyes that are always rimmed with smuged eyeliner,,he was perfect in so many ways.
"Oh right sorry,,What's happened?" Shit I'd been dreaming about him again.
"Pleasee just h-help me."
"Where are you?"Gerard started to get fidgety and flung on the clothes that were closest to him.
"I'm just outside my house."Franks house was only around the corner.
"I'm on my way know,,okay stay where you are"Gerard climbed up the stairs and sprinted out the house and slammed the door.

Gerard's POV:

I slammed the front door and ran halfway down the street,,shit I didn't tell mikey where I went. He can wait franks more important.
"Frankkk" the street is dull and the only light was from the street lamp.
"G-gerard,,I'm over here."There he was curled up in a corner,,his perfect face and body was covered in bruises and blood. He looked like he's been thrown in to a garbage truck and been spit out on to the street.
"What the fuck has happened"I screamed and ran over to him.
"M-my dad.....he's thrown m-me out."
"What.why and how ever he did it wasn't the best either"
"I told him,,I w-was gay"he's gay...HES GAYY
"And he kicked you out for that?"
"He really doesn't like gay people." I could see him start to cry, so I cuddled him but not to tight to hurt him, he returned the hug.
"Come on,,you spend a few nights at mine"I helped him up and I had stick my arm round his shoulder to give him support. This has probably been the best night,,well not for frank but for me yeah,,I found he was gay,,he's spending a couple of nights at mine (:

Franks POV

God I hate my dad,,he's thrown me out for being gay,,oh well at least I get to spend the night at Gerards house,,yes the super seriously cute boy that's just lives up my street gerard. He let his raven black hair fall over one of his green/hazel eyes,,and the light out here just made his skin look chalk white, but his cheeks were a bit blushed,,why?

We had reached his door to find that its locked.
"Gee why is the door locked?"Did I just call him gee? Its a pretty cute name for him acctually.
"Mikeys probably locked the door since I ran straight out of the house." He said whilst banging on the door.
"What the fuck do you wa- oh hey gee" mikey answered the door eyes half opened,,he looked just like his brother except for his hair,, blonde and short unlike gees raven black locks that fall scruffily to his broad shoulders.
"Just let me in,,franks badly hurt"
he barged mikey out the way and caused mikey to fall on to the floor,,he seemed pretty protective over me?!
"Look ill take down to my-"
"Down?" I was seriously confused there.
"Yeah my rooms in the basement" he pointed at the door which obviously was his bedroom door.
"Any way ill take you down and ill set up the bed for you and ill go make us some coffee"
"Yeah o-okay"
"Ill also get you some pills and an ice pack for your bruises and a couple of plasters."He said quite quickly. But really cute.

Gerards POV

As I made franks bed, he seemed to watch every move I took, scanning every place he could find of my body,,was that a good thing?!oh well.
"Here you go,,ill go get the pills coffe ect"
I left the room and went up in to the kitchen,,as the kettle boiled I got him an ice back from the freezer and got him some pills.
I took the handload of stuff down in to my room to find frankie limply sat on MY bed and had a cute smile pinned on to his face.his smile was cute,,stuck on his pale bruised face.
"Thanks for letting me stay here for a couple of nights gee"
"No problem,parents are out for the week so its going to be me you and mi-"I was inteerupted by his innocent voice.
"Umm yeah?"
"Can I say something real quick"
"Yeah sure"
"I'm not sure how you're going to react to this,,but I think I might be in love."
"Yeah,,who withh...."

Franks POV

Should I tell him I love him. Yes I will I've got to face my fears.
"I'm in love"
His plain face was enlightened grin stuck from ear to ear.
He leaned forward and whispered in my ear"I love you too"
Then I felt a small smile been stuck to my face.
I lent back to look gee in the face he was staring right back at me.

Gerards POV

He loves me,,Frank Iero loves me.
He sat back and stared straight in to my eyes,,and I was doing the same but looking at his chocolatey brown eyes.
I lent forward and kissed him on his soft pale pink lips,,it was heaven,,he returened the soft kiss and made it harder, I let his tongue enter my mouth, it was searching every little space in my mouth I didn't mind. My tongue found a way in to his mouth, he let me in and I did the same he did to me I explored his mouth.


Franks POV

I woke up to a sleeping angel,he was beautiful when he slept,,so peaceful. What had happened last night,all I remember was kissing gee and now I've woken up topless and in my boxers. Oh well.
I snuggled up to gee and he woke up"sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up"
"Don't worry,,as long as I'm next to you I'm fine" he kissed my forehead and we both fell back to sleep,,totally forgetting at what my had done to me.
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