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Highschool Hell Hole

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Frank is the outcast at his school, until the new boy arrives. I suck at summaries.

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Heya CoffeeLoser here, well this is my first (ever) fanfic, so tell me there are any spelling errors or things like that. WARNING Gerard AND Frank both have a bit of a potty mouth, so you've been warned.

"Gee.... Gee!" Gerard's little brother stood at the door shouting, "Wake up or we're gonna be late!"

Opening his eyes, shit, new school. Again. He'd already been kicked out of the other one, for... reasons. So now he AND Mikey had to change.

Rolling over in bed the boy sleepily mumbled "Not now! It's too early!" trying to get back to sleep.

"It's 8:20! I'll leave without you!" Mikey called through the wood.

Fuck! The school started at 9, and they didn't know how to get there. Great, today was going well already.

Sitting up in bed, Gerard ran a hand through his tangled mess of midnight black hair, and looked at his clock, the kid was right, he was going to be late.

"Okay, okay I'm up" he called back, stumbling to the bathroom to sort him self-out.
Looking in the mirror was no better, he had dark circles under his eyes from all the late night he'd had recently. He brushed his teeth to get the taste of last night's drinking out of his mouth, he hadn't drunk a lot, just enough for him not to care anymore.

He took some painkillers for his head, drew black eye liner around his green eyes, and shoved some fairly clean black skinny jeans on. He glanced around his room for a top; Jesus his room was a tip.

They had moved in 2 weeks ago and his room already had CD's and magazines littering the floor; the red walls were covered in posters of bands and pictures he'd drawn. All over his desk were old full up sketchbooks, and reading books. His hairbrush lay on top of a pile of laundry. God bless his Mom.

On the brush was a note.

Have a good day at school, sorry I had to go to work early, but this is a fresh start for us all, okay? Look after Mikey and make sure he doesn't get lost.
I put some clothes out for you, and god sake USE THE BRUSH!

love Mom xxx

He smiled reading it, she was right, he couldn't muck this up like the last time.
He brushed all the knots out of his hair and put on his socks, and clean Misfit's t-shirt.

Mikey called down the stairs again "Hurry UP!"

"You hurry up." he mumbled the rubbish response under his breath.

He ran up the stairs from his basement bedroom, and into the bright hallway of their new, New Jersey home. Mikey was stood waiting at the door, the 15 year old almost the same height as his -almost- 18 year old brother.

"Look, I just need my shoes, where a-" Gerard began.
"By the couch." Mikey replied.
"See, what'd I do without you Mikes?" he asked shoving his feet into the worn out black converse. He'd drawn in red marker, blood splats on the white, much to his mother's disapproval.
"Be late for school? Hurry up!"

He stood up, grabbed a new pack of cigarettes and his school bag and went out the door Mikey had held open.

The pair ran down the street, at least it wasn't raining today, and some time later rounded the last corner to face the school.

Belleville High School.

Their new start.
Started 10 minutes late.
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