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Chapter 4

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I still suck at summaries... but please read, it's getting good.

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Straight into it this time, I'm sorry for all the cursing... I just feel in that mood right now. CL

*Gerards POV -still-*

The bell goes and I make my way out of what was my fourth lesson of the day -German- the boy I sat next to in English was in this class also, but I sat no where near enough to be able to talk to him.

Lunch, finally, not that I wanted to eat anything. But it was nice outside so I figured I'd go sit outside and draw more.

The corridor’s were really busy and I bumped into loads of people accidentally. I almost knocked over one kid, when I turned around I saw a dishevelled Mikey.

"Oh god, Mikes I wasn't looking, how's it going so far?" I asked my little brother.

He straightened his glasses and smiled "Real good actually, I'm just off to meet some new friends, you meet anyone."

I laughed "Me?" I pointed at myself "Make friends, hell no." He smiled.

"You can tag along if you want?" he asked sweetly.

"Nah kid, go enjoy your self, I'll meet you out side after school." he smiled and walked off. I was pleased he fitted in.

15 is such a bloody awkward age, but he seemed okay here.

I strolled outside, the air was nicely warm, not to stuffy, a saw a solitary tree in the corner, shaded, perfect for drawing under.

I got to it and sat down, getting out my pad and pencils once more.

I got sucked into drawing immediately, it was my release, my way out of this fucked up world.

Someone tapped my foot with their shoe "This is my tree."

I looked up, "Oh sorry," I never saw his face but I started to get up when he sat next to me, laughing slightly.

"I was joking. I guess we can share." It was the boy from English, he looked a lot more relaxed out of the classroom. "The name's Frank. Frank Iero" he smiled at me, so I returned it.

*Frank's POV*

His smile wanted to make me cry, it was so perfect, so, angelic. I introduced myself after plucking up the courage from today's failed English lesson/first impression.

"Gerard Way, nice to meet you." he said contently.

"Sorry about English," I ran my fingers through the crop back of my hair, "I was a bit of a jerk."

"How?" he asked, his head tilting ever so slightly to the left as he said it.

"Never mind." I said looking at his drawings, "Can I see?" I asked looking him in the eye. I counted the colours, he had green and tiny flecks of brown but they were amazing an- Oh MY God. I AM NOT THINKING THIS!

He looked between me and the book, debating no doubt, then nodded, handing me the book.

"Go ahead, they aren’t very good, and I can’t explain most of them so, you just have to take them as they are."

I flicked through, they were amazing, vampires, blood, werewolves, but one face I picked out that repeated though all of them.

It was a girl with long wavy blond hair, she either was a vampire or a vampire's meal, a demon or it's victim. She was really pretty. Damn this must be his girlfriend or something.

My mouth must have dropped 'cos he started nervously laughing, "They aren't THAT good." he said.

"These are brilliant!" I turn to the one he'd been working on when I interrupted. It was unfinished but I could make out a blood-splattered couple, the girl had short black hair, so did the boy. They looked really sad, even for the tone of the rest of the drawing, these two stood out.

He took the book back, and closed it "You think?"

"Yeah. You do art?" I asked enthusiastically.
"Yeah, I think I have it last."
I nodded, the silence got awkward after a bit so I blurted out "Why did you move?"

I instantly knew I should have kept my mouth shut, because Gerard’s face fell, like he remembered something he shouldn't have.

"M-My dad left my Mom so we moved. End of." I didn't want to ask anymore.

"Oh, sorry, I shouldn't have asked, it sorta just came out."

"Like you coming out of the closet Freaky Frank?" the boy’s form English were stood behind the tree.
Their voices made the both of us jump. I hated them, and this school, and as soon as I seem to be making a friend, THEY come in.

"Oh fuck off will you." I said kicking a bit of dirt at my feet.

*Gerard POV*

I recognised the boys from English, they came and stood in front of us.

"Aww, got yourself a nice one here haven't you." they coo-ed.

"Fuck off. I'm straight" I said. Well, I had been single for a total of 10 months 3 weeks and 5 days. I give up wondering why I remember that.

"That’s what they all say"

I stood up, I never noticed that I was taller then him till just now, "And I'm saying this. I'm straight so you can just fuck off now. He’s a friend. If anyone is 'in the closet’, it's you. Who else would chose to watch boys get undressed, Mr. I'm the Captain of The Football Team."

Then I realised he was slouched; he stood up straight, eye to eye with me.

"Say that again Way."

"You're the one in the closet."

AN: sorry for the cliffhanger... I need to go get coffee... Maria ox
Ps. I just realised this a sorta long chapter, please read on! I have a plot in my head finally! :D
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