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He's A Killer!?

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Chapter 5

“All done?” Mr O questioned, grinning, as he paraded down one of the isles, hands in his pockets. Perring over the shoulder of one of the students, he noted that they were finished and spoke again. “Good.”
Walking to the front of the class, he swung his hands out to his sides and began to address them again. “Now, you will all be leaving within two minute intervals of each other, effective from when the first person leaves the room. The same computer that randomly chooses danger zones has also chosen the student number to leave first.” Taking a small brown envelope from one of the officers, he tore off the top and said: “The first one to leave will be….hmm…lets see. Male Student # 8, Jacob Booth.”
Jacob let out a semi-audible shriek. Staggering to his feet, he basically tripped over himself in an attempt to get to the front of the class. Slipping slightly on the blood that soaked the floor, he grimaced as he grasped his duffle bag and disappeared out of the door and down the hallway.
“OH!” Mr O called out after him. “Anyone loitering in the hallway will be shot! I’d advise you to move a bit faster.
The silent room was filled with the sound of Jacob’s footsteps pounding down the hallway.
After approximately two minutes, Mr O called out the name of the next student. It was, obviously, Female Student #8 Lor Farren. As she slowly rose to her feet, her long curly, dark brown, hair swayed around her face as she wiped her tear filled eyes and retrieved her duffle bag, before exiting the room. It was odd to see her like this. She was usually so happy.


It had been just under 15 minutes since Jacob had left the room and Ademola Atebota (Female Student #11) was running down the hallway, duffle bag slung over her shoulder. She was breathing heavily. She was unfit and she knew it.
As the pounding sound of her footsteps echoed in front of her, she caught sight of a slight light coming from one of the doors to her right. As she passed, she peered inside, allowing the yellow lamplight to spill onto her dark skin. The room was occupied by no less than thirty Special Defence Forces officers.
Increasing her pace, she sprinted towards the door at the end of the hallway that led out onto the athletics field.
Bursting through the doors, she continued to run. There was no sign of Will Pryer (Male Student #11) who had left just before her. This was exactly what she had expected. It was no secret that he was prone to reading novels concerning ‘The Program’. He had probably already decided on his course of action and fled the scene, so as not to be caught in a danger zone. Hey, for all she knew, he might even be playing the game.
It was then that she noticed something up in front of her. Despite the fact that the blackness of night had been swept across the area, this was clearly visible. It was the outline of two people. They appeared to be struggling over something.
The gunshot echoed across the flat landscape, assaulting Ademola’s ears as the spark from the gunshot illuminated the figures in front of her for a fraction of a second.
One of the figures collapsed. The other sprinted off, the outline of his long curly hair bobbing and swinging as she lost sight of him.
Running forwards, she reached the collapsed figure. Even though it was dark, she could see who it was. Collapsing next to him, her vision was filled with the sight of Jacob Booth, coughing ad spluttering as he gave into his injuries and died. The ground around him was warm and sticky, probably with blood.
No….this wasn’t possible. Will was playing!!

38 Students Remaining
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