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While two students find companionship, another finds out what 'The Program' is really about.

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Beau Mehtre was currently moving around the streets of one of the two villages marked on the map. Even through his chances of survival were higher if he were to hide in a remote location (seeing as most people would probably seek shelter in a house) it was more likely that he would run into people who didn’t want to play here. After all, the more people who didn’t want to play, the more resistance he could put up against that sadistic fuck in the pink shirt.
Clasping the kitchen knife that he had dug out of his duffle bag in his hand, he continued to slink along the side of the building. He could swear that he heard someone up ahead of him.
His thoughts were immediately confirmed as his ears picked up the sound of shattering glass. Someone had just broken into one of the houses down this street.
His hands, soaked in a chilling sweat, clasped the handle of the blade even tighter as he moved down the road. After travelling approximately twenty metres, he spotted the almost liquid shimmer of broken glass, in front of the house ahead of him.
He guessed that he should probably enter and persuade whoever it was to join him.


Lauren Hatch (Female Student #10) hugged her knees close to her chest. Above her, the surface of the wooden table began to creak. Yes, that’s right. She was hiding underneath a table. A few seconds ago, she had reached this house, in the centre of one of the urban areas marked on the map. When she tried the door, she realised that it was locked and decided to break one of the windows with a rock she found, decorating the flower bed below the window. She hadn’t counted on it making such a loud noise, but there was no-one nearby, was there?
Trembling, she clasped her legs even tighter. Staring down at the ground beside her, he face bore a disgusted, yet still terrified, look as her gaze fell on her designated weapon. It was a fucking boomerang.
This had to be someone’s idea of a joke. It was completely fucking stupid that anyone could use a boomerang as a weapon. It was the same kind of twisted sense of humour that she expected to come from Will Pryer.
Then she heard it. The sound of someone stepping on fragmented glass.
Someone was in the house.
Her left hand shot out and immediately clasped hold of the wooden surface of her boomerang. It may have been a useless weapon, but it was all she had to defend herself.
“Hey!” called out a low, but friendly, voice from the room next to the kitchen in which she was hiding. “Is anyone in here?”
The voice belonged to Beau Mehtre.
“Oh, thank god!” she thought. He was one of her friends. There was no way that he was going to kill her.
Scrambling out from beneath the table, he long auburn hair swung around her body. Practically running into the next room, she almost cried when she saw Beau. She wasn’t going to die alone. He would protect her!


Tasha Tison (Female Student #2) stumbled and staggered through the outcrop of trees on the far side of the athletic field. Small twigs and branches cracked beneath her feet as she ran, desperately trying to escape the sight that confronted her as she stepped out of the main door.
Corpses. One of them was so disfigured (probably due to the two bullets that had been pumped into her head) that she actually threw up.
People were playing!! What if the one who killed them decided to come after her?! She was going to die and she knew it. Someone was going to kill her.
Tripping on a large branch, she fell heavily on the leaf strewn floor and began to cry. A cut had been opened on her cheek from her fall and, as she lay there sobbing, the blood mingled with the tears streaming down her face.
She didn’t want to die, she didn’t want to die, she didn’t want to die. She was supposed to be at home now. At home with her mum. Her mum who sometimes annoyed her because she would phase in and out of French and English. Her mum, who although she argued with, she still loved. She didn’t want to be here in this fucked up game. She didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to die!!
She heard it. Footsteps. Approaching her. Footsteps. Growing closer.
What if it was the person who killed those two people outside the school. What if he (Oh god, what if it was a girl!!!???) wanted to kill her!?
She didn’t want to die.
She began to crawl. Through the leaves and twigs strewn across the floor. Splinters dug into her fingers. She didn’t care. She wanted to get away from here. That was all. She didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to be killed.
Still the footsteps grew closer. Closer. Closer!!
She didn’t want to die.
She could hear the heavy breathing as the person approached. Hear the soles of the shoes cracking the small branches of the floor.
Her ears were filled with the throbbing pump of her heart. The rustling and cracking of her bloody fingers against the ground.
She didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to die.
Fear. Primal fear coursed through her veins. She could practically taste the adrenaline that was being pumped through her body.
Still her tears flowed down her face. Still she crawled desperately. Still the person continued to come closer. Closer. Closer.
“No…!!!” she coughed, fighting through the tears as she crawled. “Not me! Not me! Not meeee!!!”
Sobs racked her body as she screamed.
“It’s okay!” called out a friendly voice from behind her.
No! it cant be friendly. It was a trick! He was trying to trick her so he could kill her! No. Not her. He wouldn’t fool her!
Ripping open her duffle bag, she pulled out a small object. What was it?! She didn’t care! He was coming closer. She rolled onto her back. Tears filler her eyes. She couldn’t see. No. That didn’t matter. She had to make him go away. He was going to kill her. Kill her! Make him go away!!
She threw the object.
There was a pleasant noise, somewhat like a nail being hammered into a piece of wood. ‘THUNK’
This was followed by a heavy crash.
Opening her eyes wide, Tasha’s gaze fell on a body. A large body. With an afro. It was Mario. No. Mario was her friend. He wouldn’t want to kill her!
Wait….Why did he collapse?!
“M-Mario…?” she stammered, crawling forwards, towards him.
Oh god!! Oh god no!!
There was a knife planted at an odd angle in his head, just above his left eye. In fact…no! slightly in his left eye. Blood and retinal fluid leaked into the leaf strewn floor.
She had killed him!! Killed him!!
How could she!? This wasn’t right. She just wanted him to go away. No she couldn’t have! But, the knife. It was there. He was dead. No…she had killed him!!
Raising her bloody hand to her face, she continued to sob. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. She wanted this to be over. She wante-
It was over. Her entire train of thought ended in a single instant, with that one gunshot. She left this world without a single thought towards her family.
Above the two bodies, a figure with a cigarette hanging from his mouth merely sighed as he bent down and began to dig through their duffle bags.

35 Students Remaining
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