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All These Years

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Anna begins to tell Gerard about her past.

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Anna smiled sadly, “Pearl de Vere. The famous Madam of Cripple Creek.”

Gerard brushed a strand of hair from Anna’s eyes. “How did you meet her?”

For a moment Anna’s wasn’t sure she could go on but deep inside she knew she had to tell him. The past needed to be put to rest.

“I was walking along Bennett Ave.” Anna said suddenly seeing that day so long ago come into focus. “Suddenly a black carriage came down the street pulled by two fine horses. As I watched….


Spring 1893

The carriage came to a stop in front of one of the finest eating establishments in Cripple Creek. Pearl had spent the last few hours dress shopping for her girls but now she was hungry. She smiled smugly to herself remembering the faces of those pompous women who had whispered when they’d seen her. Oh yes those women knew who Pearl de Vere was and they knew what she did. However they had also understood that Pearl was allowed to shop in their precious stores. The town fathers had set up special times for Pearl to shop alone. While they told the good women of Cripple Creek this was done so that fine outstanding, God-fearing women would not suffer a chance meeting with the famous Madam, Pearl knew the truth. The shopkeepers were eager for her money. She bought only the finest silk gowns for her girls and she paid in gold.

Pearl adjusted her hat then stepped from the carriage. She laughed as two women deliberately cross the road so they would not have to pass her carriage. Fine, Pearl thought, let those old cows go out of their way. She squared her shoulders, lifted her head and started for the restaurant entrance. It wasn’t until she was almost to the door that she spotted the young girl standing in the shadows. Pearl’s first thought was the girl must have wandered up from Myers Avenue. Judging by her mud splattered dress and dirty hair she looked like one of the girls who set up their own “cribs” and catered to lonely miners. Pearl shook her head in disgust. Her girls never catered to dirty miners they only entertained gentleman or miners who presented themselves properly attired with money to spend. Still there was something about the girl’s looks that didn’t peg her as one of those women from Meyers Avenue. There was a gentle innocence in her eyes.

As Pearl watched she saw that the girl’s eyes suddenly grew wide in fear. Following her gaze she was why, the sheriff was riding towards them.

Quickly crossing the distance between them Pearl spoke softy to the young girl. “Honey, are you hungry?”

Anna tore her gaze away from the sheriff who was getting closer by the moment. “Yes.” She stuttered.

“Then come with me.” Pearl said taking Anna’s arm and leading her towards the restaurant.

Silently Anna went with her.

The interior of the restaurant was loud but as Anna and Pearl walked in a hush seemed to come over the room.

“Miz Pearl.” The owner greeted her. While he understood many of the respected citizens of Cripple Creek looked down on Pearl de Vere he also knew that many of those same citizens frequented her business. Of course he also understood that Pearl de Vere was one of the wealthiest women in Cripple Creek. “Your table is ready.” He said pasting a fake smile on his face. He cast a quick glance in Anna’s direction noting her dirty clothing but turned a blind eye.

Pearl and Anna followed him to the table that had already been prepared.

Anna looked around the room feeling overwhelmed. This was nothing like the place her mama had taken her. This place was grand beyond her wildest dreams. The tables had crisp white tablecloths and beautiful china. Crystal chandeliers hung down and there was even a quartet playing music as patrons enjoyed their meals.

“Sit child.” Pearl said softly.

Anna blushed realizing she’d been staring around the room.

“Now.” Pearl said pulling off her gloves and looking across the table. “Tell me why you are running from the sheriff.”

“I wasn’t.” Anna lied looking down.

Pearl laughed, “Darlin’ I saw that look of terror in your eyes. Tell me, have you done something illegal?”

“No, ma’am” In truth Anna wasn’t sure she had really done anything wrong by running away.

Pearl narrowed her eyes, “You wouldn’t lie to me, would you?”

Anna shook her head slowly while studying Pearl’s face. She had never seen a woman wearing so much makeup before in her life. Her lips were bright red and her eyebrows seemed to be painted on. Her cheeks were powered and rouged.

Pearl smiled, “Well then, my name is Pearl de Vere. Perhaps you’ve heard of me?”

Anna shook her head.

Pearl was surprised, perhaps she had been wrong about this girl. “Are you new here in town?”

“I just got here a few days ago.” Anna said truthfully. She didn’t add that she had lived outside of town her whole life.

“ You are alone?” Pearl asked.

Tears unexpectedly sprung to Anna’s eyes. “Yes, my mama, papa and sister are dead.”

Pearl looked at her with compassion, “You are an orphan.”

“Yes, ma’am I recon I am.” Anna said softly.

“And you have nowhere to go?” Pearl guessed sadly.

Anna nodded.

“Well then we’ll have lunch and you can tell me about your plans.” Pearl said signing the waiter.

“Oh I ain’t got any money.” Anna said nervously as her stomach rumbled with hunger.

“Not to worry.” Pearl said before giving their order to the waiter. She chose something light fearing the girl would get sick eating something heavy judging by the look on the girls face she doubted the poor thing had eaten for several days. She looked hungry, tired and lost. Sadly Pearl understood that feeling all to well.

As soon as the waiter set the plates before them Anna began to shove the food in her mouth. She tried to remind herself what mama had said about eating like a lady but she was so very hungry.

Pearl watched her closely, “Honey try to slow down.” She said softly.

Anna looked up in shame, “I’m sorry.” She realized she must have been embarrassing her hostess by making a spectacle of herself. She had noticed several people casting glances their way.

“You’re hungry.” Pearl said kindly, “I just don’t want you making yourself sick by eating too fast.”

Anna nodded and made sure to chew her food more slowly.

“So.” Pearl said looking closely at Anna, “What is your name?’

A blush covered Anna’s face. Here she was eating with this kind woman and she hadn’t even told her her name. “My name is Annabelle Lewis.”

“And how old are you Annabelle?”

“Just turned eighteen.” Anna lied.

Pearl’s eyes narrowed but she didn’t question Anna. It would be better for everyone if the girl was older.

“And do you have a place to stay?”

“Not yet.” Anna said softly. “I was hopin’ to find work soon.”

Pity filled Pearl. She knew that Annabelle would not find work in this town. The mere fact she was dining with a Madam had unfortunately sealed her fate. Glancing around the crowded restaurant Pearl saw the looks cast their way. Annabelle Lewis wither she realized it or not was being branded a loose woman.

“After lunch you will come home with me.” Pearl said smiling kindly. “I am sure I can help you.”

Anna looked up at her hopefully, “You’ll give me a job?”

Pearl understood that this town was not the place for a young girl to wander the streets alone. At least she could offer her a degree of safely. The law in this town protected Pearl’s girls and Annabelle would be one of those girls. “Yes, darlin’ I’ll do just that.”



Anna’s voice grew silent. The only sound in the room was Gerard’s even breathing. While being caught up in her story, Anna had forgotten to breath. Gerard held her close waiting until she could continue and wondering if she realized she had reverted to speaking as she had done as a young girl.



Anna looked up at the huge house in wonder. She had never before seen such a grand home. She quickly followed Pearl out of the carriage then followed her to the front door. Even before they reached the porch the door was pulled open.

‘Miz Pearl.” The tall, older woman greeted her.

“Missy, please have my packages brought in.” Pearl said stepping over the threshold.

“Yes, ma’am.” The servant answered as her eyes traveled over Anna making her blush. Her dress was dirty and she knew she must look like a ragamuffin.

Pearl smiled, “This is Annabelle. She will be staying with us. I need to tend to some business now. Could you please show her to one of the unoccupied rooms and find her something suitable to wear? I’m sure she’d enjoy a bath too, wouldn’t you dear?”

Anna’s gaze has busy sweeping around the room. She had never seen such plush surroundings before. There were different colored velveteen-covered covered chairs and sofas and matching velveteen drapes in the windows. And the tables were not like those her papa had made by hand. No, these were dark mahogany polished until they shone like glass. Her hands covered her mouth as she looked up and saw the huge crystal chandelier above her head. It sparkled in purples and golds as the light reflected through it. She had never seen anything so beautiful in her life.

“Annabelle?” Pearl’s voice drew her attention away from the chandelier.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You would like to take a bath wouldn’t you?”

Anna looked down at her muddy clothes, “Yes, please.” She whispered. “I reckon I need one.”

Pearl smiled, “I reckon you do. Now follow Missy and she’ll show you where to go. When you’ve taken your bath you dress and come on back down. We’ll talk then.”

Anna suddenly had a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach, “Ma’am I thank you for your kindness but I can’t pay you back, not until I find work.”

Missy shot a glance at Pearl, which Pearl chose to ignore.

“Annabelle, we will talk later. Now go on follow Missy.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Anna said softly the turned to follow Missy who was waiting at the foot of the red-carpeted stairs. On the way up Anna glanced at the bright wallpaper with red roses. Her fingers longed to reach out and touch it but she kept her hands at her side.

“This room is vacant for now.” Missy said pushing open a door.

Annabelle followed her into the room and was shocked to see the huge bed with a brass headboard, a bureau and a marble topped table. This room was three times the size of her old bedroom back home that she and Clarissa had shared.

“At the end of the hall you’ll find a bath.” Missy said moving towards the large wardrobe. She opened it up after giving Anna another quick glance, “You’re a small thing but this should fit.” She pulled out a green silk dress. “Put this on and come back down when you’re done but try to keep quiet. Most of the girls are sleeping.”

“Sleeping?” Anna couldn’t imagine anyone sleeping during the afternoon.

Missy shook her head sadly realizing this young girl was innocent to the truth. However she kept her mouth shut. “Just come down when you’re ready.”

After Missy had left Anna grabbed up the dress and walked slowly down the hall to the bathroom. Once again her eyes grew large. This was nothing like the small outhouse back home. Anna had seen indoor toilets before but nothing so elegant as this one. There was a huge tub but it was the toilet itself that caught her attention. She touched the chain hanging from a porcelain bowl above the toilet and carefully pulled it. She watched in fascination as the water swirled around the bowl below finally disappearing from sight. Next she moved on to the washbasin. She ran her fingers slowly around the inside of it, marveling at its smoothness. It was made of granite, with solid gold handles. She put her finger to one of these handles and slowly turned it, watching the water pour freely from it. No pumping it, like she had to do at the sink in her kitchen back home. She turned the other handle and was amazed when hot water bean to run across the palm of her hand. How nice to have water that didn’t have to be heated on the wood stove. Suddenly tears sprung to her eyes. No matter how nice these things were she’d trade them all for her home. She’d trade everything to have her life back just like it was before…..



“Anna” Gerard’s voice finally brought her out of the past. “Sugar, are you okay?” She had stopped speaking several minutes before and had been simply staring at the ceiling.

“Yes” Anna whispered, “Sorry.”

He smiled, “It’s okay. Take your time.”

“I reckon you think I was such a silly child being impressed with such things.”

They way she had reverted to speaking as she had when she was young slightly unnerved Gerard but he didn’t want to say anything that would prevent her from finally sharing these memories. “Not at all. You were a child suddenly thrust into a world you knew nothing about. I understand that.”

“I was a child.” Anna said softly, “But I grew up real fast.”



Anna had enjoyed a leisurely bath, dried off in one of the softest towels she had ever felt then dressed. Now she was slowly making her way back down to the main floor of the house.

From her office Pearl spotted Anna at the foot of the stairs. “Annabelle.” She called out. “I’m in here.”

Anna walked towards her voice and saw that Pearl was seated behind a large, ornately carved desk.

‘Sit.” Pearl said motioning to one of the chairs.

Anna sat down and folded her hands in her lap.

Pearl poured herself a glass of wine from the carafe on her desk then spoke, “Tell me child, how old are you truly?”

Nervously Anna wrung her hands. “ I just turned sixteen last mouth.” She admitted softly.

Pearl took a sip then sighed, “Just as I feared. And your parents? Are they truly gone?”

Anna nodded while blinking back tears.

“Have you no family you can stay with?”

Again Anna shook her head.

Pearl stood and rounded the deck, ‘Annabelle this town is no place for a girl alone in the world. Perhaps there is a church that could find a family to take you in?”

“No” Anna shook her head vehemently. Fear that she would be returned to Reverend Williams place shot through her.

Pearl sat down and studied the girl. “Annabelle do you understand what kind of business I run?”

“No ma’am.” Anna’s voice shook, “But I’m sure I could do any job you give me.”

Pearl smiled, “First off call me Pearl.”

“Yes, Miz Pearl.”

“No” Pearl laughed, “Not Miz Pearl just call me Pearl.”

“But mama always said it is distrustful to call ones elders by their first name.” Anna stuttered nervously.

“Oh my.” Pearl laughed again. “Yes I am definitely your elder but it is my wish you call me Pearl. Understood?”

Anna nodded.

Sitting back Pearl took another drink and thought a moment. “Annabelle tell me about your parents. Did they have a good marriage?"

“Oh yes.” Anna said quickly, “Mama and papa loved each other very much.”

“So you understand about physical love between a man and a woman?”

Anna was shocked by the question, “Well yes ma’am, I mean yes, Pearl. I know all about things like that. I was raised on a farm and understand uh nature and how life is formed.”

Pearl tried not to laugh, “Well yes I’m sure you do but you do understand that humans are different than animals. Sometimes they mate just for fun.”

This whole conversation was unnerving Anna. She looked down at the floor.

“Sometimes” Pearl went on. “Men seek the company of ladies just for pleasure.”

Anna remained silent.

“Annabelle.” Pearl said her name then waited until she looked up, “That is my business. I run a house full of girls, the best girls who are here to pleasure men.”

“A whorehouse?’ Anna blurted out. Her hand flew to her mouth not believing what she’d just said.

Pearl threw her head back and laughed, “It’s okay darlin’ I’ve heard that word before. But we don’t use that word here. I run a very high class establishment. We cater to gentlemen who treat my girls well. My girls are accustomed to fine things and I make sure they are treated well. Once a month I even have a doctor come in to look after their health.”

Anna’s eyes had grown wide, “Oh ma’am I shouldn’t be here.”

Pearl felt her hardened heart soften, "Child. where else do you have to go?”

Tears began to roll down Anna’s cheeks when she realized the answer to that question. She had nowhere else to go.



Gerard reached across Anna’s body and pulled the comforter from the bed. He knew the temperature didn’t affect Anna but he was feeling a coldness that seemed to be coming from his soul. He threw the comforter over their bodies then reached over and grabbed his shirt. From the pocket her pulled out a tissue. Anna took it from him and rubbed her eyes trying to erase the tears. She rubbed until the tears and all traces of makeup were gone. Looking at her face broke his heart. Her eyes were red and with no makeup she truly looked like the sixteen year old child that was telling the story.

“Gee.” Anna whispered.

“Yeah, Sugar.”

“I’m sorry I have to tell you this story.”

“Oh, Honey.” He hugged her body to his, “I know you have to do this and you do too.”

Anna nodded, “It’s been eatin’ me up inside all these years.”

“I know.” Gerard whispered dropping a kiss on her cheek, “I know.”

Anna closed her eyes, “Pearl understood I was afraid. She agreed to let me stay in her house until I was ready. I even made friends with some of the girls. But all along I knew that soon I would have to become like the rest of the girls. I even overheard Pearl and Missy talkin’ about it. Missy was saying that I’d be worth a lot my first time.”

Pain tore through Gerard but he remained silent.

“Two months after I got to Pearl’s I realized I couldn’t put it off no more. When I told her she assured me she’s find a gentleman who would be gentle cause he’d be my first…..



Anna sat on her bed fighting the urge to throw up. Outside her door she heard footsteps and then a light knock on her door. She took a deep breath then called out for her visitor to enter.



Anna began to sob uncontrollably. Gerard murmured words of love in her ear hoping they could somehow ease her pain.

“Pearl didn’t know.” Anna said brokenly. “My fault..” She broke off, “It was my fault I didn’t tell her.”

“Sugar, I don’t understand.” Gerard held her close.



The door opened slowly and Anna’s eyes grew wide with fear as Reverend Williams walked in then locked the door behind him….
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