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This one's for Jetblackheartattack, for being incredibly sweet.

Mikey left Frank's feeling conflicted. He didn't like talking about Gerard because it never felt expressive enough and he knew no one would understand, but the situation was also all he could think about, so naturally he wanted an ear for those thoughts to stop him going insane. He didn't expect Frank to tell him that true love always prevails and to hold on in there as 'she' probably feels the same. No, he didn't expect it, honestly, but a part of his brain had awaited it - and he was downtrodden when he didn't hear it.

They say the human mind only hears what it wants to hear, but Mikey hadn't heard anything he wanted to. As he drove home he tried unpicking and manipulating what Jamia and Frank had said into something that supported his case, but he didn't have much success. He knew that to some degree they were talking sense and a good idea would be to heed their warnings, but what are good ideas when you're in love with your brother?

He pulled up on the driveway and checked the clock on the dashboard, 4:40pm. That gave him a long evening in, which with the state of his head, he'd use to think.

Mikey climbed out of his car and, multi-tasking, locked it over his shoulder as he nudged open the front door. He didn't call a greeting when he walked in, he was met with the sound of The Stooges and the smell of strong acrylic. Straight from the smell it was pretty obvious Gerard was painting, which was no big surprise, but it was another thing Gerard did that Mikey was fascinated by, so he didn't make much noise so as not to disturb him. Mikey followed the senses to the lounge and leant in the doorframe and watched silently. Gerard sat perched on a chair with his back to him, leaning forward as he stroked on the detail of a face, singing under his breath.

"If your mind is gone, if you want my body, you gotta gimme skin all night long ... gimme some skin, gimme some skin."

Gerard's voice made Mikey smile; he has a naturally gorgeous voice, even with the thick Jersey accent. It's totally unique and a pleasure to listen to. He gets so shy and stops if he ever thinks anyone's listening to him though - hence why Mikey didn't want to interrupt. When he thinks he's alone, Gerard's uninhibited with his singing, he really puts himself into it and you can tell in every syllable. He has the power to make anything emotive.

Through his smile, Mikey's gut wound around itself. He wondered why, until he really listened to the song. He'd never noticed it before, Gimme Some Skin was a favourite of his and Gerard's, they listened to it around the house quite often, but this moment the lyrics struck a nerve in him. One of those horrible times when you hear a line that articulates something so perfectly, and a something that you were quite happy not articulating because it meant you could ignore it, but suddenly it's right there smack in your face, spitting at you saying "This is you. This is your life. Sucks, doesn't it?".

Mikey's mind was gone; fuck yeah he wanted Gerard's body; and he had given him skin all night.

The pain came in the irony of how Gerard had said earlier that he wasn't aware, wasn't longing, and now was straight up asking for it. Irony like that kicks you in the teeth, heart and balls at the same time.

Struck into silence, Mikey's brow lowered as tortured thoughts ran through his head and his attention slipped off Gerard to the floor in front of him.

"Get fucked baby!"

Gerard, humming the guitar part to himself, stood up for a second to reach a different brush and caught sight of movement over his shoulder and turned to identify it. "Mikey, I didn't know you were home yet." he said slightly alarmed, standing up straight, a blush on his cheeks as he pushed his hair off his face.

Mikey snapped his head back up, also alarmed to hear himself being addressed. "Uh yeah, I just got in." he explained by way of a greeting.

"Cool." Gerard said quietly, and smiled briefly, before clearing his throat and picking up the brush he wanted, going back to painting, this time leaving the singing to Iggy.

There was a tangible sort of distance between them now, spawned by Gerard's self-consciousness and Mikey's social awkwardness. Regardless, Mikey didn't leave. He stayed in the doorway and shifted, leaning against the other side of the frame and folding his arms, watching Gerard's painting take shape.

It took Gerard a while before he took a double take over his shoulder and realised Mikey was still there.

"You er, y'still there Mikes?" he asked, doing the awkward corner-of-eye-to-corner-of-eye glance with the hint of a smirk on his face.

Mikey stuttered a bit and stood up straight for no reason in particular. "Er, yeah."

"Whatcha doing?" Gerard asked, continuing the awkward atmosphere to the point where it was like a crippling fog of nerve gas in the room. The kind that makes you cringe but also unwillingly grin or laugh because you don't know what else to do.

"Just watching." Mikey said, then realised it sounded kind of weird, but - in for a penny, in for a pound. "It's interesting to watch you paint."

Gerard laughed in a quite girly way, very quiet and short, high in pitch, looking at his feet then back up at Mikey. "You're making me nervous now." he grinned shyly.

"Sorry." Mikey apologised immediately.

They were quiet again for a few moments, Gerard fiddling with a paint brush and Mikey stood awkwardly in the doorway, poker face on. He broke the progressively painful silence first a moment later in a quiet voice. "Are you going out again tonight?" He sounded broken and vulnerable, but that was to the trained ear, the untrained would just hear shyness and possible sadness - if they listened carefully enough.

"Noooo," Gerard laughed, "I don't think so." he said knowingly. "Nah, I figured a night in would be nice and, y'know, do me good."

"Yeah." Mikey nodded, relieved but still haunted, then turned to leave.

"Are you-" Gerard said quickly, then more nervously when Mikey turned back to him questioningly, "are you staying - in - or y'know, going? -out." He looked at Mikey quite reservedly but also extremely interested, and he tucked his bottom lip in between his teeth, nibbling on it.

"I'm not going anywhere." Mikey said. He gave a little smile to Gerard, thought about the double connotations, then left the doorway and went into the kitchen.
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