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The Dream Maker

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Captain Adara O'Brien never thought she would be commanding a non military ship, but when her entire family decides to join the colonists going to the Reynor Star System, she finds herself in comma...

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The Dream Maker

By Leandrastar2000


It was the night shift and Captain Adara O’Brien sat in the command chair of the Federated Colony Ship The Dream Maker, she should have been in her quarters getting some much needed sleep, however, for the past few nights sleep had eluded her. She had spent every possible moment of the past few days on the bridge, for there was a niggling feeling in the back of her mind that just would not go away, a feeling that something was just not right with The Dream Maker. Though the ship had passed all inspections before being allowed to leave Earth, she was by no means a new ship and there was always the possibility of problems coming up.

The Dream Maker, manned by a crew of one hundred with a passenger compliment of five hundred, had left Earth three months earlier to travel to the Reynor Star System to colonize a planet identified as habitable by Earth’s Settlement Scientists a year before.

Adara had never dreamed that her life as Captain of a Federated Exploration vessel would be replaced by life as Captain of a Federated Colony ship. She had been on leave while her ship underwent a complete overhaul at Earth’s orbiting space docks, when her father called and asked her to a visit and she arrived home to find her folks packing up.

“What’s going on?” Adara asked her father after finding him packing up the books in his personal library.

“Adara, I’m glad you’re here,” Liam O’Brien said as he came around a stack of boxes to give his daughter a hug.

At fifty-two, Liam stood slightly over six feet tall with black hair as dark as it was when he was in his twenties and every morning he would start his day with a four mile run.

“What’s going on?” Adara asked again, returning his embrace.

“Your mother and I are taking advantage of a wonderful opportunity, we are going to the new colony on Reynor Prime,” Liam told her.

“You’re moving to the Reynor System!” Adara exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes, is there something wrong with that?” Liam asked.

“No, I’m just surprised is all. I thought you and Mom were finally satisfied with your careers. What about your job at the Masterson Agricultural Institute?”

“The Institute’s director asked me if I would be interested in leading the agricultural team for the new Reynor colony. I told him I would have to discuss it with your mother and to my surprise your mother had been asked by the headmistress of Kaleen Hall to head up the new colony’s team of educators. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to present ourselves with new challenges,” Liam answered his daughter.

“Where is Mom anyway, she is usually the first one to see me coming?” Adara said.

“She’s in the kitchen supervising the packing of the china her mother left her,” Liam replied.

“What are you going to do with all of your things you can’t possibly take it all with you?”

“A lot of it is going to charity and most of the rest will go to relatives who need it.”

“Well it seems you have thought of everything,” Adara said realizing that she wouldn’t be able to talk her parents out of going to the new colony.

“Hey Dad, where are you?” Adara heard her brother yell from the front of the house.

“Back here Kaelan, in the library,” her father called back and her brother’s tall form appeared in the doorway a few moments later accompanied by his wife Katherine.

At thirty, Kaelan O’Brien was an accomplished physician working in one of the major hospitals in their hometown of Rapids Canyon, Virginia. Kaelan had inherited their father’s height and dark hair, but looked at you with their mother’s penetrating green eyed gaze.

At twenty-eight, Adara fell in between her mother and father in height, and had inherited their mother’s red hair and green eyes.

“Hey there Captain,” Kaelan called to Adara as he stumbled over some boxes blocking the doorway.

“Careful doc, wouldn’t want you breaking anything you might need later,” Adara replied welcoming the usual teasing between her and her older brother.

At twenty-eight, Adara was the youngest Captain in the Federated Space Corps and had been teased about it by her older brother ever since she had been promoted two years before.

“At least I would know how to heal myself,” Kaelan laughed as he wrapped Adara in a bear hug. “I came at Dad’s summons and to deliver some news of my own, but it looks like Mom and Dad have an announcement to make as well. Where is Rayna?” he said referring to their younger sister and the final of the O’Brien siblings.

“I’m right behind you Lan,” Rayna said as she made her way into the room.

“Good, now you’re all here,” Liam said enthusiastically and turning to his son and youngest daughter continued. “I’ve already told Adara our news and I am going to be as blunt with you two as I was with her. Your mother and I are moving to Reynor Prime.”

Adara saw shock, surprise, and amazement vie for dominance on her siblings faces and Liam saw it as well.

“Why do all of you seem so surprised that your mother and I would want to do this?” Liam asked a little exasperated at the reactions of his children to his news.

“Well Dad, you and Mom have spent the last thirty years establishing yourselves in your fields and you seemed to have found your niche and settled in for the duration,” Kaelan answered for the three of them.

“Just because we are moving does not mean we are giving up what we love to do. We are both going to be working in our respective specialties.”

“Well, it’s your life Dad, you have let the three of us live our own lives, the least we can do is return the favor. In fact I have been presented with a rather unique opportunity myself,” Kaelan said.

“Oh really what would that be?” Liam replied a proud smile aimed at his three children.

“I received a letter a few days ago asking if I would be interested in joining a medical team headed to a new frontier, Reynor Prime to be precise and I accepted the position this morning,” Kaelan said and Rayna began to speak almost before Kaelan had finished.

“The University President summoned me to a private meeting yesterday and informed me that he had recommended me as part of the science and engineering team going to Reynor Prime. He said if I accepted the post, I would be granted an early degree in both physics and engineering,” Rayna said and silence fell for a moment.

“Did you accept the post?” Adara asked her.

“Are you daft, of course I did?” Rayna replied.

Adara stood frozen in shock. Her entire family was moving to a new star system and they all seemed so casual about it. She hadn’t even been aware that the Reynor colony plans had progressed to this stage of development. She didn’t see her family every day, but she had always felt secure in the knowledge that they were all on Earth whenever she returned and now they wouldn’t be.

“Adara? Are you all right?” her father asked snapping her out of her shocked daze.

“I’m fine Dad I’m just a little shocked. It’s more than a little disorienting to have your entire family inform you that they are moving to a new star system,” Adara sighed. “Then again why should I find anything this family does surprising, we are all so different. I am happy for all of you and wish you the very best,” she finally said. The three siblings embraced their father and then went in search of their mother.

They found her in the kitchen wrapping china in bubble wrap, the packers who had been hired to help with the task of loading thirty-five years worth of accumulated junk and possessions into moving boxes, stood to one side looking like a group of scolded school children apparently having received one of Adena O’Brien’s infamous do things properly lectures.

“Are you still in teacher mode Mama?” Rayna asked as they entered the kitchen.

“This group of overgrown boys are all thumbs and I’ll have you keep a civil tongue in that young head of yours girl,” Adena replied glaring at the packers.

A petite woman with red hair to match her fiery green eyes, Adena O’Brien was a complete contrast to her husband. She also sported a fiery temper and had passed that temper to each of her three children. Fortunately, she had also passed on to them her abundant sense of compassion and need to help others.

“When did you three get here?” Adena asked never taking her attention off of the task in front of her.

“About half an hour ago,” Kaelan replied.

“Dad has been filling us in on your plans,” Adara added.

“He has he. Well, I’m sure all of you think we are totally insane.”

“Well, if you are Mom, then Rayna and I are too, because we are going with you and Adara has wished us all well,” Kaelan replied.

“Going with us? What are you talking about?” Adara asked her son.

“I have taken a position on the medical team going to Reynor and Rayna has taken a position on the science and engineering team.”

“What about Katherine Kaelan does she want to go to Reynor and Rayna what about your studies?” Adena asked a little concerned.

“Katherine and I have already talked it over and she agrees that this is a wonderful opportunity for both of us. She applied for and was granted a position on the educational team,” Kaelan answered.

“Dr. Clevin recommended me for my position and since I am so close to graduation anyway, I will be granted early degrees in both my courses of study,” Rayna put in.

“Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am completely amazed at how this all turned out. Do either of you know when we are leaving?” Adena asked.

“I was told I would be notified when to report to the space port,” Kaelan said.

“So was I,” Rayna added.

“How about you Adara, do you have any idea when the ship will be leaving?” Adena asked her oldest daughter.

“No, I’m sorry Mom, I don’t. I didn’t even know that the colony plans were to the stage of picking professional teams. I do have to get back to base now though, so I’ll see what I can find out and let you all know,” Adara replied and hugged all three then stuck her head in the library to say goodbye to her father.

Back at base, Adara locked herself in her quarters to try and come to terms with the dramatic curve ball life had just thrown her way. She decided to check her messages and answer any that might potentially interrupt her meditation. She logged onto her computer’s personal message board and was surprised to find an official notice posted there. She opened the message and was surprised again when the notice turned out to be the perfect solution to her concerns about her family moving to Raynor.

To: All Federated Space Corps Personnel
From: Space Corp Command
Subject: Reynor Colonization

This notice is to inform all personnel that Space Corp Command is requesting
Volunteers to crew the Federated Colony Ship The Dream Maker. All volunteers
will be evaluated according to experience, mission success, adherence to regulations,
service record, and other relevant Space Corps Codes. Those accepted will be
informed two weeks before departure and will undergo a two week mission briefing
and training.

Adara immediately sent her volunteer notice along with permission for full access to her personal file. Two weeks later she was notified that she would be taking command of The Dream Maker and was to report for briefing and training immediately.


Adara spent two weeks being briefed on the colonization mission and being trained to be a part of the provisional government for the new colony and these twould kawo weeks of briefing and training were spent on board The Dream Maker with the rest of her crew of one hundred.

Adara’s first officer was a burly man who thought he should be in command instead of second on the totem pole and the fact that his Captain was female didn’t sit well with him at all.

Commander Finn Donovan stood six foot five inches tall with dark hair, dark eyes and a dark mood more often than not. Adara was quite surprised that he had achieved the rank of commander much less been chosen for the colony mission. Adara knew that command was sending him on this mission to get him tucked away in an area of the Core where he could do the least damage. Donovan had been without an assignment since his last Captain had requested his transfer and Adara had been told that Donovan had been told to volunteer for the colony mission or be kicked out of the Space Core dishonorably. All one hundred members of The Dream Makers crew were volunteers, because the mission was a one way trip. The crew would be considered a part of the Space Corp until such time as it was perfectly clear that the new colony was truly established, then they would take their places among the colonists and make a new life for themselves. The Dream Maker would be locked up tight and kept in reserve in case the colony ever needed to get back in touch with Earth, but everyone on this ship was going to Reynor to start a new life.

All of the rest of Adara’s command crew were all experts in their fields and seemed friendly enough. Chief Engineer Klive Calahan took such joy in his work that whomever he was around caught his enthusiasm and things would get done in record time.

Dr. Christopher Cammione, Chief Medical Officer, was well known for his photographic memory and compassion, though he tended to be a stickler for regulations.

Lt. Commander Alyssa Graves was a tiny blonde haired, blue eyed, wisp of a woman who looked deceptively as if the slightest of breezes would knock her down and trample her, when in reality she had a black belt in several forms of martial arts and could hold her own against even the surly Commander Donovan. Graves would serve as communications and science officer.

Adara, Donovan, Calahan, Cammione, and Graves all made up the senior members of the crew and would hopefully keep the ship in order and on course.

Adara met and worked a little with her senior staff during the two weeks before the launch, but most of her time was spent with the colonization directors. Two days before launch, control of the ship was completely turned over to it’s permanent crew and Adara held her first senior staff meeting. They were all gathered around a table in a lounge off the bridge, so that activity on the bridge would not be disrupted.

“Welcome,” Adara said as she took her seat at the head of the table and brought the meeting to order. Donovan and Cammione sat on her right and Calahan and Graves sat to her right. “We have all worked hard over the past couple of weeks to learn what we need to know to make this a successful and prosperous mission. I have every confidence that by working together we can do just that. Mr. Donovan give me an update on ships readiness?”

“All departments report that they are ready for departure, sir,” the sir was added after a pause and with a hint of belligerence making it plain to Adara what Donovan though about her being in charge.
“All that is left to complete is the loading of the colonists,” he added almost as an after thought and with a tone that suggested he looked upon the colonists as baggage rather than important passengers.

Adara decided to ignore his attitude for the time being, but made a mental note to be wary of the first officer. Her instincts were telling her she would soon have to assert her authority and put him in his place.

“What about the supplies and provisions, have they been loaded yet?” Adara asked as if she hadn’t noticed his attitude.

“The cargo bays are filled to capacity Captain, not even a dog could find a place to piss in them,” Donovan replied.

The three other officers looked at Donovan in disgust, his words and attitude not setting well with his fellow officers. Adara continued to look at him, not letting her expression change.

“Commander Donovan, I remind you that there will shortly be children present aboard this ship. I suggest that from now on when you open your mouth to speak, you pretend there are children listening to your every word and refrain from using the more colorful aspects of our language,” Adara told him letting the authority she carried drip from every word.

“There shouldn’t be children aboard a star ship in the first place,” Donovan said under his breath.

“What did you say Commander?” Adara asked.

“Yes sir,” he replied through clinched teeth but Adara accepted his answer and turned to the doctor.
“Cam is sickbay in acceptable order?”

“I have made some upgrades to older equipment and I have added some additional equipment and sickbay is now in perfect readiness should my services be needed,” Dr. Cammione replied.

“Very good! How about engineering?”

“Engines are at full capacity and engineering is ready to launch on your command Captain,” the chief told her.

“Very good Calahan, I have every faith that you will keep things in fine working order. How about communications and sciences, are you good to go Graves?”

“Yes Captain, I would like your permission to request a T-1 lab field kit be added to our science equipment,” Graves said and Adara was a little surprised at the request considering T-1 lab kits were only included in the science equipment of vessels expecting to land on a world occupied by a previously unincountered alien race or a world previously unexplored. As far as Adara was aware, Reynor Prime was uninhabited and had been explored before colonization was approved.

“Permission granted Graves,” Adara said after giving the request a moments thought. Adara figured Graves had her reasons and would tell her if there were something she needed to know. “Does anyone have anything else that we need to discuss?” Adara asked and waited a moment for them to respond. When none did she continued. “Very well, we will meet again in three days and we will be joined in that meeting by the heads of the colonization teams, your dismissed.”

The others rose and left the room to attend to prelaunch checklists and last minute personal matters, but Adara remained in the lounge pondering Graves’ request. Was graves just being overly cautious Adara wondered or does she sense that we are going to encounter unforeseen difficulties before we reach our destination.

Graves had a reputation for sensing things that weren’t quite right and preparing for every possible contingency. On her last assignment she had sensed the slight variance in a chemical mixture that if it had been used for its intended purpose, would have resulted in the loss of an entire space station. Adara decided not to worry herself over something that might happen, because she knew that if Graves sensed or found something she thought her Captain should know, she would notify Adara.

Adara rose and headed for the bridge and as she emerged onto the deck, the first thing she noticed was Donovan bent over the shoulder of a young female Ensign at Ops. The young woman had a stricken look on her face and Donovan was grinning broadly.

“Captain on deck!” the Lieutenant seated at the communications console announced and Donovan abruptly assumed an upright posture and turned to meet his Captain, completely unaware that she had witnessed his behavior toward the young woman at Ops.

“Captain, all systems are at full power and functioning within acceptable parameters. All departments report ready for launch,” Donovan said fidgeting a little under his Captain’s fiery gaze.

“Very good Commander, I am headed down to sickbay to see how the boarding of the colonists is going. I would like for you to check on all of our supplies and equipment and make sure we have everything we’re supposed to have.”

“Couldn’t a Tech do that, sir?” he said with a sneer.

“Yes, a Tech could do it, but I didn’t tell a Tech to do it, I told YOU to do it,”

“What about the bridge, if we both leave there will be no senior officer present,” he continued to argue and Adara knew she would have to deal with him sooner rather than later.

“Commander we are still in space dock and I have every confidence in our junior officers to handle
things and if anything comes up you or I can be contacted over the com system and can be back on the bridge in a matter of minutes. If we were in space, your point would be valid, however, seeing as we are not I think we can leave the bridge to these officers for a short time. I will expect your report on supplies and equipment on my desk first thing in the morning, is that understood?”

“Aye Sir,” he replied and Adara could see that he was furious and it was taking every ounce of will power he could muster to utter those two words through clinched teeth.

As Adara headed to sickbay she worried that a confrontation with Donovan might be unavoidable before they arrived at their final destination.


“Check and make sure things are in order,” the Captain had said giving him a job any noncommissioned Tech could have taken care of. Counting packets of seeds, plows, shovels, and other farming implements was far beneath Commander Finn Donovan.

Donovan knew he had been sent on this mission to get him out of the way. He had been transferred from his previous post on the exploratory vessel Lonely Wanderer because the Captain of that vessel didn’t approve of Donovan’s disciplinary actions toward a lieutenant who had reported a full weapons locker in his area when in fact two stunner pistols had been missing.

When Donovan had found the mistake, he had taught the lieutenant the importance of making sure every weapon is accounted for by ambushing the man outside his quarters with the missing weapons. The stun effect had given the man a nasty headache upon regaining consciousness but there had been no bodily harm done and the man was sure to never make the same mistake again. The Captain had another opinion.

“Have you completely lost your mind?“ his Captain had asked Donovan in the conference room after Donovan admitted having shot the lieutenant with the stun pistols. “If those things had been set on full stun you could have fried his brain at the range you were at,” the Captain had shouted at him.

Donovan had tried to explain that now the offending officer would make sure his reports were accurate and would know exactly where each weapon under his care was at all times but the Captain, instead of being angry with the lieutenant for having two weapons unaccounted for, had lectured Donovan for two hours on Space Corp Regulations and proper conduct for senior officers. The Captain of the Lonely Wanderer had requested a transfer for Donovan shortly thereafter, Donovan was ordered to report back to Earth to train for a new mission.

Once he arrived back on Earth, it had been made perfectly clear to him by the incompetent idiots at Space Corp Command that if he didn’t volunteer for the Reynor Colony mission, that he would be dishonorably booted out of the service under no uncertain terms. If he volunteered they said, he would have an honorable discharge when the time came for the Space Corp people to relinquish their military roles on the new colony and just become another one of the sheep. Finn was quite sure that when that happened, he would totally loose his mind. However, he was not about to be booted out of the service like some common criminal so he had volunteered, at least by going to the colony he could keep some semblance of his dignity. Then, insult had been added to injury when he had discovered that he would be second dog to a female Captain.

Now here he was in the bowels of the ship inspecting cargo that anyone with half a brain could have counted. Yet again, however, he had been ordered to do a job to get him out of a position where he could do some good. He was determined that this assignment would be different, that this time he would prove to everyone that Finn Donovan was worthy of the rank of Captain.

Adara arrived at sickbay to find her father arguing with Dr. Cammione, and both me were so upset, that they did not notice Adara’s entrance.

“You can’t put them through the decontamination process, they’ll die,” Liam O’Brien shouted, his face red with anger.

“You can not bring them on board unless they go through the process,” Cammione replied, his face a mask of calm.

“I assure you Doctor they are not contaminated,” Liam shouted back.

“Maybe not by your standards, but Space Corp regulations specifically states that all organic material must undergo decontamination before being loaded onto a vessel,” Cammione replied.

“What’s the problem Cam?” Adara asked as she approached the two arguing men.

“Professor O’Brien refuses to allow his foul embryos to go through decontamination procedures,” her CMO said turning to her.

“His foul embryos? What are you talking about?” Adara asked unsure of what was under discussion.

“He’s talking about chicken eggs Adara,” Liam replied.

Adara gave him a scalding look and he amended his statement.

“Sorry, Captain. As I was saying to the Doctor, if those eggs are put through the decontamination process, the cryo process will fail and all of the chicks will be lost.”

“If I’m not mistaken Doctor, doesn’t the cryogenic state put every organism in its field into suspended animation?” Adara said to the CMO.

“That’s right,” he replied.

“Then wouldn’t that include any contaminate?”

“Yes,” Cammione replied grudgingly.

“Professor, can the embryos undergo decontamination after the cryo process is reversed and suffer no ill affects?” Adara asked her father.

“Yes Captain,” he replied.

“All right then, store the eggs in science lab four under quarantine until we reach our destination Cam and when the Professor has reversed the cryo process, then you can run decontamination on them.”

“Yes Sir,” Cammione replied.

“Now, how are we coming along on the boarding of the colonists?” Adara asked hoping to turn the men’s attention to safer ground.

“Everyone is aboard except for the medical team,” Liam answered.

“Is there a problem with the medical team?” Adara asked detecting the note of concern in her father’s voice.

“Not that I know of but they are late. Kaelan told me they would be arriving at 1300 and they are an hour late.”

“Well lets not start worrying just yet. The last time I heard from them they were still trying to acquire some supplies before their departure. We’ll give them a little longer before we start trying to track them down,” Adar said.

“Bridge to Captain O’Brien.”

“This is the Captain, what is it Lieutenant?”

“Sir, the shuttle carrying the medical team is requesting permission to dock at cargo bay four instead of the main docking bay,” the lieutenant continued.

“Give them the go ahead and notify Commander Donovan of the change, he is in cargo bay four. Tell him that Professor O’Brien and I are on our way.”

“Aye Sir.”

Adara motioned for her father to join her as she headed for the door and the hyper lift. When the sickbay doors closed behind them, Adara sighed.

“I’m sorry about that,” Liam said.

“Sorry about what Dad?”

“For calling you Adara in front of your officer.”

“That’s all right, the crew knows that you and the others are part of the colonists and they also know to expect the occasional Adara rather than Captain from you. However, it would be best if you called me Captain, at least in front of the crew.”

“It’s hard to think of you as a Captain instead of a daughter,” Liam said with a grin.

“Well, I have been a daughter a lot longer than I’ve been a Captain,” Adara laughed as they reached hey hyper lift and she tapped the button to summon a car. The doors opened immediately and they
stepped inside.

“Cargo deck,” Adara told the voice activated control panel and they began to descend. There was silence between father and daughter for a moment then all of a sudden Liam spoke startling Adara.

“Adara are you angry with us for making this move?”

“No Dad, what makes you think that I am?”

“Well you seem kind of distant. You didn’t have to volunteer for this mission you know.”

“I know I didn’t, but I wanted to. I’ve been needing a change. I didn’t know I was a change until you lot dropped you bomb shell and then I saw the notice for volunteers to crew the ship, then it all sort just made sense. This is a new beginning for all of us and there are a great many possibilities ahead for us,” Adara told him as they arrived on the cargo deck and headed for cargo bay four and its docking port.

“Bridge to Commander Donovan,” the com speaker suddenly came to life over Donovan’s head.

“Donovan here,” he replied an edge in his voice.

He was in the middle of counting a crate full of seed packets and the summons caused him to lose count and he would have to start over again for the third time in the last half hour.

“The shuttle carrying the colony medical team will be docking in cargo bay four in approximately five minutes sir.”

“Why aren’t they boarding at the main docking port like everyone else?” he asked his voice even edgier. The last thing he needed right now was to deal with a group of temperamental civilians.

“I don’t know sir.”

“Permission obviously had to be given for the change in docking procedures and you don’t know why they are docking at cargo bay four.”

“No sir, I’m sorry sir, I don’t know why, but I can find out for you.”

“You do that lieutenant then you can review Space Corps regulations on providing superior officers with the appropriate information. Meanwhile lieutenant, who granted permission for the docking change?”

“I did Commander,” Captain O’Brien answered for the lieutenant as she and Professor O’Brien entered cargo bay four catching Donovan’s harsh reprimand of the junior officer. “Lieutenant Campel?”

“Yes Captain?” the young man answered obviously a little nervous.

“You have no need to find out why the shuttle needed to change docking areas and you have no need to review regulations, you were following the direct orders of your Captain and I did not ask you to find out their reasons for wanting to change docks, therefore, you did not neglect your duty in any way by not obtaining that information.”

“Thank you Captain!”

“Carry on Lieutenant.”

“Aye Sir.”

“Did it ever occur to you Commander Donovan that the shuttle may have reasons for requesting a docking change that do not need to become general knowledge?” Captain O’Brien asked as she turned her steely green gaze on him.

“I was merely trying to find out if the proper procedures had been followed for a docking change,” Donovan said.

“No Commander, you were irritated at being assigned to inventory cargo and you took it out on the first junior officer to give you the slightest opening for a good railing. I suggest you review Space Corp regulations yourself, paying particular attention to those dealing with the chain of command. Maybe if you had known them better yourself, you would have realized that the dock change would not have been happening without the authorization of a senior officer. I will call in a tech to finish the inventory, your dismissed.”

Donovan turned then and stormed out of the cargo bay, anger evident in every step and his face red with fury.

“You’d better watch that one Adara, he could be dangerous,” Liam told his daughter as he watched the volatile young man stomp from the room.

“I know Dad, I’ve been watching him since he came on board. The man is a walking violation of regulations himself. From his service record, it is a wonder to me he ever made the rank of Commander. In fact, if I had been the one making the decisions, I would have demoted him and booted him out of the service long ago, especially after what happened at his last posting,” Adara replied and Liam looked at her questioningly. “I’m sorry Dad, I can’t talk about it, I’ve already said more than I should have, I promise I’ll be careful. Now lets go see what’s up with the medical team.”

They moved off toward the shuttle, Adara praying she wasn’t making a big mistake by not requesting Donovan’s immediate removal from the ship. Second chances were good, but Donovan had already had more than his fare share of those and had failed to improve each and every time.

Adara hoped that a non military assignment might make Donovan see his faults and change his ways. If not she would have to figure out how to keep him from causing any trouble and that she was afraid might be more than she could manage.
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