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I couldnt believe my eyes. HE CAME. HE NEW I WENT TO COLLEGE HERE. "Natalie, I feel sick." I said, running off to the bathroom. Chloe followed from behind. "Look, if you want me to figure out why Frank came here, I can ask Ray. We are dating..." she said cautiously. "Thanks" I replied, rushing into a stall and puking. "You didn't have to follow me you know" I told Chloe, coming out a few minutes later.

" I know. But I wanted to ask...why" she told me, curiously. So, I told her why. "IMMA GUNNA KILL THAT.." Chloe told me before I cut her off. "Whoa chicka. Calm your little angry butt down. That was a year ago. I almost forgot about it...until he came" I said sadly. I sighed.

Chloe and I went out to the sinks. She stood there silently as I splashed cold water onto my face and washed my hands. I grabbed a cup and took an Asprin for my headache and vomiting. I sighed again as Chloe gave me 2 paper towels. Then, we headed back out.

When we walked in, I couldn't believe my eyes. Natalie was making out with Frank..

( sorry it's short!! )
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