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Chapter Five

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(same summary as before)

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When I slowly regained consciouness a few hours later, Garrett was wiping my face with a wet cloth, a concerned expression on his handsome face.
For a moment I couldn’t figure out what had happened, then it all hit me and I gasped trying to sit up.
“Careful,” Garrett said, gently holding me down, “you might have a concussion.”
“Where is One?” I asked softly and he shook his head.
“I’m sorry,” was all he said, and my eyes filled with tears.
“I have to get him back, before they give him to Rinzler,” I said.
Again Garrett shook his head.
“Its too late,” he told me, then explained how after Jakob and his partner had given One to the army, they had cut their heads off and sent them to the village as a warning.
“One is gone,” Garrett said softly and I pushed him away, sitting up even though my head was swimming.
“Then I’m going after him,” I said, before standing up, trying with all my might not to collapse.
“I’m going with you,” Garrett said, standing too.
“No,” I whispered, turning and looking at him. “I need to do this alone.”

Garrett’s father took me to the edge of the badlands and dropped me off, giving me a bag of supplies and a long black cloak with a hood.
“Be careful,” he said, and I smiled at him.
“I will,” I said, before putting the cloak on and walking out of the badlands.

I found out from some passing travelers that instead of taking One back to the Creationtary, Rinzler and his army had been ordered to bring him to the Capital.
So I headed that way, walking for days, with little sleep, determined I would find One and rescue him.
Finally I reached the Capital, and slipped into an alley.
I found some laundrey that had been hung out to dry and took it, before finding a place to wash my face.
After I had washed, dressed and done my hair up in the fashion of the Capital women, I walked out into the city, looking around at the gray buildings, wondering where One was being kept.
Just then I heard a loud cheering sound and followed people as they hurried toward a loctaion in what I assumed was the center of the city.
There was a rally going on, and as I pushed my way toward the front, I realized that for the first time, I was seeing the Family.
A young blonde man, with a handsome face, but cruel eyes, stepped up to a microphone.
I watched him for a moment, and felt my heart drop into my stomach as I realize who he was.
My brother.
He began to speak, but I didn’t stay to listen, instead I began to push my way through the crowd, wanting nothing more then to get away from him.
Suddenly just as I had freed myself from the crowd, two large guards approached me.
“Come with us,” was all they said, before they physically picked me up and carried me toward the capital building.
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