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Every Fangirl's dream.

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Okay this is a multi-anime crossover, where a group of fangirls fall into an anime world where all the anime guys they love are pirates!

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It was the start of summer break and all of the girls decided to spend summer together.
Kaitlyn was packing her bags, along with her older sister Theresa.

She had won a sweepstakes and gotten a huge mansion as the grand prize.

"This is going to be great!" Kaity said happily as she packed her laptop in her suitcase.

"Yeah, I guess entering that sweepstakes was a good idea after all." Theresa said as she finished packing.

"Yes, and thank Edward for giving you the right numbers." Kaity said as she shut her suitcase.

"Yeah; no. Anyway, are you ready?" Theresa asked as she grabbed her car keys from the dresser
"Yep! Let’s go!” Kaity said happily.

“How much anime crap did you pack?" Theresa asked with her face like this. -_-

"Not much. Just what I needed." Kaity smiled.

"Did you pack your Edward underwear?" Theresa asked, sighing.

"Uh, no, not this time." She said nervously.

"I didn't pack them but I am wearing them." Kaity thought, smirking a little bit.

"Okay, so let's go." Theresa said as she walked out of the house and unlocked her SUV
"So who are we picking up first?" She asked as she got into the SUV.

"Hm... well, let's get Alex and Nicky first, they're the closest." Kaity said, getting in herself.

"Okay, call them and ask them if they're ready to go." Theresa said as she got her keys and started the SUV.

"Okay sure..." Kaity trailed off from looking at a pic of shirtless Edward Elric as her cell phone wallpaper.

Theresa noticed this and poked Kaity in the arm.


"Hm? Oh sorry, I got lost In Ed's hotness." Kaity sighed, blushing a little bit.

"I have no idea why you like him, you know he isn't real right?" She asked, sweat-dropping.

"Of course I know that! But you don't have to remind me...” Kaity pouted.

"He isn't even that good looking." Theresa replied, sighing.

Kaity gasped. “How can you say that? Just look at him!" Kaity flashed her phone with the Ed pic.
He was only in his light blue boxers, it was a screen shot from full metal alchemist

"All I see is some kid in his underwear with a metal arm and needs a haircut." Theresa replied as she started driving.

"Humph! I didn't expect you to appreciate his awesomeness." Kaity said, pouting as she closed her cell phone.

"Whatever, did you call Alex and Nicky?" Theresa asked, looking back at her sister.

"Oh! I'll do that now." She said as she re-opened her cell phone and called her Friend Nicky.


"Oh! I just can't choose!" Alex said as she held up two shirts. One was neon pink with white stars on it and the other black with Green stars on it.

"Just pick one!" Nicky sighed as she continued packing her black suitcase with a studded skull on the front.

"But on one hand, this one really goes with this hair clip I'm wearing but on the other, this one looks better with these shorts." Alex said as she held up the pink shirt then, the black and green one.

“It doesn’t matter just pick one." Nicky said, in an annoyed tone.
"Which one do you like better Kurama-kun?" Alex asked as she held the shirts in front of her Kurama plushy.

Nicky sighed; never knowing why her sister talked to a plushy like it was real.
"I don't even get why you're getting so worked up about this." Nicky said as she checked the strings on her guitar.

"Because! Don't you remember that convention we're supposed to go to after we finish unpacking? Kurama's voice actor is supposed to be there!" Alex practically squealed.


"So? I'm going to ask him to say, in his Kurama voice. "I love you Alexandra." And I want to look good!" Alex said, squealing a little bit before going back to her clothes.

"I still don't get why you like Kurama he's just a pretty boy." Nicky sighed as she put her guitar in its case.

"Because he's good-looking, sweet, a gentleman, a really hot Kitsune and-"

"Alright, that's enough." Nicky interrupted her sister’s rambling.

"Besides, Neji's a pretty boy too." Alex said as she put on her black and green tee.
"Pft! No he isn't!" Nicky scoffed and blushed slightly.

"Yeah he is! He has pretty eyes, long hair, and he's a gentleman too!" Alex retorted as she continued to pack.

"That doesn’t mean he's a freaking pretty boy." Nicky replied, grumbling.
"And if you-" she stopped when her started ringing.

"Hello? Oh, hey Kaity, yeah, we're almost done packing." She said

"She has it really bad for Neji, Kurama-kun. I'm sure she'll do anything to him." Alex smirked as she hugged her plushy.

"Shut up!" Nicky yelled, blushing from her sister’s comments.

"Oh, sorry, Alex is being a baka again, huh? Are you already here? Cool, okay, bye." Nicky hung up her phone, put it in her pocket and picked up her suitcase and guitar.

"Let's go." She said, looking back at her sister.

"Okay! Be good Kurama-kun!" Alex kissed the plushy on the forehead, and set it on the bed, got her suitcase and walked out to meet their friends who were waiting outside.

"Hey guys!" Kaity smiled as she and Theresa got out of the SUV and helped the other two with their bags.

"Okay, I know Kaity's obsessed with Edward Elric." Theresa started.

"I'm not obsessed with him! I'm in love with him!" Kaity smiled.

"Whatever. So who are the anime guys you guys are obsessed over?" Theresa asked, looking at the girls.

"Well, the hottest guy ever is Youko Kurama or in his human form, Suichi Minamino. He's sooo yummy!" Alex smiled as she opened her cell.

"Here’s a pic of him in his Youko form." Alex said, flashing a picture of Youko Kurama, holding a rose and his silver hair flowing in the background.

"And here's him in his sexy human form." Alex smiled as she flashed the other picture... it was a screen shot from an episode of Yu Yu Hakusho. Kurama was smiling and holding a red rose. The petals were starting to come off the rose.

"No offence but are you sure that's a guy?" Theresa asked, not buying what the girl said.
Alex gasped and covered her mouth dramatically.

"She didn't mean that Kurama-kun." She said to her phone.
What did I say?" Theresa asked.

"Nothing, we'll explain the rest on the way to pick up Annabelle." Kaity said as we all got in the SUV


Annabelle had already finished packing and was listening to the sixth opening to Naruto shippuden while sipping a bottle of iced tea, waiting for her friends to come.

She got into her suitcase and pulled out a volume of her Naruto manga.

She ended up getting one certain manga volume she didn't particularly like, it was the volume where Itachi Uchiha died.

Once she opened it and started reading it, she turned her iPod to a fan dub video she had downloaded off YouTube.

It was the sixth opening to Naruto shippuden, a piano version sung by LovelyMusicAngel.

She started singing along because the lyrics described how she felt.

~I realized the screaming pain
Hearing loud in my brain
But I'm going straight ahead
With this scar
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me, so am I
I don't mind if you don't remember
All the feelings that we used to share
For I've sealed away my heart into the darkness
It's just fine if you end up hurting me
Because I don't feel pain anymore
I just drag my feet behind me
Towards what's held in store
I had been led astray
With no hope to be found
My heart withered away
And I fell to the ground
Then I heard a voice within the blowing of the wind
Please let me show you the pain
My scars have made me obtain
Before the weight of the world
Comes crashing down on my shoulders
Do you remember the time
Our tears fell down from the sky
Someday soon when I am gone
Never think that I will neglect you
For the pain the that I have
Sealed away in your heart will protect you
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
So am I
I'm sure that right from the start
You always knew in your heart
That I'd always be the one
That you could count on to care for you
I have been leading you to
The sign that I left for you
Someday soon when I am gone
Never think that I will neglect you
If you will follow the pain
That through me you have obtained
There is nothing in the world
That will be able to hurt you
But don't forget all the things
That bring out your smiling
Someday soon when I am gone
Never think that I will neglect you
Someday soon when I am gone
Never think that I will neglect you
For the pain that I have
Sealed away in your heart will protect you
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
So am I~

She noticed something wet fall onto Itachi's face in her manga.

She felt her face and realized that it was a tear.

"Anna-Chan! Are you okay?" Alex asked as she walked up to the crying girl.

"Yeah, I'm okay, let's go." Anna said as she put her manga away and got up, wiping her eyes.

"Oh, you were reading that Naruto Manga again, I told you not to read that. It always makes you cry." Nicky said, sighing.

"Don't worry; I'm fine, let's just go." Anna said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Wow, what's so sad about a manga?" Theresa asked, looking back at the girl.

"She cries because Itachi Uchiha dies in it." Kaity said, smirking a little.

"And who's Itachi Uchiha?" Theresa asked with a confused tone.

"We'll explain everything once we're all together; besides, it would take way too long for us to explain everything without some help." Nicky said as Anna got in the SUV.

"Why do I always cry when I see him die?" She thought to herself.

"Okay, so Suki and the others should meet us at the house." Kaity said.

"Okay, that's fine." Theresa said as she started the SUV again and started driving
It wasn't long before all the girls arrived at the house, and almost immediately after they arrived, Suki drove up in her yellow Minivan.

"Hey guys! What’s up?" She called out as she parked the vehicle
Theresa parked her SUV and everyone started getting out.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!!!" Carolina practically screeched as she got out, the others were smart enough to close their ears before she yelled.

"Man! Why did you yell so loud?" Theresa asked.

"She does that when she's excited." Stephanie smiled, getting on her skateboard and skating around a bit.

"Well, let's go in already." Theresa said as she got her bag and the key to the house
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