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Date Night (Part 2)

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Winny gets taken to the station and makes sure Dane's juuuuuust fine.

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Okay, so i have some apologise to make, seeing as i havent updated in a while, but i was fiding it hard to write, writers block i guess. Anyways, so heres the next chapter, please please please review, because honestly, the chapters would be up a lot quicker :D Okay, there you go, enjoy and R&R as much as possible, pleaseeeeee :P S xo

Chapter 4.

“W-what?” I asked, trembling as he raised the cuffs to my wrist and clicking one of them such. “Mikey!!” I called out, completely terrified.
“What’s going on? Who…What…What the fucks going on?!”
“Mikey!! MIKEY! Help me…Tell them. Tell them it was the men! Frank! Tell them! Tell them what those men did to me…” I sobbed. “Please…It wasn’t.” By now, everyone was in the hallway, staring speechless as I was dragged down through their front garden and into the police car. I could hear as Frank, Gee, Mikey and Ray protested. I watched as Frank shouted abuse at them, insisting there was evidence against them. I watched as Gee tried to get to me, to hold me. I watched as Mikey fought with one officer as he insisted that he was allowed to come with me. And yet the sight that broke my heart most, shattered it into pieces and then stamped on it, was watching Dane as he sobbed quietly to himself, totally horrified and completely frozen. I stared back at him, meeting his eyes until the very last minute, the absolute last second. I cried into Mikey’s shoulder, not able to do anything else.
“Shhhhh, it’s going to be fine. Come on, its all going to be okay.” Mikey comforted me, wrapping his arms around me. He continued to comfort me on the way, but I knew this wouldn’t end well for me. It never did.

Dane’s POV.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the big guy in the sky had something against me. Something he wanted me to pay for, some kind of…debt I had to him. There was only one thing that was worse than having my Mother murdered in the next room, and that was having my older sister, who was like…like the female me, like more than a sister, arrested and dragged away from me, taking what was left of my heart with her.
“Dane.” I heard Gee call my name, but all I could do is stare at the exact spot where the police car had disappeared from view. “Dane…come on, I’ve gotta get you down to the station. Dane!!” Still I did nothing. I felt his arm go around my shoulder and he tried to pull me inside. “Dane come on.” Finally I moved, allowing him to drag me inside behind him. I watched as Gee ran around the house, picking up keys and other things. My gaze was averted to the image of Frank sitting on the bottom step of the stairs, his knee’s spread at shoulder width, his elbow’s resting on his knees and his head buried in his hands. I was pulled from the house once again, this time being directed into the car. Gee drove to the station, the rest of the guys had stuffed themselves into the backseats and were currently chattering nervously while I sat in my own solitary silence to the entire way, when we made it there I was hauled out of the passenger seat and guided inside. I could barely breath. The silence was killing me but I couldn’t bring myself to break it, I couldn’t stop the same thoughts running through my head like a steam train. What if she goes to jail? How am I going to deal with all the shit mom left behind? What would happen to Jamie?...What would happen to me?

Mikey’s POV.

“I cant. I cant tell you. I just…I cant…I just I cant tell you…But its true!! I didn’t do it. Why the fuck would I murder my own Mother? I love her so much…loved her so much. Can you not see that all this is killing me? How the fuck do you think it feels to have lost your Mother?! Your own flesh and fucking bones?!” She shouted, obviously getting more and more angry and less and less upset. “GOD! You people are so fucking insensitive!!”
“Please Miss. Stark, you need to calm down. Just answer the questions and if your telling the truth, you’ll be out of here in no time.”
“Listen. Maybe we should just leave it for…like…5 minutes, maybe then. Besides, she can’t really answer any of your questions without a lawyer present.”
“Fine.” The officer sighed, raising himself off of his chair and walking from the room. I watched Win as she sat herself down on the floor, cross-legged, and leaned her cheeks in the palms of her hands. “Win, this is going to be fine, I promise. Just tell them.”
“I cant tell them. I cant. Where’s Frank?! I need to talk to Frankie.” She looked desperately into my eyes. “Okay. I’ll go find him.” I stood up and walked out the same way the Officer had. I walked around the maze that was the station and found Frank.
“She wants to speak to you. Says its desperate.” I couldn’t deny that I was jealous. I mean, Winny had always trusted me more back in the day, we’d always been like a set of twins, and now she wanted Frank more than she wanted me. I mean sure, mine was the first name she’d called in that situation, and I was the one that had comforted her and I was the one that she had trusted enough to sleep beside and not try it on with her, but still. I felt like I was losing her. More than I did before, when she actually left, because this time, it was her choice.

Franks POV.

“Nona.” I called the name I had come up with that afternoon.
“Frank!” She ran towards me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I was surprised at first, then snaked my arms around her waist and squeezed her so that she was raised slightly off the floor. “Frank, I need your help.” She sobbed quietly into my shoulder. “You have to tell them…I can’t do it, I can’t talk about it…I can’t…you have to tell them for me.”
“Okay. I will. I promise.” She sighed in relief and pulled herself away from me, smiling through the tears.
“Im sorry our date got interrupted.” I laughed at the minute issue that was our date. “Its fine Nona. We’ll continue another day.”
“Another day? Why not tomorrow night…or tonight even…if this shit manages to sort itself out.” She frowned, having stop crying. “Anyway.”
“Indeed. I’m going to go and find Mikey and that police officer and tell them to come back here.”
“Okay, just make sure Mikey stays outside.” I unwound my arms and pecked her lips. I walked out of the room and back towards where I knew Mikey was waiting, the entire time thinking about nothing but what I had to tell them. What I had to divulge. The horrible…tragedy that had occurred. I could feel my entire body trembling.

Winny’s POV.

I was shaking as Frank attempted to stutter out my story. I could barely breath when he came to the end. “Listen, I understand that your trying to stick up for your little girlfriend, but it isn’t possible for us to take any actions against this man unless you can give us a description, and im sure, Mr. Iero, it is impossible for you to do that, so Miss. Stark, that leaves us in a rather sticky situation.” I couldn’t answer him, so I simply raised my head in recognition of the request. “Miss. Stark.” I nodded. “Right. Well then, can you describe the men these men.” At first I stuttered, then I did. I described everything I had to.
“Okay. Well, obviously we’ll be looking for the men you described, and for now, you’ll be allowed out on bail, but you have to understand that said bail could be temporary.”
“Okay.” I replied in a hushed voice. I was lead out of the cell in which I was being held, and released once Gee had paid the bail. I hugged him tight and promised to pay him back as soon as I was back at work.
“Outside.” Gee replied with sad eyes. I pulled away from him and walked out of the station. I scanned the sidewalk and found Dane sitting on a bench a few minutes down the road throwing stones into the road.
“Hey kid.” I said, sitting down beside him. “What’s up?”
“What makes you think something’s up?” He said, defensively.
“Well, the fact that your mom’s just been killed and your big sister just got arrested for it could be a contributing factor to something being up.”
“You know, I’ve always resented how well you know me.” He smiled, his eyes still fixed to the floor. “What’s up…a good question. I don’t know, it just feels like everything is against us. I mean, first, Dad leaves us, then Mom practically left us, seeing as she was never there, then she gets…murdered, then you get arrested…and its not exactly likely that they’ll find the guy…Winny…I know you care about me and everything but…well…when Mom was killed, why did you lie about what those guys did to you?” I was speechless. There was no way he could’ve known that without Frank telling him, and I knew from experience that he wouldn’t of.
“How did…what…how did you know?”
“Irrelevant. You didn’t answer my question.”
“I-I lied because…because I didn’t want you to worry or be more upset that you already would’ve been.”
“Winny…what did they do to you?” He asked, finally looking up at me.
“They…What those men did to me was…horrific. I can’t…well…its pretty basic really…I was raped…they…it was almost like they broke me. Im sorry I lied, but I really…I couldn’t talk about it, and…I felt like nothing. Hell I still do. But now, if they find this guy…this guy that tore our family to pieces for a laugh, well that would be…it would be better than it is now.” He stayed silent for a few seconds, just staring up at me.
“Yeah. I guess it would.” I smiled sadly and opened my arms to him, he scooted over on the bench and leaned his head into the crook of my neck. “I love you, Dane. Remember that, okay?” He nodded and I felt one of his tears run down my neck. “You know, sometimes it scares me how good our relationship is.” I chuckled along with him and we just sat there for a while, just holding each other. I loved my relationship with my brother, loved how we could be like this and not be tearing each others throats out like other siblings. I would always remember that day. Always remember how content I felt, how happy I was to be like this with him. Especially through out what the next couple of weeks would bring.

Frank’s POV.

I watched her embrace her brother and I smiled. I couldn’t stop thinking about the way she’d run to me and wrapped her arms around me. It felt right. Like we fit together. It was so weird, the way I felt about her. And the way I’d feel when she went away.

Gerard’s POV.

“Come on muscle man, lets go home.” Mily pulled me out of the Station and towards the car, smiling warmly. One of the reasons I loved her, she would always be….supportive. The fact she was beautiful wasn’t exactly a bad thing, but it wasn’t the most important thing.
“I love you, you know that?” I asked her, pressing her up against the car and kissing her neck.
“Yes. I did know that. Now, now, Gee, why don’t we go home and continue this…’conversation’ in private. Oh, and I love you more.” She turned away from me and I slapped her perfect ass, as a way of protesting the statement. Later that month I would feel bad about the way I shrugged off the day’s events, and the things Winny had told me.

Mikey’s POV.

None of us could’ve anticipated what happened to them. No one could’ve stop it. Unfortunately, as hard as I tried, no-one could get me to believe that. Not Gee, not Frankie, not Nikki, not even myself.
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