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Frikey- What the hell just happened?

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What happens when Frankie thinks the new boy is beautiful?

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Frank's POV
I was sitting at my desk pretending to do the work assigned when the door opened. I jerked my head up and saw the most beautiful boy standing in front of me. He was tall and very skinny. He was wearing a worn out Anthrax shirt, black skinnies, black Converse, a black flag hoodie, and glasses. He stood at the front of the room as the pervy teacher, Mr.Marshall looked him up and down, smiling as he did so.
" Your name son?" Mr. Marshall asked.
" Uh, um Mikey Way.Sir." Mikey said, blushing deeply.
" Welcome Mikey. It's a joy to have you in my class. Please take a seat beside Frankie."
I felt myself blushing. My name is Frankie! Oh my god! Wait, why did my teacher call me Frankie? Anyways, I was still in the process of freaking out when Mikey sat down beside me.
" Hey, I'm Frank." I heard myself saying
" Hi, I'm uh Mikey" He said, blushing again.
I smiled at him and he smiled back. I felt the crotch of my jeans grow tight as I stared at him.
" Uh, Frank, whatcha looking at?" Mikey asked me, giving me a weird look.
" Just the most beautiful boy in the world." I said without thinking.
Shit! Did I really just say that?

Still Frankie's POV
Mikey just stared at me. I quickly became interested in my beat up purple Converse.
" You think that I'm beautiful?" Mikey asked.
I looked up, startled. " You aren't mad?" I asked.
" Nope. Why should I be?" Mikey asked.
I pinched my arm to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. Nope, I'm all here.
" Well, I'm a guy and you are a guy. Boys shouldn't call each other beautiful." I said slowly.
" I sure don't see anything wrong with it." He said, shifting closer to me.
Holy shit, did it just get hot in here? Why the fuck am I sweating? I'm not gay. Am I? Oh shut the fuck up, of course you are!!!
" Frank, are you okay?" Mikey asked, looking worried.
God damnit Frank, stop mentally arguing with yourself! Wait, he is looking at me funny again.
" Yeah, I'm okay. I uh....didn't take my meds this morning?" I said.
What?? NO! Why did I say that?
Thankfully the bell rang. Mikey and I jumped up at the same time. Thanks to gravity ( It doesn't mean too much to me!) somehow I managed to fall on top of Mikey, hence kncoking him onto the floor. Great, I was laying on top of a beautiful guy, with a raging erection, and my face right in his.

Still Frankie's POV
I just lay there for a second before it hit me. I was laying on top of a boy whom I had feelings for. I called said boy beautiful. Why the hell am I still laying on him? Before I could jump up, Mikey smiled at me and strained his face towards mine. I quickly rolled off him, well aware that my hard on was visible to everyone. I rushed to the bathroom, blushing and confused as hell.
" Frank!" I heard Mikey call after me.
What the hell am I doing? My head was spinning.
I pushed the bathroom door open, threw my things down, and slumped aganist the nearest wall.
" Frankie, you okay?" Mikey asked.
He called me Frankie! Shut up Frank, answer the question.
" Uh, yeah I'm fine. It just got a little hot." I said, blushing.
" Honey, I'm about to make it a hell of a lot hotter." Mikey smirked, sauntering over to me.
" Wh-" I began.
I was cut off by Mikey casually stradling my hips. He gave me a sexy smirk before he hungrily ground his hips into my crotch. I moaned.
" Shhh, make no noise or we can't finish. And you will have to wait all day long before I can get my hands on you." He whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine.
All I could do was nod.
Mikey began to plant kisses down my neck, while running his hands underneath my shirt. It kept getting hotter and hotter by the minute.
" God damnit, take the fucking thing off." I hissed, closing my eyes.
Mikey ripped my shirt off, throwing the remains in the cornor. He began to kiss down my stomach while I played with his hair. I could feel his erection through my jeans, which made mine grow harder, if possible.
His kisses stopped at the buttons of my jeans. I could feel his hot breath on my skin.
" Stop being a fucking tease." I groaned.
" Don't be a little bitch about it." Mikey said.
He began to undo my jeans with his teeth, moving to the zipper once he had gotten them unbuttoned. As he positioned himself over me, I stuck my hands in his pants and grabbed his dick, which caused him to moan, a deep throaty moan.
" Whose the little bitch now?" I whispered, gently sucking on his neck.
He responded by jerking my jeans and boxers down. He blew cold air onto the tip of my dick. I was getting painfully hard. I couldn't take much more. Mikey positioned himself between my legs and then he began to lick the pre-cum off the tip of my dick. As the sweat rolled off his forehead, I licked every drop of it off.
" Shit...." I groaned, as Mikey took all of me in his mouth.
I worked my hands around in his pants, eager to get the fucking things off of hiim. I jerked them down and began pumping my hand up and down his length. he continued to suck.
" M-Mikey, I'm g-gonna..." I whispered, my pumping speeding up with his sucking.
I came all in his mouth as he came all over my hands and stomach. He collasped onto me as we rode out or orgasms.
" Mikey, that was the best fucking thing that I have ever experienced."
" Didn't know you were gay until just now huh?" Mikey asked.
" I didn't know that you would be so agressive." I said, before gently kissing him.
He pulled away. " What?" I asked, cocerned.
" I think I love you Frankie." He said, grinning.
I smiled. " I think I love you too."
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