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Monday Hell II

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*Frank's POV*

I'd skipped the first 2 hours of school because thruthfully, I was scared of seeing Gerard. I didn't care about what the kids said, for I care they could go to hell.

So I walked across town to school, just in time for 3rd, English, great I hadn't thought this through had I?

He was already sat in class, doing what looked like drawing, or writing, he was bent over the desk. In front of him where Chris and Dan normally sat were Rora and Kai. Apparently Chris had suspended for a month for what he said and did.

I slowly walked to the back and sat down, taking my stuff out

He turned to me with an appologetic look on his face, "Heya, I'm sorry about Friday, it wasn't you, I had WAY to much to drink. Seriously ask Mikey I passed out before I even got home."

I stared into his eyes and then shook my head slightly, "Nah, it's fine." I said distantly, he didn't mind out the kiss?! I screamed in my head.

My phone vibrated...

Can you tell G to turn his phone one. and yeah we know you're in school now... R

I leaned over, he spelt like smoke again, smoking at break I guessed, "Ray says turn your phone on."

He asked why and I just shrugged.

"I don't have it on me, it's dead." he explained.

I replied to Ray saying this.

okay, i have it under control.

He has WHAT under control, I had no idea.

The teacher looked up at us, oh god please dont shout at us today, please.

"Gerard Way. A Mr. Toro needs to see you at the nurses office immeadiatly." he said (thank god he doesn't teach Ray)

We looked at each other, I scribbled on my notepad "Go along with it. It's Ray"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that, thanks." he said to the teacher, getting his stuff and leaving the room.

That is how Ray got me out of lesson most times, he could hack into the teacher emails... Mr.Toro was a counseller as far as Mr Scream-a-lot was concerned.

*Gerard's POV*

I was confused, very confused, why was Ray pulling me out of lessons?

I walked toward the nurses office, Ray,Bob and Kai were stood infront of my locker -which was on the way, clever Ray-.
They turned around, "You took your time." Ray said.

"Well, I'm sorry Mr. Toro." I said, as I got closer to the locker, I saw they were half way through cleaning it, "You didn't have to do this." I said.

"Yeah we did, this is all my fault I-"

"No Ray, seriously, I'm not mad at you, or Frank or anyone. Lets.. just get this cleaned off."
I said.

Since this morning, more egg and photo's had been added. My locker now being a shrine to the homophobic and degrading language. I didn't bother to read any of the notes people had stuck on it, we just ripped them off and put them in a rubbish bag. The graffiti was a little harder to remove, but Kai had found sponges in the cleaners cupboard. We scrubbed it all off, and stood back to admire (if that is the right word in this situation) our work.

There wasn't a spot of dirt on the locker. It now blended in with the rest.

"We've already cleaned Frank's... Wanna go up to the roof?" Ray asked.

"nah, I have a second Art lesson today."

"Double Art, oh I wish I was that lucky." Bob said, as they both turned to go to the roof I guessed.

I threw the bag of rubbish in the bin and went and sat on the steps out the front of the school, alone.

I looked up at the sky, the rain clouds from earlier had dissapeared, and now the sky was blue. I remembered what my art teacher had said, and got up, wondering if I could start class early.

I got closer to the classroom but I saw a class in it, busy painting and drawing.

I recognised the face at the window immeadiately, I childishly crawled under and poked my head up, tapping extremely gently on the glass.

Mikey almost jumped out of his skin when he saw me, I put a finger over my lip and beconed for him to come outside, I saw him turn around and say something tot he teacher.

He got up and came out, finding me around the corner.

"I told him I needed the toilet so I can't be long, what do you want?" he said.

"Just wanted to say Hi." I smiled.

"Are... Are you bunking lessons?" He said, with a hint of dissapointment.

"It's only English, I can catch up."

I saw the teacher at the window looking out, "you better get back." I said.

He nodded and went back, I sat against the wall, waiting for the bell to go.


Nothing really happened in Art, I finished my painting and went back to sketching in my book, It was Frank, Bob and Ray performing in the basement, but I changed the background so that the walls were covered in lyrics to there songs in blood red ink. It looked a cool contrast to the black and white drawing.

*Frank's POV*

I sat with Bob, Ray and Mikey under our tree, surprisingly no one came over and bothered us, even when Gerard turned up, he was smiling at us all and sat in front, -we were all in a semi circle talking- He put his stuff to the side and brought out a bottle of water and two little pills.

Mikey immeadiately looked up and was about to speak, "Got a headache." Gerard said answering Mikey's question, before taking them.

I worked out from this exchange between the brothers that Gerard has, or had some form of drug problem.

We sat all lunch laughing and chatting, like friends, even though we'd only met the pair less then a week ago. Mikey invited us around to their's that night to watch scary movies, I didn't really know if I wanted to go, but I thought I may as well.

What harm could come of that?

[* sorry for the sucky chapter, I don't know what's wrong with me, I'm getting writers block. Sorry again... xoxox Maria
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