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Love Lives

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Based on the song lyrics. Steven and Joe's thoughts.

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Steven was sitting at his home, looking out at his massive garden. A pen in his hand and a paper in front of him, lost in his thoughts. He was supposed to write the soundtrack of a Japanese movie. "The subject is love" they had told him.... Love. That word brought memories back. Memories, thoughts he knew he would never forget. He stared at the blank sheet of paper and jotted down a title: "Love lives". He smiled at the truth in those words, that after all this time, anger and separation, his love for him was still as strong as ever. Perhaps he could give him a sign... Through this song? Yes. That's what he would do.

I look at you
You look at me
I knew it then, but you couldn't see it
And now you've come around

He remembered the first time. It was way back in the 70's. They had been secretly looking at each other. Their eyes met a couple of time, just for a few secnds before they both looked away. "What the fuck is happening to me?" Both of them had thought it. More than once.
It was Steven who had made the first move. He just couldn't handle it anymore. It was too much. He looked at Joe playing his guitar in that sexy, powerful way. His hair covering up most of his face, his fine features. After the show he simply cornered him in the dressing room and they kissed. Joe didn't fight it. It was something they both had been longing to do for a long time. It just went on from there... All those years. But the road had not been at all smooth. They had had many issues...

I wander way,
you stay behind
But I've got the memories to remind me, of how you used to
Hold me so tight,
Be by my side
And make it alright!

They had fought. Many many times, but this last time... it had been the worst. "It's all your fault you stupid asshole!" He said to himself over and over, in hopes that.... What? joe would sense he was terribly sorry and come back? "No, he wouldn't. He's had it with you!" Sadness filled his face. He struggled to hold back the flood of tears, he knew was coming. Just thinking about it hurt so much.
Memories.... Those he had. Of them being lovers. Together. Lovely mornings, when he would wake up to see Joe had made him breakfast, greeting him with a smile on his face. That smile could make his day. He let out a sigh... "Guess those days are over...."

Love gives, and love takes
Yeah it'll keep you up in the middle of the night,
catch you when you're falling!
Love gives, what love makes
If you let it go it'll always come back,
when it hears you calling
Love Lives!

It gave and it took. They fought a lot. But then... They'd be back together and it would be the best feeling ever. Whenever he had any problems, he knew he could count on Joe. And Joe knew he could count on him... He hoped.
It'll always come back. It always has, right? 4o years, they've been a band... They've been together a bit less than that, with many breaks, but together, still. Will he come back this time? He was calling. Oh, how he was calling! He just hoped, there would be an answer.

I know you're there, you always were
There'll be an end to all this hurting!
But how many tears must fall,
before you're back into my arms,
so I can tell you I've been dying!
Without you, too many nights,
are passing us by
But we'll make it by!!

When? How many tears must he cry, how many nights, lay awake and think about picking up the phone and confessing he was wrong. The choices he had made, the things he had said, were wrong. And that he was sorry. But.... what if he didn't pick up the phone in the first place. What if he told him to go to hell with his apology. That is what he feared. He has been dying. Dying slowly, with each passing night.
We'll make it by. "Heh, I dunno 'bout that one" A bitter smile.
You know what they say, hope dies last...

He finished the rest of the chorus and sent it out. They loved it. Yeah.... they would... Now all he had to do is wait...


Joe picked up the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine. "Can't find me, huh? That bastard!" He was pissed. Very much so. He wanted to go on with the band, what was all this American Idol fuckery. Why was he communicating through the press? Why hadn't he ever called him? He'd been waiting.... waiting, not so much for an apology, but for an explination. Why? That was all he needed to know. He drank his coffee and read the bullshit article.
Suddenly he hears something. The radio... Turn it up... Steven's new single. He had been avoiding hearing it, but well, since it was playing already, what the hell....

"Hold me so tight, be by my side, make it allright!" He repeated that verse. It was as if he was singing it to him. The chorus was spot on. He gave a laugh "Meh, it's probably just about one of his girls. Or about no one at at all, really" But then.... "How many tears will fall? Before you're back into my arms, so I can tell you I've been dying, without you!"
His eyes welled up. It was for him. It had to be. Why hadn't he called? All this time, he had thought it was because he was really through. That he didn't want him anymore. That he wanted to do his own thing. It had angered him, yes... But deep down he was hurt. And sad.

Memories flooded back of how they had first met, all the roadblocks they'd had on the way. Yet thay had always made up. Steven had made the first move then... Perhaps he should take the first step now?
"What if the song.... is just a song? If he doesn't even pick up? What if he's really through?" He was nervous about calling him.... What to say? Maybe the words would just simply come out as they had all those years, but then again... maybe not.

"Fuck it. I'm calling him" His hand shook as he picked up his phone and dialed his numer "Call" he said and gently pressed the button... Ring, ring!


Steven was sitting on his couch watching some show.... Hs phone was on the coffee table and he was watching it intently. "He won't call!" He kept telling himself over and over.

Suddenly the phone started vibrating! He jupmed and took it in his hand "Joe", it said. Nervously, he answered...

"Steven.. It's Joe"
"Oh.. h-hey. What's up?"
"Steven, I heard the song... Is there something you wanted to tell me?"
Happiness flooded him, he had heard it! More importantly, understood it!
"Well, yeah...."
"I've been waiting for your call... Why didn't you call me?"
"Well, why didn't YOU call me? I thought you'd be pissed!"
"I was... I mean, I am! But more so, because you didn't call! I thought you were through with the band!"
"WHAT?! You know better than that! Ok..... wanna come over so we can talk this through?"
"I'd love to babe, see you!"
"See you!"

A smile appeared on Joe Perry's face. He grabbed his keys and his jacket and drove. Finally.

Steven sat down on the couch. A smile the size of Texas on his face. To think this could have been resolved earlier. Whatever. He was coming... And that's all that mattered now.
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