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Two Lonely hanyou hearts. (A YYH love story)

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Tsubaki and Naomi are a pair of Hanyou who want to find out the truth about what happened to their fathers and the real reason they were killed, once they team up with Yusuke, they find out more th...

Category: Yu Yu Hakusho - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Botan,Hiei,Kazuma Kuwabara,Koenma,Kurama,Yusuke - Warnings: [!] [!!] [!!!] [V] [?] - Published: 2011-01-10 - Updated: 2011-01-10 - 951 words

Yesterday, me and my best friend, Tsubaki found out that our friend Yusuke Urameshi came back to life after everyone thought he was dead, at first, I didn’t believe anyone about that since, come on! It’s impossible for anyone to come back from the dead!

But after we saw Yusuke at school the next day after he was said to be dead, we believed him!
Then again, something like this wasn’t really that far out there since me and Tsubaki are hanyou and know a lot about stuff from spirit world since we were kids.

My Father was a fox demon and Tsubaki’s father was a rabbit demon. We came to the Ningenkai after both of our fathers were killed by very powerful demons.

Sure, it took a while to get over but even though about six years have passed since that day, I still miss my father a lot, and I hope he’s happy in heaven, and I know Tsubaki is still kind of upset about her father dying. But she’s a strong girl so she’ll be okay.

Once we found out that Yusuke was alive, we were happy, especially Keiko, we always thought she had a thing for him. I thought it was cute though! They look really cute together!

After school, Tsubaki and I decided to go to the mall. “Finally! I hate wearing those damn frilly uniforms!” Tsubaki said, smiling as she continued walking in her dark grey cargo pants, black skull graphic T-shirt and black combat boots. She was always a bit of a tomboy.

“Oh come on Tsubaki, they aren’t that bad!” I said, sweat-dropping a little bit. I never really minded the uniforms and the skirts weren’t really short, they went down to our ankles!

“Yeah, but I just feel…naked when I wear a skirt Naomi, you know that.” Tsubaki replied, sighing a little.

“Yeah I know you’ve always hated dresses or skirts since we were kids.” I replied, laughing a little bit as we walked to the mall, but just before we got there, we saw a fortune teller reach out to us and grabbed Tsubaki’s arm.
“Hey! What the hell?” Tsubaki growled at the fortune teller, the fortune teller let her go and pulled her mask down a little. “Tsubaki Naomi, I need your help!” She said.

Once we saw the fortune teller’s face we were surprised to see that it was Botan! "Hey Botan, Long time; no see." I said as I waved at her and smiled.

We hadn’t seen Botan since our fathers died. She was the one who opened the portal to help me and Tsubaki and our mothers get to the Ningenkai.

"Yes well, I wish I could’ve seen you two on happier terms but this is an emergency!" Botan replied, she had a very panicked and worried look on her face.

"Okay, okay, calm down and tell us what's wrong." I said as I took Botan’s hand and patted it a little, trying to calm her down.

"Okay, but it may be shocking." Botan warned, Then, she told us all about how Yusuke is the spirit detective for earth and has to retrieve these three artifacts of darkness from three horrible demons for his first case and that he's about to go up against the first one again and he isn’t even recovered yet.

“So please, you two are the only ones that can help Yusuke! If you won't do it for him, do it for me. Please!!" Botan begged, taking mine and Tsubaki’s hands and pleading with anime tears running down her face

"Okay, okay, enough sap! We'll do it. Come on Naomi, let's hurry!" Tsubaki said, looking away and blushing a little as she started running after Botan let us go.
"Uh, right! Botan, you go ahead!" I said as we started to run.

Botan led us into the forest outside of the city until we started to feel a pretty high level of spirit energy and we soon found Yusuke and he looked pretty beat up. He was holding some kind of green glowing ball probably one of the artifacts.

Once we got back into the city, Yusuke was pretty annoyed because we agreed to help him on his case. Him and his stupid male pride.

He was walking with a stick and refusing to let us help him."Hey Yusuke! Can't you just admit it would be easier if you lay on my shoulder?" Botan asked.

"Yeah, let us help you!" I added, I was really concerned for Yusuke’s well-being since we had been friends for a few years now

"Stop being so pig-headed!" Tsubaki yelled, obviously getting mad.

"Yeah, and can't you all admit that it’d be embarrassing?!" Yusuke yelled back. Making Tsubaki and I sigh in annoyance.

"He'll never change." I said, sweat-dropping. And just then, I felt a strange source of spirit energy. I looked at Tsubaki and she looked back at me. “Do you feel that?” I asked, Tsubaki nodded in reply and looked around a bit.

."What's up?" Botan asked, looking around and obviously a little concerned. "One of them is here, if they try to fight me, I'll be meat on a stick!' Yusuke said, holding the stick up and hiding behind Botan. "Where is he? I'll take him!" I said, looking around and soon found the source of the energy.

"There. It's Kurama." Yusuke said as he pointed at a boy with long red hair and emerald green eyes. He was pretty cute. I felt myself start to blush right when I looked at him
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