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The Kitsune Alchemist. (An Edward Elric love story)

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Roy Mustang has a little sister named Kitsune, and her life will change once she meets the Elric brothers.

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The sounds of screaming and gunshots filled my ears, everywhere I went, I heard the sound of either someone being shot to death or a child crying for their lost family.

The scent of gunpowder and freshly spilled blood was polluting the air; the streets were soon dyed crimson from the blood of both the military and the Ishbalians.

I looked down at my blood-stained hands and saw that they were both flesh and blood, my left hand no longer auto mail.

But as I looked closer at them, I saw that they were covered in blood, the crimson fluid running down the creases of my fingers and onto the ground. My fingernails looked like claws, grown out like an animal’s.

I looked below me and I saw that I had just taken the life of a solder, his blood pouring out of the deep wound on his chest and onto the ground, dying it crimson red.

And as I looked down at him, blood pouring out of his body, I started to have this incredible blood lust, I wanted to hear my victims scream, to feel their blood in my hands, and I wanted to kill.

When I saw another solder about to shoot me, I quickly ran at him and slit his throat with my claws.

I looked behind me to see the horrified face of my older brother Ryan, his hands shaking as he held the rifle that was in his hands

"Please Kyoko, Stop. We're friends remember?" he asked, pointing the rifle at me.

“Why is he calling me Kyoko?" I asked myself, but I soon opened my mouth and said "Go ahead. Shoot me! But I'm not going to stop until I get my revenge on the bastard who killed my family!"

But, it wasn’t my voice, it sounded deeper then my own voice, and I soon realized that I had no control over my body. It was like I was a prisoner in my own body!

I leapt at Ryan and knocked the gun out of his hands. I was soon on top of him, my claws piercing his shoulders and blood began to leak out. He looked winced in pain at first and looked at me with terrified and pleading eyes.

"Please! Don't do this Kyoko!" He yelled, Tears beginning to form in his eyes. Seeing my brother like that was breaking my heart.

"I'm not going to let anyone stand in my way! Not even you!" my body yelled as I was about to use my claws to slit my own brother’s throat.

"NO! STOP!!! He's my brother! I don't want him to die!" I yelled as tears formed in my eyes and I closed them tightly.

When I opened them, I looked around and I couldn’t see anything. When I tried to move, I couldn’t move my arms or legs. It felt like I was being held back my chains

A light shone in front of me and suddenly, I could see everything that was happening. I was looking down at my brother, blood soaking his military jacket and tears in his eyes, looking up at me.

"STOP, PLEASE!!! I don't want him to die!!" I yelled but as I tried to move, the chains held me back, tears were running down my face. I hated this; I never wanted to lose him. I cared about him too much.

And right when Kyoko was about to drive her claws into Ryan’s throat, I Heard a loud pop and I felt a sharp pain in my chest. And I let out a cry of pain.

Once I looked down, I saw blood pouring out of my chest. The pain was immense and I moaned a little, starting to feel light-headed from the loss of blood. When I looked up, I saw that Kyoko had been shot too.

And I saw who it was who shot her, it was Roy! He looked down at the ground, looking remorseful as he dropped his rifle, which was still smoking slightly onto the ground.
"I'm sorry Kyoko. You had to be stopped." He said as Kyoko’s eyes widened from the blow and she let go of Ryan’s shoulders, falling onto his body.

Ryan caught her and gently laid her onto the ground, tears starting to fall from his eyes as he looked down at her.

Kyoko was groaning slightly from the wound and coughed up some blood.
It was starting to get hard for me to breath and I was starting to get cold, knowing that the end of my life was at hand.

Roy and Ryan both knelt down to Kyoko, who lay on the ground, a pool of blood beginning to surround her body; she glared at both Roy and Ryan as she looked up at them. Both brothers were surprised to see tears falling from Kyoko’s amber colored eyes.

She reached up to the two of them, coughing a little from the blood pooling in her lungs. “Roy, Ryan, I promise that I will come back. And when I do, I'm going to get my revenge on you two and the entire military!!!" She said, baring her fangs at the two before coughing violently and coughing up more blood as she closed her eyes and soon after she did, her heart stopped beating.
When Kyoko stopped breathing, I did too.

I gasped when I woke up, panting and in a cold sweat as I looked around and I saw that I was in my room.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I tried to calm myself. Putting my human hand on my chest and feeling my heart beating. I guess I just needed to feel it to believe it.
"Oh, it was just a dream. Thank goodness." I said as I got up from my bed, I looked down below me and saw that I had fallen asleep while packing my suitcase.

I didn’t get that much sleep that night, since I was busy looking over some of my research findings. That and I had to help my brother with his paperwork Again.

I looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was twelve minutes after ten. I yawned a little and continued packing my suitcase, walking over to my closet and getting a few more changes of clothes. Before folding them and putting them into my suitcase.

Just as I had finished packing, I looked at my gold charm bracelet and opened one of the charms to reveal the picture of my brother, Ryan. I sighed a little as I looked at it. “Ryan…someday I’ll bring you home. I promise.”

And just then, the phone started to ring. I walked over to the kitchen after closing my suitcase and went to the phone and answered it."Hello?"

“It's me." The voice on the other end was of my brother Roy.

“Hey Brother, What's up?" I asked smiling and my pink fluffy tail wagging behind me. I was really happy to hear his voice after that horrible nightmare.

“I want you to come to the train station as fast as you can.
And make sure you bring your fans." He replied, chuckling a little.

“Sure! I'll be there ASAP!" I said smiling as I hung up and grabbed my suitcase as I ran out of the house after locking the door.

I knew what my brother wanted. He told me last night that I was going to be staying at Shou Tucker's house while I studied for the state alchemist exam.

But, I don't really like Tucker. I never liked the fact that he specializes in making chimeras. And I've always had a bad feeling when I'm around him ever since his wife left him.

But, I babysit his daughter Nina a lot and she really seems to like me. After I got my hat and put it on and put my jacket on to hide my chimera side, I started running to the train station
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