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Here comes the rain

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These are a few short songfics, most of them about GnR and some about Mötley Crüe.

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Mexican Blood

Now his heart is broken
he loved her and she loved him
and when he lost her he lost everything

With a happy smile on his face, Duff walked down a street. He was on his way to his boysfriend's flat and he just couldn't wait anymore to see him again. They hadn't see each other for quite a while now, because Izzy had left the band few months ago and he had returned to Lafayette, which was his place of birth. Duff, at the other side, continued touring with Guns N' Roses.

But finally he would see Izzy again today – his one and only love. The small guy with his dark hair and innocent face. Duff grinned because of his thoughts. Izzy was everything besides innocent.

He remembered how it started, as if it had been yesterday.
It took place in London, three months ago. After thinking a lot about his friendship to Izzy, that to him wasn't a friendship no more, Duff wanted to tell Izzy about how he felt. More precisely – how he felt for Izzy.
But nobody saw Izzy since the concert had ended. That was nothing big and actually, no one cared, but it surely had to happen the day, Duff had wanted to talk to him. He knocked at Izzys door about three times before he quit and tried to phone Izzy. But Duff couldn't get the older one via phone as well. Izzy was disappeared, certainly he had jumped into a black hole...

As he left his room in the afternoon to go for a walk, his heart skipped a beat. Duff quickly walked over to Izzys room, where two paramedics disappeared in. Duff found Axl in front of Izzys door, waiting.
„What happened?“, Duff asked, worrying.
„Overdose.“, Axl mumbled, trying to see through the walls and catching a sign to know Izzy was alive. Axl was in real concern for his best friend.
„Fuck..“, he said, more to himself. Why hadn't he spoke to the guitarist earlier? Why?! Dammit, now it could be too late!
Tears rose in Duff's eyes as Izzy's lifeless body was carried out of the room, lying on a litter. He seemed to be dead – ghastly and motionless – with the bare eye, Duff wasn't able to catch a sign of Izzys breath.

On this day, Duff had nearly lost Izzy, without the guitarist knowing the truth. But luckily, the doctors could save Izzys life and everything became good for both of them, Izzy and Duff. With a smile on his face, Duff appeared at Izzys flat and he ringed the bell. Just a few seconds later, the door swang open and an amazed guitarist looked at Duff, before he fell into his arms and Duff hugged him tight for more than a minute. 3 months were quite a long time..
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