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On A Valentines Day

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Axl writes a letter on valentines day.

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I looked on my calendar and sighed. Today should be one of the best days in my life, but I just sat here in a dirty hotel room, staring at a wall. I looked at the desk. On top of it were some pieces of paper and a pen. Should I really? Perhaps the day was going to be great in any other way. I sat down and started writing. After a while, my writing covered the white piece of paper. I looked up at a watch. Still so much time until the concert would start. Accurately I wrinkeld the paper and put it in an envelope, which would last for now at the desk, because I didn't had the guts to give it this very important person.

Who the hell is this guy? The one with the mop of dark, curly hair and the top hat.
„Ey, Izz!“, I hissed. „Is that the guy you talked about? The guitarist?“
„I don't know... Ask him...“
He walks over to us and shakes Izzy's hand.
„I'm Slash and I play the guitar!“
Oh no... But he didn't look that bad. Dark hair, a bit taller than me, a nose piercing. He shakes my hand while I'm somewhere in my thoughts about him. His fingers were strong, but also pretty.
„You can let go of my hand now.“, Slash grinned.

Slash, I liked you the very first day I saw you! I took a glass of whiskey, to ease the pain that rose in my chest. Today was valentines day, and my one love sat in the other room. I couldn't kiss him, neither hug. This letter was the only chance for me to tell him, that I fell in love with him. I opened the door ajar and saw Izzy heading in Duffs and Stevens room. I darted over to the desk, took the envelope, layed it in front of Slash's door, knocked and ran back to my room.

He should go now! Why did he out of all Gunners had to find me like that? His arms wrapped aroung my shoulders.
„What's up? I don't know you that way!“
Sobbing I hid my face at his chest. He stroked my back slowly and genrtly.
„Who always sings „Don't cry“, you or me?“, he joked slightly. I smiled a bit.

I let myself fall down on my bed and sniffed a bit. I couldn't hid my sorrow and pain no more. Short flashbacks ran through my mind and let me feel the absence of my Slash even more painfull. I longed for my glass of whiskey, but got the whole bottle between my fingers I didn't mind. I just wanted to kill these memories. As I calmed down a bit, the room was completely quiet, until I heard some noises . Was someone crying over there? Was that someone... Slash? I stood up and went at Slash's room. Should I really go in there? Finally I fought my doubts and knocked. I heard some loud noises, and then a fucked up Slash opened the door.
Tears began to flow down his cheeks. I pushed him back in his room and closed the door behind the two of us. Gently I wiped his tears out of his face. He stumbled a few steps behind and sat down on his bed. Slowly I approached him and took place at his side. Slash wrapped his arms around me.
„Slash... I love you!“
He stroked my hair.
„I know, Axl.“
Meanwhile I was crying too. Why didn't he say he would love me to? Did he hate me? I felt his breath at my ear. Slash whispered, so that his word just reached me:
„I love you too.“
At other days, I would have screamed, because I was so happy, but I started crying again. Never I did thought, to hear that of him, but now it had happened. I closed my eyes, as he ran his fingers over my cheek, over the tracings of my tears. Gently he brushed over my lips and pushed my chin up a little. I opened one eye and faced him, as he layed his hands in my neck and his warm, soft lips touched mine. As he let go of me, I looked at him, puzzled. He kissed my forehead and smiled.
„Happy valentines day Axl!“
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