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Waycest- I shouldn't want to bang my brother

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Mikey and Gerard wanna bang each other. Do they? Read and find out.......

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Gerard's POV
I felt Mikey run his foot up my leg. Again. How the hell does a 15 year old have this much control over me? And he is my brother. It's wrong but I have the same feelings for him. I stopped mentally arguing with myself when Mikey jammed the heel of his foot right in my fucking crotch!
" Okay! Mom, call me when dinner is ready!" I stated, quickly grabbing my sketchbook and heading to my room.
I heard Mikey giggling. He probably noticed my hard on.
" Little bastard." I grumbled.
Mikey's POV
I was still thinking about how flustered Gerard got. I actually have some form of control over him. Wonder if he would let me be on top?
" Mikey? Did you hear me? I said for you to go tell your brother that dinner is ready." My mom said.
I quickly obeyed and rushed to Gerard's door. My hand was positioned to knock when I heard him.
" God damnit. Fuck. Mikey. I fucking want you." He groaned.
Being the bastard I was, I grinned and walked in on him.
" SHIT! GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY ROOM!" Gerard screamed, quickly pulling his pants up.
" Gerard, language." Our mom called.
I walked over to my sexy older brother. " You little bitch, you know you fucking want me. Well here I am." I said, tackling him backwards onto the hard, cement floor. It wasn't the only thing that was hard.
" Mikey, we can't do this. What if mom sees?" Gerard asked, trying to push me off of him.
" MOM! I"M HELPNG GERARD WITH A SITUATION!" I yelled, pushing him back down to the floor.
" Perfect." Gerard grumbled, blushing.
" Gerard, I want you to fucking scream my name. I wanna see every inch of you sweating as I fuck you harder than anyone else ever will." I said, ripping his shirt off him.
" Oh really?" Gerard asked, smirking.
Before I knew it, he had flipped me so that I was on the floor.
" We play it my way, Mikey." Gerard said.
He unbuttoned my pants and quickly tore them down. Discarding his sweatpants to a cornor, he pulled my boxers down with his teeth.
" Fucking prick. Don't tease me." I said.
He replied by tearing my boxers down and taking me in his mouth. All of me. I gasped.
He raised his head. " Who is the little, dirty bitch now." He said, before continuing.
He licked me from base to tip, blowing cold air onto my tip. Swirling his tongue around me, he stopped.
" Gerard, come on." I whined.
" I shoukdn't want to bang my brother, but I fucking want you Mikey." He said, quickly rummaging around for something.
" I want you in me." I groaned, my erection growing bigger.
He emerged with lube. I smiled.
Once he had gotten us both ready, he positioned himself at my entrance.
" Gerard." I moaned.
He slammed into me unexpantedly. He hit my spot dead fucking on.
"GERARD!" I screamed out, ready to cum right there.
" Keep screaming my name baby." He panted.
He continued slamming into me while I continued screaming his name.
" Gerard, I'm gonna cum." I said.
" Do it. Right. Fucking. Now." He said.
I did as he said. We came at the same time.
He rolled off of me, exhausted.
" Mikey, are you are virgin?" Gerard asked.
" Oh, you worry about that now?" I ask.
" Okay, I deserved that." He said, before lightly kissing me.
I pulled away. " What?" Gerard asked.
" I love you." I said.
He grinned. " I love you too." He replied, pulling me on top of him for round two.
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