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Chapter 18

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I'm getting into this again

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I can't let this story go now. I know I let the story go crappy. But see ya on the other side CL

*Gerard's POV*

We'd sat Mikey down, he was still confused but I knew he would understand eventually.

I took a seat opposite him, Frank standing by the door, "I'm sorry to load you with this Mikes."

"Nah, I get it. I'm cool with it." He smiled, "I'm happy for you."

"Can you... Not say anything to Mom yet?" I said, "I want to tell her, when I'm ready."


This is why I love Mikey, he will take any body as they are. He leaned in and hugged me. I hugged him back "Love you bro." I said.

Mom came down, it was 1 in the afternoon, and it was a Sunday, so she had obviously had a longer lie in then the rest of us. She leaned on the door, her large cosy bedrobe tied around her, messy chocolate brown hair falling in natural curls framing her pretty Italian face. My mom was really something, she was amazing, I loved her.

"Morning- oops, afternoon boys." She smiled, she didn't have any make up on, or proper clothes, just her PJ's and big slipper/boot things.

"Heya Mrs W-" Frank started, never actually meeting my mom before.

"Please, Donna. And you must be the infamous Frank?" She asked. Walking into the room smiling.

He nodded, "That's me." smiling.

"Have fun last night? Ray and... Bob wasn't it." she asked.

We all nodded, trying not to laugh as a winked to Mikey. "It was a scream" I said and Frank cracked up laughing, going red from embarassment a little.

"Yes.. i heard that. Pulling pranks again you two?" She asked my little brother and myself.

Mikey shook his head "Mom! I'm hurt!" he fiened being appalled "I was nothing to do with it!" She put an arm around his shoulder and kissed his hair.

okay even our mom had her embaressing moments. "Mom." He moaned tugging himself away. She grinned and walked ot the door.

"nice to meet you Frank. You're welcome anytime."

"Thanks, Donna." He was going to say Mrs Way, I could tell.

----- The next day----- (and still Gee's POV)

I walked into school, a hell of a lot happier then the last time I walked these halls, I got into my first class of the day, Biology, I had it with Frank, so naturally we were lab partners.

We took our seats, near the back and I took out the book I'd been given and started a fresh page. Cell structure, simple but I could get my head around it, a good subject for early morning. Not much thinking in it.

"Hi." he said grinning as he got his stuff out.

The teacher started the lesson and I absent mindedly wrote notes down in my book, sketching out appropriate diagrams for the work.

I felt his knees hit mine as it rested on a bar under the desk, we looked at each other and smiled. I felt something hard hit the back of my head - oh come on, not now, do not ruin my day.

"pstt, Freak, turn around." He said, trowing more of whatever it was into my head.

I slowly turned around, "What." I said.

"Is it true you killed a girl from your old school?" I balled my hand under the table and Frank looked at me.

"No. It isn't." I said through clenchen teeth, I turned around, and tried to ignore them.

"I heard he knocked up this girl up. Then killed her and the baby." The guy whispered to his partner, I felt tears burn my eyes, I would not let this happen to me. A few minutes last I raised my hand as the teacher walked near our desk.

"Miss. Can I go get my text book out my locker."

"Gerard. Does Frank not have his with him."

Frank knew what I was doing and hid his under the desk, "No, sorry I forgot."

"be quick then." She replied, nodding at the door.

I hurried out the class room, and managed to get into the toilets before I started crying.

I sat in the furthest corner away from the door on the floor and held my knees to my chest, and let fat angry tears stream down my face.

I stood up shakily and punched the tiled wall repeatedly, I muttered a string of curses under my breath. I looked up at the mirror. I was a wreck now, my eyes were red and puffy from crying. My hand was shaking, the knuckles bleeding, covered in little cuts.

I ran it under the cold water, trying to calm down, shit, it wouldn't stop bleeding, I was going to need stitches. Oh great, my day was going to be shit from now one I could feel it.

I walked back from the toilets and ducked under the small window on the door of my class.

I knocked on the door with my good and hand and the smiling face of the school nurse welcomed me.

"oh, Gerard, what seems to be the problem."

I held my hand to my chest "I.. urm... Can we talk?" I said, not looking at her.

"Of course, of course come in." she let me into the room, "What seems to be the problem."

"I... I-" I broke down and started crying softly again. She came and sat next to me putting an arm around my shoulder, rubbing my back gently.

"Shh. You can tell me. I don't tell anyone unless I really have to." she said gently. She carefully took hold of my hand, flattening it out, it stung a little but the freezing water had numbed it a little.

She wiped a clean cloth over it, cleaning the cuts. She worked quickly on it, bandaging it up and giving me some painkillers to take with water.

"Did you do this to your self? Or get into a fight?" She asked calmly.

"M-myself." I said, a giant lump in my throat.

"Okay. Why?" She said, kneeling in front of me, loking at me in the eye.

I pulled my shoulders up and let them fall.

"Did you get mad at something? Or upset?"

I nodded "S-sorry."

"You should only appologise to your self. Do you want to tell me what happened?" She asked kindly.

"Some one said s-something... That...-"

"I understand Gerard. Really I do. I know what happened with you and your family, and you have my full support."

Great does everyone here know how fucked up I am?!

"I'll send for someone to get your things, do you want to go home?"

I shook my head. "Can I stay here for a bit."

"Of course." She said, going to her laptop, "Who's class did you come out of?"

"Miss..." I tried to remember her name, "Porters."

She nodded and began typing.

"Gerard Way, is feeling ill, please may one of your students bring his bag to the my office."
She read out "How does that sound?"

"Thank you." I said.

I sat, talkin to her, telling her everything, about the party, about Jess and about Frank, all about the drugs.

She sat opposite nodding, not taking notes like all the other people I'd been sent to talk to, I felt more relaxed talking to her.

There was a knock at the door and she got up "Here is your bag."

Frank stood at the door, worry on his face, "Can I speak to him?" I heard him say quietly.

I nodded as she turned around, Frank came in slowly and sat next to me, "I didn't think you'd come back after what that dick said." he turned around "Sorry." appologising for his language.

She held a hand up "I wont tell." she smiled.

He took my good hand, "She knows." I said looking up "I'm sorry, it sorta slipped out."

"I won't tell anybody, you know I wont boys." She said, getting back to other work she had on her computer.

"It's okay." he said smiling.

We sat talking till the bell for break rang. And we stepped out to face the school again.

Woah, sorry for such a long chapter, I really got carried away with this one. Maria xoxox
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