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Living as Gerard Way

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Life is hate but we all can live and everyone in this world is different in there little ways.

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Hi I’m Gerard Way but you can call me Gee, I’m 16 years old and I go to Eastwood High. Some people call me emo others call me Goth but I just say I’m different but they say they can read me like a book or to make funny of me a comic.
My brother and my two best friends stick up for me and say it’s cool to be different and everyone is and I agree everyone is different in there little ways, mine’s is the way I dress and that I love comic’s but, the just laugh in our faeces and find ways to make our life’s harder.
One of my best friends Frank we call him Frankie, gets bulled because of the way he. One his height, two the way he dresses and three that he hang’s around with me but he doesn’t care what other people think he just lives life the way it is but my brother Mikey in the over hand, he is as shy as a mouse never talks to people he’s just met and just lets they pick on him till he pops and that has happened before.
Mikey means the world to me and when he brakes well lets just say I hate seeing it happen because it makes him want to kill himself, and I really need him not as someone to stick up for me as a little brother.
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