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The Laughing God

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A poem....

Category: Death Note - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: L,Misa,Yagami Raito - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2011-01-14 - Updated: 2011-01-14 - 282 words - Complete

This is the final stand, you see,
Of the cursed and of the blessed,
We know we're bound for agony,
But won't go gently to that rest.

For pride is stronger than battles won,
Stronger than truth or love,
And though the lies once come are gone,
Death we think not of.

But is my truth not more clear?
Is it not the greater good?
An amount of evil is in the world-
To remove it is always good.

My truth is victory, you see,
Or justice still upheld,
And you speak of the same somehow,
As we each lie to ourself.

Of course you speak the truth, my love!
I know you're never wrong.
And though you lead me to Hell itself,
I gladly follow along.

If you were in my place,
Wouldn't you do the same thing as I?
And soon I hope to take your name,
As you watch from up in the sky.

Do you think that this is the way things work?
That force overcomes the mind?
I've already won, you said so yourself,
You said that that name is mine.

When did I get involved in this?
I don't even want to know.
It doesn't matter, I suppose,
Together friends always go.

We know that we're approaching
The end of this exalted time.
A day of history in the making,
And we swear it will end find.

But what are promises really worth?
In a world of lying gods?
Truth, we call, arise and come forth,
And what comes is the laughing god.

Pride is stronger than battles lost,
Than ages come and gone,
But pride can break and we all lost
Against the laughing god.
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