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Why Bob left

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The real reason why Bob left the band...

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DISCLAIMER! This is just for HUMOR, I don't know why Bob left.

On one of the many days off in the world of my chem, everyone decided to go over to Frankie's house.
Why? No reason, just for fun.

One by one, all the members began to arrive. But Frank was no where to be found.
Last they heard, he was in the shower but they didn't even hear the shower running.

As they were all just sitting there waiting for their vertically challenged friend, they heard a song playing from the bedroom.
It was an R&B/Rap song, something about a stripper, and they all thought the same thing, what the fuck is he listening to??

The song was annoying Bob. But what happened next was the climax.

They heard the bedroom door open, making the song louder since it was muffled before.
As soon as they all looked up towards the hallway, the saw the most horrific sight ever. Frank walked right pass the hallway entrance, dancing. But that wasn't the worst part.
...He was completely naked and was singing the line "I'm in love with a stripper..."
After Bob saw this, he shook his head and said "I'm out" before getting up and walking out the door.

And that was that.

The end.

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So let me explain this story a little. A few months ago, me and my friend "Noelle": were hanging out and were eating frozen yogurt (lmao "It's a penis!") and that's just a recipe for disaster. And while filling our bodies with unneeded sugar, we came up with this concept.
That is all...x)
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