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“I’ll kill you, I swear!”

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Bennie walked into her bedroom and exhaustedly flopped onto the bed. She had done nothing but sit and talk all day, but she found that she could barely keep her eyes open. Her husband, Georg, walked past her room.
“So how did it go?” He asked, hovering in the door. Bennie groaned.
“He really doesn’t remember. For some reason he has no memories from the past four years. We all sat there and tried to jog his memory all day, but we didn’t make any breakthroughs at all.”
“So do the kids know?” Georg asked. Bennie sat up.
“Well… yes, and no. They know he lost his memory, but they don’t know he doesn’t remember Jared. So they tried to help with his memory too, but… They don’t have a jumping off point to go from.”
“Well, is he going to get his memory back?” He quietly asked. Bennie motioned for him to come into the room.
“They don’t know. They said he can go home in three days, but he can’t be alone. His parents want to take him back to their house, but… How is he going to get his memory back in New Jersey? He hasn’t lived there in years, and he hasn’t visited since he moved to California.”
“So why are the doctors letting him go out there, then?”
“They’re not. I… I actually said that, as long as you’re okay with it… That he should come stay in the guest room.” Bennie softly said. Georg shrugged.
“Why would it be up to me?”
“Well, you’re not moving out until a few days after he’d get here.”
“It’s not my house, Bennie. It’s your house.”
“I was hoping you’d have said you’d thought about it all day and weren’t going to leave.” Bennie whispered, tears coming to her eyes.
“Bennie, I have to leave in a week and a half on tour. There’s no changing that.” Georg replied awkwardly putting his hand on Bennie’s shoulder.
“No, you don’t have to leave. I was in the recording studio the day Bill said that if you want to stay home and work on our marriage they would get a tech to fill in for you, Georg. Tom and Gustav agreed to it! And you said you’d think about it!”
“I keep forgetting you understand German.” Georg stated with a laugh. Bennie glared at him before storming into the bathroom and locking the door.

Three Days Later

“So, you are going to stay in the guest room in between Jared and Samantha’s rooms. Do you remember where Samantha’s room was?” Bennie asked Gerard as she walked up the stairs with Gerard, holding two suitcases full of his belongings.
“It’s the first door to the left of the stairs, right?” He asked. Bennie nodded.
“So you’re going to be in the room you decorated.” Bennie said. Gerard’s face lit up.
“You kept the comic book room?!” He asked excitedly. Bennie nodded.
“You didn’t want to take the decorations with you, and I didn’t want to take the time to redecorate, so I just left it up.” Bennie explained. Gerard ran up the remaining three stairs and into the room he’d be staying in. The walls with his paintings of his favorite super heroes, both his own and classic heroes, were still up on the walls, and the Action figures still lined the shelf that went around the entire room. Gerard smiled as he stood in the doorway, remembering the day he and Bennie had decorated that room.

Bennie laughed as Gerard flicked green paint at her from across the room.
“I’ll kill you, I swear!” Bennie screamed as she grabbed a stuffed Spider Man and hurled it at Gerard who gasped as it landed in his paint tray. Bennie giggled and batted her lashes as Gerard grabbed an entire handful of the paint he’d been painting The Green Goblin with and threw it at Bennie who barely had time to close her eyes as her entire face was covered in black and green paint. Bennie wiped the paint away from her mouth and eyes and ran at Gerard, rubbing the paint all over his white T-Shirt.
“Give me a kiss!” She screamed as she leaned to kiss him.
“Noooo!” Gerard shouted as he lightly held her forehead away from his face. Bennie laughed and wiped some paint off her cheeks and rubbed across Gerard’s face. Bennie ran out of the bedroom and locked herself into the bathroom to wash her face.

“Are you okay?” Bennie asked as she set the suitcases down on the left side of the bed. Gerard smiled even wider.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” He replied. Bennie nodded.
“Do you think you’ll be okay enough to babysit Sam and Jared tonight?” Bennie asked. Gerard shrugged.
“Are you going somewhere with your husband?” He asked. Bennie shrugged.
“We have a gig. I’m opening for his band at a show every night for the next week. We were going to bring them to the venue, but if you feel up to it, I’m sure they’d love it if you watched them.”
“Can I come with you guys and watch them at the venue?” Gerard suggested. Bennie shrugged.
“If that’s what you want.”
“Bennie, where did your smile go?” Gerard asked. Bennie stared at Gerard, shocked for a minute.
“What?” She finally stammered.
“In the past four days, I haven’t seen you smile. Sometimes you just look less sad and exhausted than others.”
“I haven’t had a reason to smile.” Bennie replied with a shrug. Gerard shook his head. “We’re leaving at 6:45 for sound check. It’s noon now, so you should rest.”
“Don’t change the subject, Bennie.”
“I don’t know where my smile went, Gerard. It’s been lost for four years, I guess it died or something.” She replied before leaving the room and slamming the door shut behind her.

[A//N] For those of you wondering, Yes, Bennie is married to a member of Tokio Hotel
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