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It Started in the Alley Way and Ended in the Lake

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Gerard needs his fix. So where does he go? The alley way. Who the mysterious chick and what happens to Gerard? Mikey's going to find wheither some things are better kept secret or if the truth real...

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Okey dokey this is kinda short in my opinion. But anyway.
This is for my mom, who claims there aren't enough women killers. >.< (who happens to be interrupting my writing right now. Gir.)
She's a creeper. Yeah. Everyone knows. :p

Gerard stood in the Jersey alley way. Not the best place to be, he knew that. But he had to come. Had to get his fix. His dealer, Bert lived in the alley. Sealing anything and everything, though he had his specialties, from the back of an old caddy. 
Gerard had been doing business with Bert since he had been a lost sixteen year old who had stumbled apon Bert just trying to find his way home. 
Bert had showed him the once thought wonderful world of drugs. He had since been hooked. 
Gerard waited on Bert to finish up with a shady lookin' dude with a stubbled chin. 
He leaned against the bricked wall of the entrance of the alley. The bricks jabbing uncomfortably into his bare forearms.
GerArd had been in such a hurry to get his fix that he hadn't even grabbed a jacket. Now the bitter Jersey air bit at him. And Gerard suppressed a shutter.  
He was becoming ungodly impatient. This was taking too long! Why was Bert taking so long? Dammit!
The shadows flickered about, making him silently freak out inside. Gerard was a paranoid person, though here you had to be.
He swore he saw the street light flicker. But it didn't particularly matter, and he would truly never know.
From the other side of the street he saw a beautiful woman, nearing his age, swish towards the alley in a plaid skirt and vest.
He never really saw her walk up the crumbles that passed for a sidewalk, but hey, he couldn't say that he had completely been paying attention. Although it did seem like she had just appeared. 
All of the sudden she was up in his face. She gripped his high cheek bones tightly in her grasp. She nuzzled his Gerard's jawline with her stubbed nose, whispering in his ear, "You're going to be fun." 
She stroked his face with her finger tips and cooed softly. 
Gerard knew he should run, but there was just something about her that enthralled him.
"I don't know your name." He managed to stutter out. He didn't know why he said such, but it had just seemed so important. 
"Oh honey, we don't need names." and she started dragging him off. He went eagerly. If he were to be related to an animal at that moment, he would defiantly be a puppy, adoring eyes, lolling tongue. 

Mikey picked up the newspaper that had been left sprawled out on the table, as his mother had left in a hurry. She had been so freaked out when Gerard disappeared. 
He had tried to convince her that Gerard was twenty, that he was a big boy now, probably just fine, but she wouldn't listen. 
It had become clear over the past few days that she now knew something. With no intention of informing him. 
He made himself a breakfast that consisted of a sugar loaded coffee and a bowl of milky Homey Combs. 
He sat down in the chair he dubbed his, though Gerard still fought him for it when he decided to show an appearance at dinner. Which was rare.  
He reached for the paper, about to skim over to the sports section when the headline caught his attention.
The headline read:

He was horrified but he had to be sure it was no one he knew. 
He read on.

The body of a twenty year old was found at the bottom of a local lake. Found in the sunken trunk of a silver Saturn, decapitated.
The body has been submerged for almost over two weeks now.
Authorities have confirmed that it is the body of the missing man, Gerard Way.

At that Mikey spit out the mouthful of milky cereal he had been munching. He gasped for breathe.
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