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Vampire And The Ghost

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This is a Being Human(UK) story. It's an Annie/Mitchell one, I just love these two and hope they do get together. Review..Made for season 2. Sorry they didn't have a category for Being Human,So I ...

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Authors part info.
This is my first Being Human fic and it is set after season 1 in the middle of season 2. In my head there has to be way more Mitchell& Annie. So read and enjoy I would loves some comments or rating I don’t mind.
Mitchell & Annie.
I do not own Being Human
Only when I’m dreaming, I make my own story about this.
((((So I didn't get any reviews I'm not writing on, sorry it takes too much time. I hope you enjoyed it. If you really want more review but if not bye.))))

Chapter 1-
My place to rest
This story is only for me
I don’t care what others say
I trust unconditionally in you
Always by my side
Supporting me without saying anything
Comforting each other
Warmly and sincerely
The only thing I want to do is to listen
That warming tone of voice
That makes me so happy
And stay by your side
You are mi shelter
My place to rest (X2)
-Taru – Kasio
Vampires... the monsters in the dark, preying on humans at night. Sleeping in the day. Drinking incident blood from people. Eyes as black as anything, fangs as sharps as knifes. Screams echoing in scary rooms. People think Vampires are evil, because they worship the devil. The crimes that are committed by them. The blood which is lost.
There are two sides of vampires the good and the evil. Mitchell is choosing to be the good, the one that controls the blood, that doesn’t kill. He chooses the right path. Mitchell wants his humanity; he has the moments of tenderness and loves for humans. He pushes away his bloodthirsty thoughts.

Mitchell just wants to be loved.
Not to be hated.
He want's to care about someone.
Not becoming the hunter he really is.

Because right here, right now Mitchell just likes Being Human.

Ghosts.... There are the bad ghosts that kill because they have nothing else. Some are earthbound, when the human spirit hasn’t properly passed over. They didn’t go to the light, the door which some say is death. They chose to remain behind, here on earth. This ghost remains at the place near her site of her death, her house. Especially because it was very sudden and unexpected. When she was pushed and killed by Owen.

She was killed.
By the man she loved.
The one she trusted.

Some ghosts remain confused and they don’t accept they have died. These spirits remain in the area and try to make contact with anyone that passes by that is sensitive to the ghosts.
Annie realizes that it is dead and life continues beyond that. They do not go to the light for reasons such as the fear of the unknown, fear of going to hell or being judged for past deeds. Annie is scared of the door, what is behind it. She is scared of her fears.
Annie just wants to be normal, the door may of came,but she never took it.
For now Annie just likes Being Human.
Annie was in the lounge room looking out the window, her arms folded over her usual knit jumper. While George was out of it watching the television, that he was clearly glued to. Annie was sitting there quietly, looking at the room she has only seen a million of times.

Since the incident with Herrick,she has been really anxious . She glanced up to the mirror that was near her chair and caught a glimpse of herself. Which she still was used to seeing an image of herself since she is a ghost but after everything she has changed. The image of herself brought a smile to her lips .

Maybe she was now able to see her reflection in the mirror, because of how strong her powers were getting, of the display of her power. Or maybe it was because she turned down the door when that day Mitchell got staked,anyway. Mitchell she started to think where was he? He was now over 30 minutes late,could be because of work.

Even after the whole Herrick thing, the death of him. Mitchell hasn’t been himself for a while,which I understand. Annie’s thinking brought her back to the day the “The Accidental Kiss” happened. While Annie was thinking about it she smiled and brought her fingers to the lips and she remember the warm tingling sensation she had, the feeling that shot right threw her body. He was warm,his kiss was warm. Which isn’t normal for a vampire,they are cold. And at this time George was still stuck to the TV screen in his own world.

And there we go, another reason for me to worry. Since Nina didn’t return, he hasn’t been able to do anything, all he would do is worry about her. George is a werewolf and he transformed in front of her. She was in that small room,having George become something dark and evil. His eyes turning yellow, not being human. And to add to that she watched him kill Herrick. Annie doesn’t blame poor Nina not to be scared. It would be terrifying to see the love of your life or the only person she has really ever loved turn into something you didn’t know existed nor become true. I wished Nina at least left a note saying something to George to calm him down to not make him worry. But no she didn’t leave anything.

Arrr Mitchell where are you? Annie already left him a number of voice mails. So she contemplated leaving another one, but no he already has twenty. It wasn’t necessary at all, I just have to calm down and wait it out, he will be home soon.

Annie rested back into her normal chair, lowering her hands to her warm cup of tea. Which she has made over a million cups of tea, she just likes to do small things like that. She headed up from her chair and walked pasted the deep spaced out George still watching tv and walked to the small kitchen to begin the dishes which needed to be done. She lowered her hands into the sudsy water to rise out her cup and begin with the dishes. Annie could feel the heat, she could feel the warm water against her skin, it was a kind of feeling which was new again. The time was pasting and Mitchell still wasn’t here, Annie started tapping her feet on the floor and she crossed her hands over. She walked over to where the tea was and oh. No there wasn’t any, right now she needed to make more tea.

Finally Mitchell poked his head around the corner into the kitchen. Smiling with that grin on his face, probably thinking he will get out of being late and coming back home. Oh nope,well he isn’t but his smiled just it melts, shut up Annie no, let’s not think about that now, but look at him no.

Before Mitchell took a step in the house, when he walked to the big pink house he had never really had this, he didn’t think he could really have a family. Annie and George were his family now. For his long, long life he has lived he never truly had a real family. He was swinging his plastic bag that he was holding. The tea bags inside were swinging with the movements being made by Mitchell.

Mitchell was thinking about family, now he has never noticed the way people felt for him, he never had an issue with it.
John Mitchell killer of over hundred people. He paused, Mitchell wasn’t like that anymore, he wasn’t a killer anymore. Not ever again does he plan to be. The feelings of others were a thing he would think about most of the time.

Before he walked in
Of course things have changed after “The Accidental Kiss” that happen, Mitchell and Annie have got closer,but to them they just got closer with friendship nothing more and it will never be more. Annie turned down the door for him, she turned down being a ghost stuck in the past for Mitchell.

Mitchell could never really forgive himself about the deaths he caused, for all the bad things that happened to him.

But if that kiss... But if it was a real kiss, he couldn’t, he wouldn’t go on. No, not with Annie. She’s a ghost and doesn’t need Mitchell in her life not like that.
All they give to each other is friendship, but what if they both need more?
When the subject of George came up. Christ! He was a fucking mess with Nina. Just sometimes Mitchell could just want to rip her throat out and make her stop all her bull shit. She didn’t even say goodbye, she just left. She fucked George up so much, even almost a month after it all happened.
He smirked as he slid the key in the door to walk in the kitchen.

When he walked in
Annie was just finishing up the dishes when she heard Mitchell at the kitchen door, smiling. She noticed him and “ Ohh thank God, you are back” without stopping, without thinking. She ran over to Mitchell and launched herself at him for a hug.

“Jaysus Annie!” Mitchell just walked into the kitchen and then Annie was hugging him.
“You are finally back” she said and inhaled the smell of her friend. Way too happy that both of her friends were back home, us three back together. Our little family, the night may as well not go as normal, because of Mitchell not being delicate with the matter at hand with George lately. But no one could get us here, we were safe and it was Annie’s house she is in control of what happens here.

Mitchell smiled into Annie’s hair “ Yeh and I brought the tea”
George finally got up from his chair and the TV moving into the lounge room watching his friends in the kitchen. Ever if he didn’t find it really interesting to him. But he could see from the looks they gave each other, something changed, there was something different between them.
Annie has changed, when Mitchell walked in it was like she hadn’t seen him in years. And the response to the tea bags was so over doing it.
George saw it, in Mitchell’s eyes how they lit up and his smile was warm and not fake. Mitchell would only do that was he was completely happy, which that didn’t happen much. He was a vampire sorry a vegetarian vampire why would he be this happy? Hmm doesn’t matter I guess, I’ll find out soon. But if he bit someone so help me.
So that is chapter one done, please review or rate either one would be lovely. If you have any questions you may ask and I will try and get back to you.
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