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Forbidden Love, It Sucks

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Merlin story. Arthur/Gwen How Gwen is falling in love with him. This was written years ago, so it kinda sucks. Review or Not. One-Shot

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Forbidden Love, It Sucks
Gwen’s POV:

"When I see his face, when I see that smile that lights up the room butterflies started moving around.You are amazing and you mean the world to me. My heart skips a beat when I see you. When I talk to you I get butterflies in my stomach. I get nervous when I see you coming toward me, my knees start to shake and I lose all the words i practiced to say to you. You make me draw hearts and roses all over my pages. I feel like I'm flying through the sky like a bird, but I geuss all I'm trying to say is that I Love You! heart, love, need you"

"I have never felt about anyone like this. When I see you I just want to kiss you this might sound weird, but I think I love you and the pain when I see you with the other girls and I can't.
It’s not a crime not to love.The words kept going in my head.I only wish you could be with me, oh how much I wish."

But you are a prince,I am Morgana’s servant we would never happen.
I don't have anything to offer you.
I'm not worth it anyway.

“Gwen do you have something on your mind?”
I placed the love filled diary on the floor,so it couldn’t been seen
“I’m sorry my lady,do yo need help?”
Suddenly my thinking went back to Arthur and my face turned to a pink.
“ Gwen is there something you need to talk to me about ?”
“ No sorry, nothing is wrong, I’ll go back to my duties”
I walked out of the room,completly forgetting about my diary only to go back and get it. How could I be so stupid, if Morgana would of seen it.

Morgana’s POV: Gwen walked out to finish off her cleaning when a note was left on the floor,I walked over to have a look and read.

“I love you, so much, I want to be with you. But we could never be,never will.I love y..”.
Then Arthur walked in my chambers,he grabbed the piece of paper,right out of my hands.
“Where is that idiot Melrin, he needs to clean the horse poo. have you seen him?Half of the time I never know where he is”

“No I haven't but I think the love bird over here knows where he is”
Morgana gave me a grin and Arthur turned over to me.

“ No, I’m sorry my lady, I don't I haven't seen him . Gwen turned back to her cleaning
Arthur turned around and then Merlin walked in as soon as he left.

Merlin popped his head around the corner, looking at Gwen. She was looking at Arthur and smiling and so was he, Merlin knew something was going on but not so sure.
Gwen smiled at Merlin and pointed at Arthur ''He went that way''
Merlin smiled back” Thanks,see you around”
“ You should keep watch of Merlin then”
“'It's not my fault I have such a lazy idiot for a servant' Arthur crossed his arms.
“"Perhaps the boy is hiding in your chambers. They're usually such a mess, you'd never know."Arthur noticed Merlin near Gwen "MERLIN!" Arthur crossed his arms and walked over to him.
Well excuse me then” Morgana walked over to Gwen
“ Question Gwen?”

Gwen stopped cleaning and looked at Morgana
“ Yes my lady”
“Is there something you’re not telling me ?”
“ What do you mean?” Gwen asked confused, but a part of her knew what Morgana was talking about.
“Well that letter and Arthur.coming in and how you are acting really close to Arthur. I can see but I must not be wrong”

I didn't know what to say when she left the room.
For the rest of the day I was cleaning . Just thinking
At the end of the day I went home, and collapsed on my bed. Worn out and tired.
I went to sleep,dreaming of what a future I could have.
In my dream it was just Arthur and myself, no rules, no people saying we can’t be together,just us.That is what I want.

In Gwen’s Dream
Concern etches across Gwen's face as she looks up at him. "Arthur" she asks, and it makes itself at home in her voice. Life has been so hard for Gwen and the worry lines on her forehead are more pronounced than they were just months ago, and Arthur wishes then that there was something he could do.

"Gwen," he says, because it's all he can think of, and then he kisses her, clumsily and without finesse but with so much love, as much as he can push into the working of his jaw and the press of his lips and he just hopes its enough, hopes she can feel it.
"Arthur!," she says again as he pulls away. "Oh!"
Arthur shrugs a little helplessly.
“ Arthur”.

“ Yes my dear” he asked kissing Gwen’s neck
He touches her face, just two fingers against her round cheek, and she sighs, a soft, breathy sigh from somewhere deep within her.

“ I wish this was real” Gwen looked in Arthur’s eyes
“ Gwen, one day when I’m King we will be together, my father will see that we belong together”
This time the kiss is slow, gentle. Gwen's eyes flutter closed and her lips part against his. Arthur feels something in it that says you're forgiven and I love you and he smiles because he understands. Gwen slowly falls asleep in Arthur’s arms.
I woke up again and my head just fell back on the pillow
Wishing it was real but it will never be.
I cry and then I wonder
Why I can't have you
I forget how much you hurt me
I want the guy I knew

Every time I see you
And look into your eyes
I see the guy I'll always love
Hidden deep inside

This prison is my home
It's the only thing I see
It's trapped me here, there's no escape
And I can never leave.

Doesn't own Merlin,the show has owners.
Sorry this was made years ago,so if it sucks my bad.
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