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He Had Woken Up in a Lot of Strange Place Before

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Gerard wakes up to find himself in a strange place. Encased in darkness. Can he find out where he is before his oxygen runs out?

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All 'm gonna say is, I hope you can figure it out before the end. XD

Gerard breathed in a deep breath. The air around him tasted stale. 
He breathed out. He felt his breath rush out and hit something. 
His arms were slammed against his sides. He wriggled his wrists a bit. Feeling them hit into a wall with a dull thump. 
What the hell?
Gerard managed to pull his hands free. Now they were pressed up near his chest. 
Nice going, fucktard, this is even worse than before. 
He silently yelled at himself for the current position he had put himself in. Fucking awkward.  
He felt something beneath his fingertips.
Something cold and firm.  
Oh shit.
Gerard pulled his head back and hit it atop of whatever he was encased in. Holy... Ow!
He pushed up off with his right hand and held himself up. 
He rubbed the digits of his left hand through his fiery hair, rubbing over the bump he could feel forming on his head. His fingers brushed the top of his encasement. It was smooth and fluxed beneath his fingers.
Oh, God. What. Was. Going. On?
He knew things were going to go to shit soon. He could feel his oxygen running out. 
Sure Gerard wanted to know where he was, what was going on and such, but he couldn't help but have to admitted he was a bit scared. 
Some weird shit had happened to him. And he had woken up in strange places many a time, in his  past. He thought things had been getting better lately. That he'd had his shit in a row. He winced, apparently not. 
He ran his hand down his torso and down to his jeans pocket, still holding himself up, his arm growing tired. 
He pulled out his clear plastic purple tinted lighter and his smokes. He felt so much tension coiled up in his body. 
He light up a cigarette, inhaling deeply. A breathy sigh of relief washed from his lips. 
He closed his eyes took another tainted, shaky breath, pinched the bridge of his nose, and he held his precious cigarette aloft in his mouth.
He opened his eyes and light the newly need precautionary child-proof lighter.  
His eyes blinked painfully from being pulled put of the complete darkness. Gerard peers around through the spots.
The first thing his eyes devoured was the silky satin lid above him. Then his eyes flickered down from the roof to below him, the object he was most curious about. 
He found below him a beautiful girl, pale, with red eye lids, thick eyeliner, and long, flowing curly black hair. 

He pounded on the roof for a couple more minutes. Gerard feeling the fatigue of the vigorous pounding he had recently been doing. 
He should just quit he knew there was no hope. 
And he was going to die. 
Very soon. 
And then somewhere he heard a thump. 

I got this idea like three months ago in a movie theater. I guess it stuck with me. 
You can think whatever you want about the chick. I have somewhere particular in mind, but it's up in the air for you to have your own opinions. 
It's so much better that way.
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