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Can't sleep

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Nikki/Tommy. Nikki wakes up in the middle of the night.

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Can't sleep. Fuck. I stare at the black ceiling for a while trying to get my brain to just SHUT UP. No chance. I get up and head to the kitchen. Flopping down on the couch I fish out the remote out of a pile of left over snack food and underwear. Turn the tv on. Well great. What time is it anyway? 2.30, figures... Nothing but porn on tv at this hour. I flip through the channels for a bit catching glimpses of various sexual scenarios. Now I'm feeling aroused. Stupid fucking tv, turn it off. In the corner of my eye I see Tommy's bedroom door. My brain keeps telling me to leave it alone, let the guy sleep, but my legs won't listen as I automatically get up. Hesitating for a few seconds, I then gently open the door. A glimmer of light floods the room. Tommy grunts and shifts, so his back faces me. I close the door and walk over to his bed. I can't see anything at first, but my eyes get used to the dark soon enough. For a few minutes, minutes that seem like hours I just stupidly stand there in front of his bed, staring at him, mesmerized. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. The sound of his breathing filling the room, making me feel at peace. When I finally snap out of it I walk over to his bed and as gently as humanly possible, sit down on the bed. I reach for his face and move some strands of hair from his face. So beautiful. After hesitating, wouldn't this wake him up, I lay down beside him. Resting my head on his shoulder I listen to the sound of his breathing, feeling his soft skin on my cheek, I put my arms around him. My eyes start to close. Heh, maybe I will get some sleep tonight after all. Suddenly, Tommy stretches his hands and legs, swiftly turns around, facing me and looks at me. For a few seconds we're just laying there, staring at each other, before he lets out a yawn "Sixx, what are you doing in my bed?" "i can't sleep" He smiles, gives me a soft kiss on the lips and nuzzles in my neck. I hold him close to me as I feel his own arms wrap around my body. I close my eyes. Nothing like being in the arms of your lover to help you fall asleep I guess.
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