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The Storyteller

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A little girl sits on a street corner. Justwaiting to tell her story. The life and second life of Dimitri Luna.

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A little girl sat on a street corner. She couldn't have been over 9 years old. Sitting cross legged on the hard concrete she hummed and meditated. Next to her sat a small sign that read, "Stories for a penny." on her knee balanced a small tin cup that was emtey.
She sat like that from dawn until late afternoon, until a young man felt pity for her and went to put ten dollars into the cup and walk off. But as he was leaning down, the girls eyes popped open and focused on him.
"What are you doing, sir?" she inquired softly. Looking him over, she decided to address him further. "Doesn't my sign say "a penny"?" she added.
"Well yes," he said, a litle flustered." But I just thought you might've wanted some money."
She glared at him for a moment before continuing, still in a soft tone."I will work for whatever money goes into this cup. I will not become a charty, sir." This was said quietly but he saw a fire in her eyes that told his she wouldn't back down.
"Fine fine fine! I will just listen to one short story." he said pulling a penny from his pocket. The little girl chuckled and said,"Sir, my stories usually last a few hours at least." He nodded then sat down on the concrete next to her.
"Tell me a story then." He dropped a penny into her tin cup and settled himself.
She began in a low but intense voice.
" Thousands of millenia ago, the fae were the ulers on this planet. They were the images of the gods. Beautiful beings that lived without war or hatred. They lived their lives dancing and drinking and hunting for sport. They didn't need to eat or drink as they were immortal.
But all was not well everywhere. In a far corner of the world, atop what is now Mount. Everest, a colony of Unseele fae lived. They had been exiled there in exchange for the power to give and take immortality. They were the TRUE gods of the time. They were ugly beings. They lived in a constant state of suspence. Inbetween life and death they knew not love or hatred. Not pleasure of pain. They only spent their days, months, years, centuries meditating. Waiting for one of them to have the prophetis vision that would tell them how to be free. So they sat. Waited. Wondered.
Then one eve, on All Hallows Eve, a young Unseele fae gasped and then started to scream like he was being tourtured. Instantly all of the fae were on their feet and grasping quills and parchment, ready to write down the prophecy that would set them free to move on to the next life.
The young male fae finished screaming then stared speaking in the voice of a woman. The voice seemed to echo through the Mountians and every Unseele fae wrote in unison word for word.

"A raven in the midst of a flock of swans,
will roost for 1 million years and a day.
When she wakes, a hawk will become her soul bond.
And the two will fly to the end of the earth to renew the earth's fertility.
So mote it be."

So the search began for the Raven.

Next Chapter. The Raven is found and put to roost. She wakes up in a new world.
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