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The Crowning of a New King and Queen

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Kovu and Kiara will now be crowned King and Queen of the Pridelands.

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*A Few Days Later- The Coronation and the showcasing of the future heir*

Simba: standing out on Pride Rock smiling down as he remembers his last few minutes as King of the Pridelands Nala approaches and sits down beside him nuzzling him

Nala: Simba... are you okay?

Simba: Yeah... I'm fantastic...

Nala: She'll be just fine, Simba... she'll make a wonderful Queen... she is strong, graceful, witty, smart, just like someone else I know...

Simba: looks at her quizically Who?

Nala: laughs you, Simba...

Simba: smiles Me? Yeah right...

Nala: licks his muzzle I mean that walks back into the cave

Kiara: wakes up to find Kovu not by her side she stands and walks out side to be greeted by her mother

Nala: Morning sunshine... time to get you ready for your coronation... takes her inside and prepares her for the ceremony

______________________________________CORONATION CEREMONY_______________________________________

Rafiki: Leo ni siku mpya kama sisi kuzaa mfalme mpya na malkia. Ni matumaini yetu wao kuleta kwetu hekima kubwa zaidi ya miaka ijayo. (Today is a new day as we bring forth a new king and queen. We hope they bring us great wisdom beyond the years to come.)

Rafiki: Inaweza hekima yao neema yetu mpaka nyota kuanguka kutoka mbinguni ... (May their wisdom grace us until the stars fall from the heavens...)

Rafiki: Mfalme Simba, wewe mkono juu ya jina la Mfalme wa Kovu? (King Simba, will you hand over the title of King to Kovu?)

Simba: Ndiyo... (Yes...)

Rafiki: Malkia Nala, je mkono juu ya jina la malkia Kiara? (Queen Nala, will you hand over the title of queen to Kiara?)

Nala: Ndiyo... (Yes...)

Rafiki: Kovu, je kukubali cheo cha mfalme kutoka Simba? (Kovu, will you accept the title of King from Simba?)

Kovu: Ndiyo... (Yes...)

Rafiki: Kiara, je kukubali cheo cha Malkia kutoka Nala? (Kiara, will you accept the title of Queen from Nala?)

Kiara: Ndiyo... (Yes...)

Rafiki: Kwa nguvu imewekeza katika yangu, mimi kutoa Mfalme wako mpya na Malkia, Kovu na Kiara! (By the power invested in me, I give you your new King and Queen, Kovu and Kiara!)

Rafiki: Sasa ni wakati wa kuonyesha mrithi wa baadaye wa Pridelands ... (Now it is time to show the future heir to the Pridelands...) Nyuri (which means beautiful) holds her up for the whole crowd of cheering animals to see

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